Hani Kafoury

Mindfulness, Business and Personal Transformation Expert, Psychologist

Hani Kafoury

With over 30 years of business experience, half of which spent as a senior executive in the corporate world, and now a licensed psychologist, coach, author and speaker, Hani brings to his audiences a unique and valuable set of expertise and skills. His mission is one of helping individuals and organizations become what they must so that they can, through change, realize their full potential.

Hani is in the “business” of change and transformation, whether as a psychologist helping clients achieve the quality of life they seek or as a certified change practitioner, leadership coach, and mindfulness instructor working with individuals and teams in organizations to help them engage and create the change they need to achieve the goals they want.

Hani believes in “walking-the-talk” for decades by leverage his D.A.R.E ® mantra towards the achievement of any change or goal he has set his mind on – creating a burning Desire, honing the necessary Abilities, renewing his Resolve, and expanding the necessary Energy - whether travelling the world, completing several marathons, an IRONMAN, summitting Mount Kilimanjaro and producing a documentary film about it, or completely reinventing his career at 53.  He dared!

Hani has delivered talks and workshops across Canada, the US, Europe and the United Emirates. Audiences revel in his talks and seminars, qualifying him as being an “inspirational, knowledgeable, engaging and charismatic” speaker.

Hani has also freelanced for the Montreal Gazette, writing a number of articles on change. 

He is fully bilingual and lives in Montreal, Canada.

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  1. MINDFULNESS: STAYING PRESENT AND ENGAGED: An introduction to the transformational power of mindfulness in business and beyond

    Our mind is nothing less than a miracle – the most sophisticated piece of “software” known to humankind – unmatched by even the latest cutting-edge computer program. It allowed humans to dominate the animal kingdom and achieve prowess that have surpassed our ancestors’ most farfetched fantasies, from circumventing Mars to mapping out the human genome. Yet, it is the very same mind that causes 2 in 10 individuals to suffer from anxiety disorders and 1 in 10 from depression. Our mind, when left to its own, will often engage in thoughts about the past or future, or ones that resist the present. Most of us are unaware of the mind’s well-intentioned shenanigans, and if we are aware, we often mistake them for reality – that is “mindlessness”. Being deliberately aware in the present moment, without judgement, is what we commonly refer to as “mindfulness”.

    This Keynote will introduce you to the power of mindfulness, a practice originating in the teachings of Eastern spirituality and philosophy nearly two thousand years ago. Without making it a panacea, mindfulness has been shown through a growing body of research since the 1980s to have a positive impact on one’s overall health and wellbeing including stress reduction, decreased negative affect (ex. Anxiety, depression, etc.), enhanced emotion regulation, and much more.   In his usual dynamic and engaging style, Hani will share with you:

    • What mindfulness is and is not!
    • The power of our thoughts and their effect on our brain and much of our physiology
    • Research-based evidence on the benefits of mindfulness - at work and beyond
    • The way mindfulness meditation practice can lead to mindful living
    • Simple ways to begin and sustain your mindfulness mediation practice

    Note: Workshops that delve in the topic in more details are also available

  2. MIND THE MOMENT. CHANGE THE FUTURE: The power of mindfulness in navigating and achieving any change

    While change is about a future state, mindfulness is about being in the now. It may at first seem that the two states are contradictory, but they are not. The best opportunity for creating the change in the futures is to be fully in the present. After all, the future is always created in the now.

    For most people, change is stressful and uncomfortable. It is no wonder that most people resist change – or rather, their transition through it. Our minds have a tendency to get overly weary about the prospect of change and by often imagining discomfort and loss at best or total failure and catastrophe at worst. So what often holds us back are imagined unpleasant future states. So it logically follows that the best way to tackle change is to remain fully grounded in the present – without getting lost in cataclysmic imaginings. After all, creating any future, always begins in the now. And mindfulness can help achieve this state of mind.

    This keynote will introduce you to the power of mindfulness - the ability to intentionally focus our attention in the present moment, without judgement – in helping you achieve any change. Hani will share with you:

    • Why change can create stress and unease – revisiting the psychology of change and that of coping
    • How mindfulness meditation can help you achieve any change you want
    • How to apply the 3As of mindfulness whent undergoing any change
    • How to integrate mindfulness meditation into your change approach
    • The fundamentals of mindfulness meditation practice

    Note: Workshops that delve in the topic in more details are also available

  3. D.A.R.E.® TO MAKE ANY CHANGE HAPPEN! : The four change drivers that can help you reach any goal

    All of us have the best intentions to change the way we do things, or even the way we are. We know that if we did, we could reap the benefits over the long term, and yet…most people fail to make change happen. Why is this so and, more importantly, how do we avoid falling into the trap of “wishful thinking”?

    As a former senior executive turned psychologist and transformational coach, Hani is in the “business” of change and has identified, through his private practice and from working with various organizations, four (4) personal change drivers necessary for anyone to achieve the change they aspire to, whether personal or professional. Understanding these drivers can unlock the gates that prevent you from achieving the change you want and the goals you aspire to.

    In this engaging keynote, Hani will inspire you to achieve any change you, or your organization, are seeking by sharing the following:

    • Why not changing can be the “kiss of death”
    • The four (4) fundamental drivers fueling any change and ways to “boost” them
    • Examples of how these change drivers have acted as catalysts for him in his career, business and life and for clients he had been counselling or coaching over the years
    • Practical D.A.R.E.® strategies you can apply immediately to achieve any change or transformation

    Note: Workshops that delve in the topic in more details are also available

  4. CHANGE IS LIKE A MOUNTAIN: HOW DO YOU MAKE IT TO THE TOP AND BACK DOWN SAFE AND SOUND : Your “climbing gear” to accomplish any change with assurance and well-being

    Change often feels like a daunting mountain; whether in our professional or personal life, it seems that change keeps on piling up, non-stop and at an increasing speed.

    How can you take on all this change and maintain your balance – psychological, emotional, social and physical? As an ex-business executive, now psychologist, transformational coach, mountaineer and IRONMAN, Hani learned over the years – leading himself and others through change, coaching others through change, and being trained in the people side of change – valuable lessons that can help you become more proficient in coping with and thriving on change!

    Climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s highest mountain, a few years ago further enlightened him on what it takes to best tackle change and transformation – there is noting like experiencing the demands of intense and constant change in a relatively short period of time and in very high altitude to shed light on what it takes to get to the top.

    Hani will be your guide during your short journey with him so that you can approach your next “mountain” with assurance, a positive mindset and resilience.

    After this keynote, you will leave with a better understanding and practical tools that will enlighten you on:

    • Why any change “mountain” can seem overwhelming and prevent people for making it to the top
    • What to expect once on the “mountain” and how to deal with it (the 3 stages of any change)
    • How ready are you for the “mountain”– what will work for and against you in any change
    • What conditions you need to crate to achieve the change you want

    Note: Workshops that delve in the topic in more details are also available

  5. FIRE UP YOUR STAFF…AND YOUR BOTTOM LINE : Key principles to further engage your staff, your customers (and your shareholders!)

    Research shows that employee engagement directly impacts a company’s bottom line. So what can you do to increase employee engagement? Hani will share with you key principles and strategies that can increase your employee engagement, reduce turnover, retain leaders, and boost your bottom line. You will learn how to T.R.E.A.T. ® your staff so that can give their 200% to you and your customers.

    Consistently delivering an exceptional customer experience is only possible when employees are fully engaged in what they do. A recent Towers Perrin study shows that organizations with highly engaged workforces have an average 19 percent higher net income and a 3.74 percent higher operating margin due to increased productivity and, in turn, increased customer loyalty and advocacy.

    Which begs the question: how engaged is your workforce?

    You will leave this highly informative, inspirational and engaging seminar with the following:

    • An understanding of why people disengage and the cost to your organization
    • A glimpse at why some successful organizations are investing heavily in employee engagement initiatives
    • Key strategies and practical applications that will help you on your journey to increasing employee engagement and your bottom line.

    Note: Workshops that delve in the topic in more details are also available

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