David Chalk

Cyber Security and Technology Expert, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Futurist

David Chalk

David Chalk is the CEO of Chalk Media Corp and has been a leading expert in the technology and computer industry for over 30 years.

He has been the face of Technology in Canada hosting the award winning Dave Chalk computer show for over 14 years.  He educated viewers on how to use the newest technologies as they hit the market.  

A retail pioneer, David developed the blueprint for the super stores of today when he opened Doppler Computer Superstores in 1980.   In 1985, David developed the first Point of Sale and Supply Chain Management solution for the computer industry which was certified by Ernst & Young.

In 1997, he founded Chalk Media, a company that employed over 140 staff around North AMerica providing services including real time knowledge based video to Governments, the US military and Corporations.   A serial Entrepreneur David has launched more than 20 companies in the fields of technology, education, construction, marketing, distribution, manufacturing and retail but it’s his interest in Business Resilience that has occupied him for the past 10 years. 

Today David consults with companies to help bridge the gap between technology and resilience. He is considered one of the leading experts on Business Autonomics and Cyber Security. David recognized very early on that there was a security problem with the rapid automation of process across industries.  This vulnerability led him to study the problem and to developing real time solutions.   Today organizations turn to him to determine how to best protect themselves from cyber hacking.  


  • Top Marketer in Canada ~ Retail Council of Canada
  • Doctorate Degree in Technology
  • World documentary Freddy award for education
  • Top 100 companies to work for
  • Harvard study on Corporate Culture
  • Fastest Growing Companies ~ Doppler Super Stores
  • Entrepreneur of the Year ~ Ernst & Young
  • YEO entrepreneur of the Year
  • BIV 40 under 40 Entrepreneur award
  • Telly Award for TV Production
  • RIM award for top app of the Year
  • Yahoo award for design innovation
  • Equity Magazine ~ Leader for the Next Millennium
  • American Marketing Association ~ for Web Design
  • Courage to come back Award
  • Bandon-Hall Excellence Award ~ in Education
  • IBM Retail Award ~ Excellence in managing
  • TV Guide – Best Of ~ Top 40 TV shows in Canada

What is most inspiring about David is he was once labeled "Mentally Retarded" in school.  If it were not for his mother who believed in him and a few teachers, David would have never reached his potential or gone after his dreams.  He was well into his 40's before he was diagnosed with severe dyslexia.   By then he had developed coping skills that allowed him to overcome his challenges and reach his goals despite suffering from depression, a common side effect of dyslexia.

Inspiring, engaging with a toolkit of expertise that ranges from Technology to Entrepreneurship, Business Leadership, Marketing, Retail, Customer Service, Managing Change, Supply Chain Management and Cyber Security, it's no wonder David Chalk is in such high demand as a business consultant and keynote speaker. 

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    For the past 10 years David Chalk has been at the forefront of Cyber Security.   In this keynote he shares why Cyber Hacking has become the number one concern for Organizations and Governments around the World and why this problem doesn't seem to have a real solution.   He shares how to determine if your security system is vulnerable and what you can do if Hackers are able to get past even the best security systems - including the CIA!  He shares  the top ten ways you can best protect yourself and your organization from being Hacked today.   You will leave this keynote with a complete understanding of the Cyber Security and Hacking problem but more importantly, you will leave with real Solutions and Tactics you can implement immediately.


    What is the Internet of Things and why should it matter to you?  In this keynote, Technology Futurist David Chalk takes your audience back to how the Internet started, the impact it has had on our personal and professional lives,what risks and opportunities it presents for us in the future and how to protect and prepare for them.  The Internet of Things is about creativity, innovation and resilience! 


    Technology and cyber security expert David Chalk explains exactly what it means to "GO PHISHING." And why companies must protect their sensitive information such as usernames, passwords, credit cards and any information saved on a hard drive or placed in the cloud from being taken. It is often for malicious reasons, by those masquerading as a trustworthy entity in an electronic communication.  How do you protect yourself and your company?  You’ll leave this keynote knowing exactly what you need to do to protect yourself and your organization from falling victim to hacks.   


    Almost anyone can do less with more - that's a no-brainer.   But doing more with less is often a challenge for many organizaions and in this inspiring keynote David shares why a strategic sorting of priorities is critical to doing more with less. It’s fairly common for business people to tell David that in their organization, “everything is a priority so, therefore, nothing is a real priority.”  He shares why that approach is the equivalent of saying you’re too busy driving to stop and get gas.   David shares how to strategically prirotize business processes and the 7 ways to use technology more effectively to increase productivity without further investment. 



    The irony of innovation...which is about doing something or producing something new is...it's nothing new. It has been behind advances in every industry for hundreds of years.  Yet many organizations today consider it a new concept and are challenged to define it or implement it into their every day business.   In this keynote, David simplifies innovation by defining it as product focused or process focused and by explaining the difference between incremental Innovation and drastic innovation.  He shares why Innovation should  not be considered a plan, a strategy, a phase, a goal but a constant focus that drives the advancement of your organization every day.  To succeed in the 21st century, innovation must be in perpetual motion and those devoid of innovation are only maintaining the status quo and destined to failure.  David shares how to empower your entire organization to contribute to a culture of innovation as everyone can and should play a role to keep your organization ahead of the curve.  


    A seriel Entrepreneur who has launched over 20 businesses, David Chalk shares how he turned a business that he started in his garage into a business employing over 500 people. He inspires business owners to stay small if that is the goal but if not, growing your small business into a big business is only possible with the right approach.  He shares the top ten ways to manage growth, your team, your marketing, your product and most importantly your leadership in order to become a big business.     

" David I want to thank you for Keynoting the national Canadian leg of my Microsoft Windows release tour that I could not attend. The response we have received from not only the audiences but also the Microsoft managers has been exceptional. It was very fortunate you were available to perform the entire multi-city tour for me. It was a pleasure meeting you."..
Bill Gates
Microsoft CEO
"Here have you been all this time, I have looked everywhere for someone to partner with who is articulate and has such knowledge that they can clearly explain anything on technology. I have come across no one like you. The way in which you tie your explanations to people's lives stems in large part I believe from the learning disabilities. It gives you a strong empathetic tie with your audiences. Congratulations David"
Martha Stewart
Omni Media
"David is an anomaly not only is he a brilliant speaker but I have also seen him grow numerous great businesses over the years. Few speaker can really walk the walk and talk the real talk. He has the ability to look at a need or problem and, as if out of thin air, come up with the right solution and amazing ways to express it. He, can create through his talks an innovative and competitive edge for any business or organization. David is a speaking and marketing genius"
Brian Scudmore
1-800-GOT-JUNK CEO Founder
By far the very best presenter of the day...fantastic presentation.
Lionel Levasseur
At the end of a long day of listening to speakers, I thought I would end the day early and skip this last session, which was David's. Luckily, I stayed and listened to the best session of the day. Many of my colleagues came out of the session with a whole new attitude.
Leslie W
He is the sharpest listener and speaker I have ever come across.
Monica Morong
David’s talk was very good, the team liked the change from typical leadership/change discussions. It was meant to be a disruption talk and I think it was.
Linda Hayes

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