Cary Mullen

Olympian, World Cup Champion, Performance Expert

Cary Mullen

Today’s world economic climate has shifted from conditions that might be described as a gentle tail breeze on the bunny hill to what is now a head wind in an extreme sport that we didn’t sign up for!

Two groups of people will emerge during this recession. There will be those that sit with their head in their hands—drifting, stalled, stuck; and there will be those that choose to draw a line in the sand, take responsibility, maintain control, and remain accountable for their own lives and economic security.

In today’s extreme conditions fear, doubt and uncertainty are paralyzing people’s power, both professionally and personally. Based on the concepts outlined in his new book, HOW to WIN - Achieving Your Goals in Extreme Conditions, Cary Mullen's presentations show your attendees how to achieve and innovate, enhance team performance and display Team Captain leadership during these challenging times.

Cary Mullen, Olympian and World Cup Champion, currently holds the World Downhill Speed Record for skiing 97 MPH (151 KMH) down the world’s most famous ski course in Kitzbuhel, Austria.  Cary was a non-prodigy, an underdog, who placed last in his first World Cup race.  He followed 5 key winning strategies to go from ‘worst to first’ and to ultimately become a two-time Olympian and World Cup Champion.

Cary shares success strategies from the high performance world of sport teaching us how to take our game from where it is today to the next level in both business and in life!  By studying top producers for over 20 years, Cary discovered an intentional process that the best in the world follow repeatedly. 

This winning strategy is at the core of the How to Win Success System, a self-directed, multi-media, adult learning program founded by Cary. This System, along with Cary’s book, entitled HOW to WIN – Achieving Your Goals in Extreme Conditions, makes him one of the most qualified experts on winning strategies.

As a community leader, Cary has founded two Charitable Foundations and is on the Board of Directors for the national Olympic Development Association and the National High Performance Advisory Committee.

Cary passionately shares his ‘champion insights’ around the world taking his audiences on an incredible run that leaves them energized and shows them HOW to WIN in their pursuit for EVEN Better Results.

Fast Facts: 

  • Voted as one of the Hottest Speakers of the Year by "Successful Meetings Magazine"
  • Author – HOW to WIN - Achieving Your Goals in Extreme Conditions
  • Founder – How to Win Success System Adult Learning Program
  • President of McCardell Holdings, a real estate development company
  • Former General Sales Manager - Dale Carnegie
  • President - Real Estate Investment Co
  • World Cup Downhill Champion& Record Holder
  • Two-Time Olympian & Olympic Hall of Fame Inductee

Audiences will learn:

  • The Lunge Forward Approach™ - how to lunge through fears and obstacles for ‘champion’ results
  • The ON-Track Focus System™ - how to avoid ‘off-track’ activities for achieving big targets
  • The Process for Success™ - the process top athletes use to get better results

Cary believes in ‘championing greatness’, in ourselves and in others. He shares success strategies from the high performance world of sport that benefit both our personal and professional lives. 

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  1. Gutsy Leadership: How to Lead Courageously in a Fast Paced World

    We live in an age of extreme uncertainty and ever changing conditions. It is more and more challenging to manage all of the demands that are coming at us at a faster and faster pace. Building a high performance team with healthy in-house competition and continuous development are leadership necessities of today’s leader.

    As the President of a real estate development company, Cary leads a team of over 300 people. He understands today’s competitive marketplace and the challenges of top leaders and sales teams.

    It takes real courage to stand firm in what you believe in and then lunge forward to your vision. As leaders we need to execute not just naturally, but optimally. Gutsy Leadership is the key element in that process.

    Participants will learn:

    • How to retrain your teams to accelerate optimal performance and execution
    • The 4 natural reactions to fear and how they can hinder performance
    • One powerful break through that immediately gives even seasoned leaders permission to lead with more confidence
    • The 5 leadership phases to lead your team with guaranteed continuous improvement
  2. Lunging Forward

    In today’s extreme conditions fear, doubt and uncertainty are paralyzing people’s power, both professionally and personally. As outlined in Cary Mullen’s book, HOW to WIN: Achieving Your Goals in Extreme Conditions, your attendees will discover the important distinction between the two kinds of fear we all experience. They will learn the four reactions to fear and which ones they are over or under using. Through the IDLE formula and Lunge Forward Approach, Mullen shows attendees how to reduce their stress, overcome their fears and improve their execution in the following areas. Sales people are liberated and motivated; leaders are empowered and inspired; staff are energized and engaged!

    • Blast out of their comfort zone
    • Take on change
    • Make the tough decisions
    • Hold team members accountable
  3. Team Captain Leadership

    Thriving in extreme conditions, building stronger relationships and increasing your team’s performance are the leadership hallmarks of a Team Captain. During this presentation, Cary Mullen shares the 5 skills of world class leaders: Focus, Execution, Adaptability, Teamwork and Self-Improvement. He shares insights on how leaders can improve each of these skills personally and in their team.

    Cary’s five part learning cycle provides a map for leading each of your team members to new heights and new results. You will discover:

    • How to work and lead at the same time…like a Team Captain.
    • How to crystallize intention while maintaining attention.
    • How to customize your leadership to the situation and the team member.
    • 10 visualization  types garnered from sport that apply to leadership and business.
    • The 1 leadership attribute that inspires teams, especially in extreme conditions
  4. The Champion Within

    Cary Mullen believes in ‘championing greatness’, in ourselves and in others. The creator of two charitable organizations (see below for more detail), his presentations are perfect for employee or customer appreciation events where you want to acknowledge the employees’ efforts or the customers’ loyalty.

    Through his amazing story of the underdog who wins and the kid next door becomes an Olympian and World Cup Champion, Cary shares his success strategies from the high performance world of sport that benefit both our personal and professional lives.

    During this presentation, Cary Mullen propels his audience to the top of the world’s most challenging mountains! He entertains right from the start gate. His energetic humor and style takes audiences on a roller coaster ride of emotions – from the agony of defeat, to Olympic competition and World Cup victory – what a message for any audience.

    Along the way, your attendees will take away concrete tools to assist them to become the best they can be – to excel in both their professional and personal life.

  5. Innovation

    One way or another, individuals who consistently achieve the best results have the courage to innovate even when it is very uncomfortable. On a shoestring budget and a finite amount of time to innovate and implement something new, Cary Mullen carved his way into the record books by using measurement, innovation and the 5 Winning Secrets™. This presentation addresses two challenges facing leaders and top producers in any industry:

    • Identifying your brightest techniques…those places where you are brilliant
    • Recognizing the industry paradigms or the status quos that may be holding you back from innovating.

    Cary shares how to identify and measure your brilliance, how to breakthrough what seems ‘logical’ to the industry and innovate new approaches, even if they might seem crazy to others.

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