Hani Kafoury

Change, Leadership and Mindfulness Expert, Psychologist

Hani Kafoury

It's the only constant.
What's more, it's a constant that seems to be constantly accelerating.
No wonder people and organizations are looking for help in dealing with the accelerating volume of change. (And for a good reason – most change initiatives, whether organizational or personal, tend to fail.) 

Hani Kafoury offers a unique set of skills and expertise for businesses and organizations looking to inspire and successfully lead people through change.

As a trained psychologist with a thriving practice, Hani has a deep understanding of how people can struggle with change. And how to help them break through the limiting beliefs that may be keeping them from moving forward to become what they must.

As a former senior executive who has led teams through multiple changes, Hani has first-hand experience with driving change in the workplace – people-focused change that will ultimately bring sustained competitiveness and value creation for employees, customers and shareholders.

Hani’s change advocacy stems from his personal and professional acumen, from his training in human behavior and from his own D.A.R.E.® mantra and change coaching tool. As an accredited change practitioner, he provides his audiences with proven, actionable change strategies.

Hani also complements the traditional change management mix with mindfulness practice - the wisdom of the ages reborn. He recognizes the vital role minding the moment can play in managing change. Evidence-based research is pointing to the surprising personal and organizational benefits of mindfulness for individuals and organizations, from enhancing decision making to improving performance and well-being – qualities that are most vulnerable, and yet most critical in times of change.

Hani not only talks the talk, he has walked the walk of change his entire life. He's learned to relinquish the familiar – that safety thinking that puts us at ease and makes us feel in control – to pursue the 'what ifs' that thrive in the unknown: From an extremely shy immigrant boy without a word of English, he's become a leader and speaker. From a non-athletic teen, he became a runner with several marathons to his credit. From successful young manager climbing the corporate ladder, he opted to take a sabbatical year to travel the world – in the process fulfilling many of his aspirations, from teaching English in Thailand, sailing down the Nile in Egypt, trekking the Annapurna in Nepal, or meeting Mother Teresa. From typical tourist, he turned mountain trekker, reaching the summit of Mount Kilimanjaro – and producing a documentary film about it. From a well-established corporate career, he ventured out on his own in his early 50s, and then completed an Ironman at 59 just for good measure…

Hani has been widely recognized as an upbeat, engaging and interactive speaker and seminar leader. His talks and seminars kindle the mind, fire up emotions and inspire change in people. He does it by sharing memorable stories and anecdotes as well actionable strategies that his audiences can relate to and leave with.

Hani is an internationally sought-after speaker. He has given talks and led workshops for Ford of Canada, Janssen Pharmaceuticals, Otsuka Canada, Jubilant Pharma, Bristol-Myers Squibb, Genome Quebec, BDC Capital, Bond Brand Loyalty, EnsembleEQ, Telus Health, Pharmaceutical Marketing Club of Quebec (PMCQ), Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP), University of Montreal (HEC), Community Economic Development and Employability of Canada (CEDEC), The Healthcare Businesswoman's Association of Canada(HBAC), Greater Edmonton Teachers’ Association, Health Partners International of Canada (HPIC), Women in Bio.

Hani is based in Montreal, Canada, and can deliver his talks in English or French.

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  1. D.A.R.E.® TO MAKE ANY CHANGE HAPPEN! The four psychological drivers that can help you achieve the change you want

    For most of us the experience with wanting to change is often pretty disappointing. And research backs this up! Whether it's quitting smoking, losing weight, getting in shape, or adopting new ways on the job, more often than not people fail to make change happen. Studies show that in some areas 70% to 98% of our change attempts end up in failure. This comes with a cost – psychological, emotional, physical, social, and economic. 

    We all have the best intentions to change the way we do things, or even the way we are. We know that if we did, we could reap long-term benefits. And yet, most people fail to make change happen. Why is this? And, more importantly, how do we avoid falling into the “wishful thinking” trap?

    As a former senior executive turned psychologist and transformational coach, Hani is in the business of change. He has identified, through his private practice and from working with various organizations, four psychological drivers you need to achieve the change you aspire to, whether personal or professional. Understanding these drivers can unlock the gates that can prevent you from achieving your change, your goals.

    In this engaging keynote, Hani will open these gates for you by sharing the following:

    • Why not changing can be the kiss of death
    • The four psychological drivers (D.A.R.E.®) that fuel any change and ways to boost them
    • Practical strategies that can be applied immediately to achieve any change or transformation
  2. CHANGE IS LIKE A MOUNTAIN – WILL YOU REACH THE SUMMIT? How to equip yourself with the climbing gear you need to reach your goal

    Change often feels daunting, like climbing a high mountain. Not everyone who aspires to reach the top will make it. Similarly, nearly 70% of all workplace changes fail. The psychological, emotional and economic impact of such a high casualty rate is tremendous for the individuals and teams involved – and for the whole organization.

    As an ex-corporate executive, now psychologist, transformational coach, mountaineer and Ironman, Hani has learned valuable lessons that can help you get to the top and make change happen in your workplace.

    Let Hani be your guide in tackling the mountain of change and bringing you back down safe, sound and ready to take on any future change with assurance and a positive mindset. All this will give you a winning edge in a world where change is a constant.

    You will leave our “trek” with a better understanding of:

    • Why you must take on change and what happens if you don’t
    • Why we find change difficult and what to do about it
    • Phases we encounter in any change and how to handle them
    • Key psychological drivers to make it to the top
    • How to approach constant change and maintain your sanity
  3. MIND THE MOMENT. CHANGE THE FUTURE. How mindfulness can help you navigate or achieve any change

    Change often leads to uncertainty and a great deal of stress. Employees tend to resist change because they fear loss of control. Or they may resist change simply because they feel overwhelmed by the volume of change in the workplace. This stress-related resistance can negatively impact employee morale, productivity and overall well-being. As a result, the organization’s revenues and bottom line may drop.
    No wonder mindfulness-based workplace interventions have grown in popularity over the last decade in business, health, and education.

    Mindfulness is the ability to be intentionally attentive to the wandering mind without judgement – which is even more critical in times of change. Studies have shown that the practice of mindfulness in the workplace can enhance decision-making, help deal with complexity, improve working memory, positively impact interpersonal relationships, minimize conflict, improve performance and well-being, and more effectively meet the demands of change. 

    While change is about the future, mindfulness is about being in the now. It may at first seem that the two states are contradictory, but they are not. The best opportunity for creating change in the future is to fully attend to the present. After all, the future is always created in the now. And mindfulness can help cultivate this state of mind.

    This keynote will introduce participants to the power of mindfulness so that they can thrive on any change. Hani will share:

    • A psychological perspective on our love-hate relationship with change
    • How mindfulness practice can help ease resistance to change
    • The three key ingredients of mindfulness practice for peak performance and well-being in times of change
    • How best to integrate mindfulness practice whenever planning a major change
    • The fundamentals of mindfulness meditation practice – making it accessible, simple and cost-effective
  4. MINDFULNESS: STAYING PRESENT AND ENGAGED An introduction to the transformational power of mindfulness in the workplace - and beyond

    The human mind is a miracle. It has performed amazing feats, from circumventing Mars to mapping the human genome. Yet it is the very same mind that causes 2 in 10 individuals to suffer from anxiety disorders and 1 in 10 from depression. Our mind, when left to its own, will often engage in thoughts about the past or future and resist the present. Most of us are unaware of the mind’s well-intentioned shenanigans and even if we are aware, we often mistake them for reality. That is a state that could be called “mindlessness”. Being deliberately aware in the present moment, without judgement, is what we commonly refer to as “mindfulness”.

    This keynote will introduce you to the power of mindfulness, a practice originating nearly two thousand years ago in the teachings of Eastern spirituality and philosophy. A growing body of research since the 1980s has shown that mindfulness, though not a panacea, has a positive impact on overall health and well-being, including stress reduction, decreased negative affect (like anxiety, depression, etc.), enhanced emotion regulation and much more.   

    In his usual dynamic and engaging style, Hani will share with you:

    • What mindfulness is (and is not!)
    • The power of our thoughts and their effect on our brain – and even our physiology
    • Research-based evidence on the benefits of mindfulness at the workplace and beyond
    • The way mindfulness meditation practice can lead to mindful living, and change the way you work and live
    • Simple ways to start and sustain your mindfulness practice
  5. FIRE UP YOUR STAFF… AND YOUR BOTTOM LINE! Change the way you lead your staff, and your staff will change their ways

    Research shows that employee engagement directly impacts a company’s bottom line. So what can you do to increase employee engagement? Hani will share with you key principles and strategies that will not only increase your employee engagement but also reduce turnover, retain leaders and boost your bottom line. You will learn how to T.R.E.A.T. ® your staff so that they can give you (and your customers) their 200%!

    Consistently delivering exceptional customer experience is only possible when employees are fully engaged in what they do. A recent Towers Perrin study shows that organizations with highly engaged workforces have on average 19% higher net income and 3.74% higher operating margin due to increased productivity and, in turn, increased customer loyalty and advocacy.

    Which begs the question: how engaged is your workforce?

    You will leave this highly informative, inspirational and engaging seminar with the following:

    • An understanding of why people disengage – and the cost to your organization
    • An understanding of why some successful organizations are investing heavily in employee engagement initiatives
    • Key strategies and practical applications that will help you increase employee engagement and boost your bottom line

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