Chris Jarvis

Co-Founder, Chief Strategy Officer, Realized Worth, Executive Director, RW Institute

Chris Jarvis

Chris Jarvis is a co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer of Realized Worth, a global agency focused on the design and implementation of employee-led volunteering and giving programs. His work with companies around the world is helping to mobilize employees to make meaningful contributions in the communities where they live and work.

Widely known for his thought-leadership in employee volunteering, workplace giving and corporate social responsibility, in 2011, Chris was asked by the United Nations Office of Partnerships to design and launch the first private sector led initiative to achieve the post-millennial Sustainable Development Goals through corporate volunteering. Chris serves on the board of IMPACT 2030, the only business led effort designed to unite companies in their corporate volunteering efforts to address the United Nations’ Development Agenda. 

In 2015, Chris and his partner, Angela Parker, launched the RW Institute (RWI), a think tank focused on advancing the practice and theory of corporate citizenship through innovative projects, research, analysis and public policy change. RWI is comprised of an association of stakeholders who are committed to removing existing barriers and promoting the practice and theory of corporate volunteering on a global scale.

The goal is to help practitioners be more successful – whether they are clients, engaged formally or not. Chris believes the work these men and women do as part of corporate citizenship is critical to addressing the huge social and environmental issues facing our global society. 



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    When it comes to community engagement and the transformative potential of volunteering, there’s a lot at stake. The employees and the company stand to gain in key areas of brand trust, productivity, brand differentiation, employee satisfaction, professional development, and more so you want to get it right! In this keynote presentation, Chris will share the benefits of committing the significant resources of your employee’s time and talent to benefit communities and the process to effectively engage those employees.

  2. Creating Outstanding Volunteer Experiences: How to recruit, retain and effectively manage volunteers. The goal is not a great program, but great volunteers!
  3. How to Build Effective Community Partnerships: Build effective community partnerships between business and non-profits.

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