Daniele Sauvageau

Former Canadian Olympic Hockey Coach

Daniele Sauvageau

Danièle Sauvageau has done undercover narcotics work for the Montreal Urban Police, busted a squad car full of drug dealers, and even ordered a forced entry and rescue of a double agent whose life was in jeopardy. Hardly the resume you’d expect for the first head coach of the Canadian Women’s Olympic Team to lead them to gold in fifty years. Proving her ability to lead―whether hunting down criminals or on the ice― Sauvageau draws on her expertise in situation assessment, coaching, leadership, communication and the formation of winning teams to help audiences achieve success.

Sauvageau’s passion, instinct, and leadership were instrumental in the historic win by the Canadian women’s hockey team at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. As general manager and coach, she transformed a fear of losing into an absolute desire for victory―a radical turnaround that enabled her players to achieve their Olympic dream. She has taken part in six Olympic Games, as women’s hockey coach, general manager and coaching consultant. She played a key role in the team’s wins in seven consecutive world championships, and in the silver medal they won at the Nagano Olympics.

Sauvageau was the spokesperson for the Coaching Association of Canada and a member of the Coaches of Canada, as well as serving on the board of directors for Vancouver’s 2010 Winter Olympics bid.

In 2013, Sauvageau was named an Officer of the Order of Canada for her contribution to the advancement and development of women’s hockey in Quebec and Canada.

For 28 years, Sauvageau has served with the RCMP and Montreal’s police department, including the narcotics division, and currently works as advisor to the strategic development department. She is a well-known figure in the media and is often asked to comment on developments in hockey and elite sports in general. She is also the co-author of The Golden Tears, the Journey to the Olympics.

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  1. Leading a Team to Victory

    Instinct of winning is relevant in sports as well as in business. To lead a team to victory, we must accept challenges and work in team through adversity. Danièle Sauvageau knows something about it…

    Spend a moment in the shoes of a director & head coach of an Olympic gold medalist National Team, a strategist of the Canadian sport system and an international coaches mentor, and understand the power of mobilization.

    Each time Danièle gives a presentation, she captivates and inspires her audience, as she speaks about adversity and resilience, the notions of leadership and a winning team, and about what she has experienced, studied and applied.

    Daniele Sauvageau will inspire you, will guide you through the strengthening teamwork and leadership skills that will lead you to victory, to the ultimate goal – Gold.

    Some topics presented during her conferences!

    • Adversity: knowing when to change course ;
    • Leadership in an organization! ;
    • Secrets of coaching! ;
    • Evaluating ;
    • Strategies of management ; !
    • Components of a winning team ;
    • Winning: it’s about embracing change.
  2. Three Keys to Success – Respect, Responsibility, Commitment
Daniele did a magnificent job! I was really pleased to have her at our Coaches Symposium. She captivated our coaches. For example, when she was talking there were no side convos or comments, not a lot of movement and all eyes stayed forward and on Daniele. She did a great job of summarizing her story with some main important points. Daniele also injected some good humour to keep people engaged. Audience loved her and was very glad to learn from her experiences. She was very good and exceeded my expectations. I would recommend Daniele as a keynote speaker.
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