Hani Kafoury

Expert on Business and Personal Transformation, Psychologist

Hani Kafoury

With over 30 years of business experience, and as a licensed psychologist, Hani’s mission is to help organizations and individuals achieve the transformation they need to achieve results!

This rare blend of business experience and human behavior expertise allows Hani to bring a unique outlook and insight to his keynote talks, seminars and workshops – bridging the gap between the operation of a business and the operation of the mind.

Hani’s entertaining, inspirational and informative talks cover a wide range of transformational topics including how to overcome resistance to change, engaging employees,and professional development. His workshops are renowned for both their simplicity and impact on changing behaviors, whether tackling effective leadership, managing poor employee performance, workplace culture challenges, how to offer productive feedback, to understanding and leveraging individual strengths for performance success.

As a freelance writer, he has also contributed a number of columns on change and transformation for the Montreal Gazette. He is currently writing a book on the secrets of personal and professional transformation.

Hani draws on this broad professional and personal experience to sprinkle his talks with colorful anecdotes that bring to life key business principles or psychological concepts.

Hehas been invited to talk or facilitate workshops across major cities in Canada as well as abroad: including Los-Angeles, London, and Dubai. He has coached and trained managers and leaders from several organizations and academic institutions, including: Association of Change Management Professionals (ACMP, USA, UK and MENA), Berlin & Associates, Business Development Bank, Coca-Cola, Ford of Canada, Genome Québec, Healthcare Businesswomen Association of Canada (HBAC), Health Partners International of Canada, Jubilant Pharma, Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies of Quebec (PMCQ), Royal Bank of Canada, Stagnito Business Information and Université de Montréal.

As an athlete, Hani has completed six marathons, two triathlons and has summited at 51, Mount Kilimanjaro, Africa’s tallest mountain. He has recently produced a documentary film of his ascent with six other mid-lifers; the full-feature film, “Head in the clouds: Chasing dreams on Mt Kilimanjaro”, is being entered in a number of national and international film festivals and will premiere at the Cinémathèque (Mtl) in August 2015.

Hani is fully bilingual and lives in Montreal, Canada.

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  1. Fire up your staff…and your bottom line!

    Research shows that employee engagement directly impacts a company’s bottom line. Why is that so? What can you do to increase Employee engagement? Hani shares the key principles and strategies to increase engagement with your employees and reduce employee turnover, retain leaders and increase your bottom line.

  2. Resistance to change: Understand it. Prevent it. Bust it!

    Did you know that 50-80% of change in organizations fail? This is the result of much time and focus spent on strategic and operational considerations of change and not enough on the people side of change. Hani shares why focusing on the people side of change is most important to reduce resistance to change and how it can guarantee success.

  3. Seven Principles to reaching personal and professional goals.

    Take charge of our personal and professional destiny; Hani shares seven simple, yet powerful, strategies that will make you happier, more productive and more fulfilled in life.

  4. D.A.R.E. to transform. What are the fundamentals of transformation – in business and in life?

    Hani unravels the mystery of transformation by explaining how to apply 5 key transformational drivers. In this day-and-age, managing change will help you survive, but learning how to transform will make you thrive

If you need someone professional, thought-provoking, entertaining capable of motivating or animating your conferences, Hani is the speaker you want. He brings more than 27 years of business experience in executive management positions along with athletic and travel prowess which ensure credibility and bring true life experiences to the program.
Pierre Montanaro
President & CEO, Pharmetics
Hani is a true communicator, a natural and refreshing speaker.
Robert Lambertucci
Vice-President, Human Resources, Pharmascience
Hani has a unique dynamic, engaging, and informational style and presents content with practical application.
Khaled Almobarak
Chairman of the Association of Change Management Professionals-MENA Conference
Hani combines a deep knowledge of organization change and organization transformation with a relaxed engaging style of animation. He can help a group develop dynamics which help it engage in dealing with difficult issues.
Glen Shepherd
President, Health Partners International of Canada
Our MBA students had the privilege and pleasures of hearing Hani speak at the University of Montreal HEC. His approach, style, and pertinent anecdotes, have consistently captured and engaged the audience. Hani is dynamic and talented communicator whom I recommend without hesitation.
Christian Denis
Director, MBA Graduate Studies, University of Montreal, Quebec
Hani knows how to captivate an audience who remains engaged to the very end of his talk. Hani's message is clear and practical, his delivery style engaging and to-the-point. Any organisation about to implement a change, big or small, should contact Hani to secure a successful journey.
Sybil Dahan
President, Triton Pharma Inc.
I found Hani’s presentation to be very interesting and quite relevant in today’s industry. His real-life accounts and handout questions provided excellent examples of important aspects to consider when empowering yourself to achieve life and career aspirations.
Georges Ged
Director & Board Member of the Pharmaceutical Manufacturing Companies of Quebec