Hugh Culver

Leadership, Conflict Resolution and Time Management Expert, Author

Hugh Culver

From the moment he steps on stage, Hugh Culver captivates an audience with a unique blend of street-smart advice and high-energy delivery. Hugh uses insightful, often hilarious stories ranging from the boardroom to Antarctica to create powerful lessons for every day challenges.

Always relevant and well researched; Hugh creates a learning experience that adds value to any conference or team meeting. His remarkable keynote presentations and training programs have received standing ovations from leading organizations including: Royal Bank of Canada, Suncor, BC Lottery Corporation, CGA Canada, Investors Group, Envision Credit Union, Imperial Oil, Sun-Rype Products, Food Services America, and four universities.

Hugh Culver, MBA, is privileged to be one of only 40 Certified Professional Speakers in Canada, and one of only 80 Canadian Certified Facilitation Professionals.

He is also the author of Amazon Best Seller, "Give Me a Break: the art of making time work for you."

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  1. Give Me a Break: The art of making time work for you

    We are working in a time of distraction–endless emails, back-to-back meetings, interruptions, and growing work demands are taking their toll. People are constantly rushing, multi-tasking, bringing work home, and struggling to find time for themselves and their family.

    Based on Hugh Culver’s book, Give Me a Break, this exciting keynote is an essential message for anyone who has a To-Do list that never seems to end and is tired of always being busy. With his unique, high-energy approach, and proven insights, Hugh will show your audience how they can move away from always running late, and move instead towards more productivity, better health, improved relationships, and–yes–even greater happiness.

    Learning Points

    PLAN LIKE A PILOT–interruptions are inevitable, but poor planning shouldn’t be. Like a pilot, we have to invest in planning time–to review, reflect, and refocus on our destination.
    CLEAN YOUR WINDOW–learn how changing your results actually starts by changing your story. Hugh will share the four steps to creating your new, better story that will help you excel in all areas of your life.
    GO WITH THE FLOW–discover the little-known secret to maximizing your sales and work results by working with your energy flow. This strategy also includes exorcising your email, putting meetings on a diet, and clearing the clutter.
    This is a high-energy and interactive presentation that will have your audience engaged, laughing, and learning.

  2. It's All About the Small Stuff: Creating excellence one habit at a time

    We can easily blame the world for our unhappiness: our workload, our boss, our clients, or even our lack of sleep! Yet our blame distracts us from the real source of our success–what we think about and what we do.

    It’s All About the Small Stuff–Hugh’s most popular keynote–is packed with practical advice, often-hilarious stories, and completely relevant lessons on how small stuff, done well, and done consistently will always lead to huge success.

    Hugh will teach you how to shift from thinking like a victim to acting like the master of your results. You will learn the secret of reframing and switching your thinking (and results) in just one minute, and why you need to master the art of asking.

    This dynamic keynote experience is the perfect kick-start to your agenda, or thought-proving wrap-up experience. Either way, your delegates will be talking about it for months.

  3. Think, Plan, Act: How to create extraordinary results in work and life

    We live in an Age of Distraction, where interruptions, multi-tasking, email, and To-Do lists distract us from what’s important. Instead of working harder, or seeking the latest planning tool, we need to Think creatively, Plan differently, and Act better. Motivational, instructional, and challenging, this content-rich keynote is an exciting experience for any audience. Nurses, CEO’s, salespeople, and accountants have all voted with standing ovations to THINK, PLAN, ACT. Will your audience be next?

  4. Workshop – Facing the Tiger: How to turn any conflict into an opportunity

    Conflict in relationships is inevitable—broken promises, personality clashes, and insensitive comments can lead to tension — even arguments. This may be a good thing! Facing the Tiger is a remarkable program that teaches a productive-feedback model designed to strengthen even the toughest relationships. Beginning with a better understanding of ‘Pinches’ (the source of all conflict), you learn a powerful feedback structure to gain win/win solutions.

  5. Workshop – The Leadership Toolbox: How to engage followers to lead

    Great leaders are not born – they have learned specific skills that allow them to accomplish great things with people. Leaders that consistently practice these skills can bring the best out of people by engaging them with clear direction and feedback. The Leadership Toolbox is a foundational program for leaders who want to get work done, enrol staff into a bigger vision and delegate more effectively.

  6. Workshop – Reclaiming the Clock Getting more of the right stuff done every day

    It’s easy to get busy – email, interruptions, meetings, and clutter can keep us busy and distracted from what’s important. Without better systems and habits, “busy” becomes an excuse for missed deadlines, procrastination, needless rushing, and mistakes. ReClaiming the Clock is an exciting approach to getting more from your minutes, without making more lists or working faster. This proven model will show you how to create more time for planning, improving systems, reconnecting with staff, and even creative thinking. Consistently rated as ‘best of the event’, ReClaiming the Clock is the perfect addition to any conference or staff event.

…insightful, educational, and entertaining… a perfect closing to end on a high note.
Vik Kail
HR, Bayer CropScience Canada

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