Alicia Whalen

Digital and Social Media Expert

Alicia Whalen

Digital and social media marketing expert and speaker, Alicia Whalen has been at the forefront of online marketing for over 15 years.  A digital and social media strategist for hundreds of brands, her focus is on helping clients stay ahead of the ever changing digital curve.  As a popular keynote speaker, blogger, and social media influencer, Alicia has been delivering presentations on social and digital marketing trends that will impact your industry, the rise of social commerce, and the impact that technology has had on consumer behaviour, since before the term social media was born.

In 2005, Alicia Co-Founded the digital marketing agency™, as well as the annual Digital Marketing Conference Online Revealed.  Both chartered the course for search engine and social media marketing for the Tourism industry from 2005-2015 and both included working with media giants such as Google, BING, Facebook, Expedia and many other influential brands.

In 2015 Alicia co-founded the social media integration software platform Hashtagio. She was integral to the success of the award-winning UGC marketing campaigns for both WestJet, and Nova Scotia Tourism to name only a few.  

Most recently, Alicia joined as the Global Product Performance Strategist, launching full-service social commerce and social experience management to some of the world’s largest brands.  ICUC.Social is a global leader in online social moderation, community management and social listening, and part of the Dentsu Aegis Network Company, the 3rd largest marketing network in the world.

2017 will see that launch of Alicia's first book - a project that will define Alicia’s "DIGITAL FIRST" marketing model.  

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  1. SOCIAL MEDIA MONEY: Closing the loop between Social Media and Sales

    Social media adspend will surpass 41 million in 2017, with online sales projected to increase from $335 billion in 2015 to $523 billion in 2020.  With an average of 4 hours and 25 min spent on social media per day, brands are still struggling to see the ROI in social media, and struggling to harness the power of user generated content to drive sales.  

    This session will outline how brands can leverage the power of crowdsourced and brand social media content to drive reach, engagement - and to close the broken path to purchase between social media and sale

  2. LINKED IN LOCKED AND LOADED: Turning Connections into Customers

    Social media provides professionals powerful networking tools and so much more. This session will deliver tips on how to effectively use LinkedIn and other social media platforms such as Twitter and Facebook to engage and convert business leads to sales.  Learn the importance of online reputation management, Social selling, and how to leverage social media to drive leads, nurture customer relationships and drive sales.



    Alicia has spent over a decade helping travel brands build successful digital and social media marketing campaigns.  Hear the latest trends in marketing tourism online, with tips and tricks to making social media marketing a success for hotels, destinations and suppliers of the travel and tourism industry.



    We have gone from going online, to living online. Consumers of today are hyper-connected to each other, and to brands.  They are moving across multiple platforms, and devices - spending upwards of 4 hours per day texting, posting, liking, sharing, shopping, and having conversations online.  This has ultimately changed our buying behaviour. 

    As change has been fast, brands have been left clamoring to keep up with the technology, systems, and resources required to manage growth, compete, and drive sales.To meet these expectations, and to prepare for what comes next, brands must create an Omni channel, frictionless brand experience, that allows for multiple consumer touchpoints – while providing “always on” customer service. 

    By actively joining in, and participating in the “conversation economy”, brands can open up the dialogue that leads to customer reach, purchase intent, loyalty, and the building of loyal brand ambassador’s.  This session will outline how brands can, not just keep up, but thrive within the conversation economy

    •        The expectations of the new “digital-first” customer
    •        4 must do’s for brands
    •        Who is doing it right
    •        What does success look like?
“Alicia presented at the Ontario Motor Coach Canada Conference 2015 on a topic that sparked social media marketing ideas with our attendees. Her fresh and personable approach provided our audiences with new ways to think, and actionable steps to take with their businesses. I would highly recommend Alicia.”
Mardi Schueler
General Manager | OMCA – Ontario Motor Coach Association
“It was a pleasure to have Alicia address our conference as our closing Keynote Speaker for the 2015 Travel and Tourism Research Association Canada conference. It was a great talk to bring together our thinking on where to next gain value from Social media. I would highly recommend Alicia with her knowledge and enthusiasm for digital and social media marketing.“
Dr. Kelly MacKay
Professor and Associate Dean Research & Graduate Programs | President, Travel and Tourism Research Association of Canada
Alicia is the ideal marketing collaborator. She's creative, energetic, always over-prepared, well ahead of deadline, and a great deal of fun to work with. We recently co-produced a successful webinar for 1000+ registrants and still see engagement with her presentation long after the live event. Alicia is a great go-to partner for digital strategy and marketing tech in hospitality and beyond.
Christopher Wofford
Digital Media Business Development Manager |

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