Hani Kafoury

Mindfulness, Business and Personal Transformation Expert, Psychologist

Hani Kafoury

With over 30 years of business experience, half of which was spent as a senior executive in the pharmaceutical industry, and the other as a licensed psychologist, coach, facilitator, author and speaker, Hani’s mission is to help individuals and organizations become what they must so that they can achieve the results they seek, through the magic and power of change.

As a Certified Change Management practitioner, Certified Leadership Coach, accredited Myers-Briggs Type Indicator practitioner as well as Certified Mindfulness Meditation Trainer, Hani’s versatility has helped several individual and organizational clients break the status quo and push beyond their limits for success.   He has Walked his Talk by setting his own big personal goals, ( Completeing several Iron man marathons and summiting Mount Kilimanjaro ), committing them to action and moving tenaciously forward.   

Hani has freelanced for the Montreal Gazette, writing a number of articles on change and career management. 

Hani is fully bilingual and lives in Montreal, Canada.

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  1. MINDFULNESS: Staying Present and Engaged

    Our mind is the most sophisticated “software” known to mankind - unmatched by even the latest cutting-edge computer program. It allowed us to dominate the animal kingdom and achieve prowess that surpassed our ancestors’ most farfetched aspirations – from circumventing Mars to mapping out the human genome. Yet, it is the very same mind that causes 2 in 10 individuals to suffer from anxiety disorders and 1 in 10 from depression. Our mind, for the most part, will focus on thoughts about the past or the future, and may often resist what is. Most of us are unaware of this and if we are aware, we often mistake our thoughts for reality which is a state of “mindlessness”.  In this keynote, Hani will introduce audiences to the power of mindfulness using evidence based benefits and how to make mindfulness a part of your daily life. 

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