Two of Canada’s top Networking Experts and Best-selling Authors


Gayle and Judy have a special way of connecting with their audiences. Not only that, but they get their audiences connecting with one and other! Whether it’s their popular Power of Positive Networking® presentation or signature conference opener Leap Start!™, Gayle and Judy share their secrets of more effective networking at typical networking events, as well as networking inside an organization. Introverts learn techniques to enjoy networking more and even networking-savvy individuals find Gayle and Judy’s approach an essential refresher. Gayle and Judy create a great dynamic on stage. As a duo they have been delivering their message for over fifteen years. They have energy, chemistry, they kibitz, sometimes they finish each other’s sentences and they get out in the audience and bring people into the conversation. They tell stories, some funny, some poignant and always memorable. At the end of their sessions audiences leave with tactical and practical networking tips and easy wins to start using immediately in their busy lives.

Facts about Gayle Hallgren-Rezac and Judy Thomson

  • Co-authors of the best-selling book, Work The Pond!, Use the Power of Positive Networking to Leap Forward in Work and Life (Prentice Hall/Penguin), which they wrote with Darcy Rezac
  • Their trademarked philosophy Positive Networking® has been called the “world’s best definition” of networking
  • Gayle is an experienced entrepreneur (founder Cookies By George), YWCA Women of Distinction and writer
  • Judy’s background is corporate and entrepreneurial (CPA, CA, corporate director, part of the start-up management team of the world famous Rocky Mountaineer Railtours, champion of women in business)
  1. LEAP START!™ - The perfect Conference Opener Keynote

    Picture your typical conference: at the first break people immediately pull out their phones. Why? Because talking to strangers is hard. Many people go to conferences with anxiety about walking into the opening reception solo or talking to strangers at the “networking breaks”. Gayle and Judy’s signature conference program gives the very best tips and techniques to start networking immediately—even for introverts. LEAP START!™ creates a “permission to network™” atmosphere at your conference. This high-energy program by two of Canada’s top networking experts is the perfect way to kick off your conference, regional or national meeting. Expect some flying frogs!  

  2. Power of Positive Networking® - Best business networking training

    Audiences learn practical and tactical tips to become better networkers, connectors and relationship builders in this most popular program which is based on a trademarked seven-step system and the “world’s best definition” of networking—Positive Networking®. Audiences learn sure-fire cures for networking nervosus™, skills to ‘work the pond’, how to engage in small talk and effective follow-up techniques. They come away with personal networking plans and easy wins that they can use in work and life.  

  3. Positive Communication & Collaboration™– Powerful team building

    In today’s world there’s no time for long-winded meetings, misunderstandings and personal conflicts caused by poor communication. This session gives your team new tools to improve rapport and trust, avoid unconscious biases, and create positive, productive communications. Take your team’s skills up a notch: be clearer, more concise, listen more effectively and avoid conflict caused by poor communication. This session creates a more positive and collaborative work world.

  4. Engaged Woman Leader™ – For women’s networks and conferences

    Networking is a key leadership competency for women yet research shows that women will often “check off” all the other work on their to-do list before they make time to network. The Engaged Woman Leader™ gives women the confidence and the tips and techniques to become better networkers for their career and life, even when they don’t think they have the time. Women in leadership roles find this program an important refresher in networking and collaboration skills. This is a great bonding experience for women in your internal women’s network or at a women’s conference. 

  5. Face-To-Face & The Digital World™ – Networking skills for today’s world

    LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, other social networks, apps, chat bots and email are ways that people connect these days and it’s a world that changes rapidly. This session helps audiences learn how to use these digital tools as a powerful alloy, but not to the exclusion of face-to-face connecting. You can’t do one without the other. Face-To-Face & The Digital World™ is networking training for a time-crunched world that still requires high-trust relationship building and networking. 

Excellent content, fantastic delivery. Really passionate speakers who inspire. They make me want to push myself out of my comfort zone and make an effort.
Feedback from our delegates was outstanding. They do a tremendous job of taking the traditional concept of networking and making it fresh, smart and relevant - all delivered in a very entertaining way. They exceeded my expectations and I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend them to other events or organizations.
Executive Director, Boating BC
The presentation on networking was a turning point in the conference. After that session, everyone seemed more open and comfortable in approaching complete strangers to strike up a conversation.
Association of Corporate Travel Executives (ACTE) Education Conference
Judy and Gayle were out of this world! Our attendees definitely used their tips and we saw it firsthand throughout the conference. They were fantastic!
I built my business through networking. But I've stopped doing that, but you have inspired me to go out and start networking again.
RBC Dominion Securities

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