David Chalk

Technology Productivity and Performance Expert, Award Winning Entrepreneur, Innovator and Futurist

David Chalk

Dr. David Chalk is a futurist with a 25 year history of accurately predicting the interaction of humans and machines. Awarded a Doctorate Degree in technology by the University of the Fraser Valley, David presents what audiences need to know to succeed in business, technology and life. 

As an expert on technology and disruptive innovation, David has been called upon by Stanford University and Microsoft to Homeland Security for his knowledge and consultation.  Back when Windows was being introduced to the market, Bill Gates asked David to speak on his behalf to explain the software when he was unavailable.  David has worked in Artificial Intelligence at the highest levels and can unconditionally confirm that humans will always triumph over machine and why.

Hard to believe, David was born with cognitive brain damage and his parents were told he may not live. Furthermore, in the slim chance he did survive, they were told he would have mental retardation and a grim future.  With the help and support of his mother, some teachers and a few librarians, he fought his learning disabilities, the school system and bullying, by developing coping skills and an attitude that gave him a drive to change the world.

His life focus has been to keep learning and inspire others labeled with disabilities to know that they may learn differently but they have the same potential as everyone else.  His research into how the brain works has led him to leading a Revolutionary company that helps children with Autism, ADHD, Anxiety and PTSD.

He is the founder of more than 15 successful companies including Doppler Computer Superstores, Chalk Media, Decision-Zone Cyber Defence Technology, Trees Matter, Terra Sol Civil Construction, New Century Video Streaming and CalmWear™ Compression Clothing for Autism to name a few.  David is a keynote speaker who has walked his talk.  He shares the many obstacles, challenges and rapid changes he faced along the way and why he always embraced change as a new opportunity. 

When David entered the US market, the Wall Street Journal ran a story of how he not only saved a 100 million dollar company (Ballard Computers) from going bankrupt but the speed of the turnaround was the fastest in history.

David has won awards on innovation, retail marketing and leadership, including being a Finalist for the Governor General award for leadership in business and winning the Top Marketer in Canada from the Retail Council of Canada. David has been a catalyst to the evolution of the retail landscape in Canada by developing the first Point of Sale technology as well as the blueprint for the first Superstore when he opened Doppler Computers.

Today David is a founding Partner of Hume Chalk Consulting and is actively involved in guiding entrepreneurs to support their structure and systems. He focuses on what he feels is a massive overlooked issue – the succession for baby boomers leaving their businesses. He is currently co-authoring a series of books on success for the creative minds.

David is an engaging Keynote Speaker who creates new conversations and who offers audiences his personal email because he thrives on sharing his experience, expertise and helping others succeed.






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  1. DISRUPTIVE INNOVATION: The Truth about Man vs. Machine

    Since the dawn of the computer back in the 50’s, to them being mainstream for business in the 60’s to them evolving into the hands of people in the 80’s, we have all marveled at the abilities of the Machine.  Twenty years ago, Clay Christianson coined the phrase “Disruptive Technology” because what has followed the rise of the Machine has been nothing short of a paradigm shift in how we work, communicate, live and learn.

    Not only have Machines changed how we do business, but our role in the process. We gave all of our attention to what’s next and to keeping up convinced that if we did not, we would be left behind.  We readily gave all of our power and control to the machine which we considered smarter and better to human beings. 

    Today David shares that we are in a phase of “Disruptive Innovation" which has many organizations worried but to David, this is a time of great opportunity.  While we enthusiastically embraced new technologies, we have now learned the limitations of Machines and how we have under-rated the role of humans in the process.  David explains why we have been (although we didn’t know it) and always will be in charge.   

    Understanding where we are going and if it makes sense means going back to what it means to have the ability to think.  And to ask ourselves if artificial intelligence or AI can take machines and technology to that level and what it means for your industry, your family, your life.   He answers the question, where is your place in the future of machines? What is your opportunity?




David was powerful. Very himself on stage. His message resonated deeply with our clients. Great lessons and insights, and he spoke from experience which was evident. Would I recommend David? For audiences like ours which included business people and entrepreneurs, absolutely. He over-delivered, was very warm and welcoming and really spent the time to get to know many of our clients and add value on and off the stage. The standing ovation said it all really.
Eric Collins
Kerwin Rae
"Here have you been all this time, I have looked everywhere for someone to partner with who is articulate and has such knowledge that they can clearly explain anything on technology. I have come across no one like you. The way in which you tie your explanations to people's lives stems in large part I believe from the learning disabilities. It gives you a strong empathetic tie with your audiences. Congratulations David"
Martha Stewart
Omni Media
"David is an anomaly not only is he a brilliant speaker but I have also seen him grow numerous great businesses over the years. Few speaker can really walk the walk and talk the real talk. He has the ability to look at a need or problem and, as if out of thin air, come up with the right solution and amazing ways to express it. He, can create through his talks an innovative and competitive edge for any business or organization. David is a speaking and marketing genius"
Brian Scudmore
1-800-GOT-JUNK CEO Founder
By far the very best presenter of the day...fantastic presentation.
Lionel Levasseur
At the end of a long day of listening to speakers, I thought I would end the day early and skip this last session, which was David's. Luckily, I stayed and listened to the best session of the day. Many of my colleagues came out of the session with a whole new attitude.
Leslie W
He is the sharpest listener and speaker I have ever come across.
Monica Morong
David’s presentation was by far the best keynote we’ve had for this event. His knowledge, experience and perspective on the event topic was extremely thought provoking and created great conversation during and after the event. We would definitely recommend David.
Priscilla Petgrave, Mgr
Conexsys Communications Limited
We would like to extend a heart-felt thank you to you and Mr. Chalk. The Symposium went really well and we had over 100 advisors attend the event! We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our advisors for Mr. Chalk’s presentation, it’s a very exciting speech indeed!
PPI Solutions
David’s presentation last week in Gatineau was absolutely fantastic!

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