British Columbia

Cheryl Cran

Future of Work Expert, Consultant, Best Selling Author

Curt Minard

Workplace Safety Advocate, World Champion Athlete and Paralympian

Dave Hepburn, MD

Leading Expert on Cannabis in the Workplace, Physician, Humorist and Author

David Chalk

Realistic Futurist, Technology Navigator, Business Growth Expert

David Suzuki

Award Winning Scientist and Environmentalist

Dov Baron

Leadership,Teambuilding and Corporate Culture Expert

Dr. Sarika Cullis-Suzuki

Environmentalist, Marine Biologist, Ocean Advocate

Duncan MacPherson

Best Selling Author,Sales and Marketing Expert

Eric Samuels

Expert in Persuasion, Influence and Communication, Comedian and Mentalist

Farzana Jaffer Jeraj

Best Selling Co-Author, Polymath and Meditator