Kamiel Gabriel

Scientist, International Expert on Innovation Policy and Thought Leader

Kamiel Gabriel

Dr. Gabriel holds a Bachelor of Science (honors degree), and a Master of Science degree in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Alexandria, Egypt, and a Ph.D. degree from the University of Manitoba, Canada. He holds a diploma in Space Science from the International Space University (H/Q in Strasburg, France), and an M.B.A. from the Edwards School of Business. Dr. Gabriel is an elected fellow of the Canadian Academy of Engineering (C.A.E.), a fellow of the Balsillie School of International Affairs (BSIA), and a Senior Fellow of the Institute for Science, Society and Policy (ISSP).

Dr. Gabriel is the founding Associate Provost of Research and Graduate Programs at the University of Ontario Institute of Technology (UOIT). Under his leadership, UOIT has seen a tremendous growth in its research portfolio boasting over 30 fold increases in its research funding in less than five years and is now listed in the top 50 research-intensive universities in Canada.

In 2009, Dr. Gabriel was seconded to the Ontario Ministry of Research & Innovation as the Assistant Deputy Minister (ADM) of Research and its first ever Science Adviser. During that time, Dr. Gabriel focused on laying the foundation for strategic planning and evidence-based innovation policy. He has written extensively on the subject of innovation and has recently published a book on this subject: The Anatomy of Innovation-what makes innovation succeed in the 21st century?

Most recently, Dr. Gabriel was invited by the government of Abu Dhabi, U.A.E. to assist with the creation of a Research Funding Agency to support competitive research efforts in the federal and private higher education institution in the United Arab Emirates.

Dr. Gabriel currently resides in the beautiful Northumberland region east of Toronto with his wife Linda.

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  1. The Anatomy of Innovation

    In the knowledge-based economy, how can innovation be successfully leveraged for broader social and economic benefit? In this presentation, international expert and thought leader Dr. Kamiel Gabriel takes a holistic approach in accounting for the key elements of a successful innovation system and uses the human body as a metaphor for a successful innovation ecosystem.

  2. Innovation in a Changing World

    Innovation and commercialization are primarily economic processes. Global competition based on pricing alone is no longer the case.  Innovation-driven economies have the foundation and impetus to create new jobs and new value-added products and services.  Research, design and innovation are now at the core of the Knowledge Economy which characterizes the 21st century. In this talk, Dr. Gabriel highlights the changes taking place globally and how could organizations respond successfully to them.

  3. Science for Policy- Role of Science in Policy Development

    A general problem common to all governments, at least in the Western world, is the inherent difficulty of achieving both scientific credibility and influence on the political process. Scientific credibility normally rests upon the expertise, independence and objectivity of the body issuing an opinion. Bias and conflicts of interest are considered defects to be eliminated or balanced. This presentation addresses the balance required in developing policies supported by evidence.

  4. Evidence-Based Decision Making

    In a knowledge-based economy, science is the fundamental competitive resource.  Science mandate is to build an innovation-driven economy, develop the systems that channel it into long-term competitive advantage and foster a culture of innovation across all sectors of the economy.  This presentation provides a compelling case for the need of evidence-based mechanisms in all sectors including government departments.

Dr. Gabriel was the Keynote Speaker at our Annual General Meeting held at Victoria Hall, Cobourg, on January 15th of 2016. He not only relayed pivotal insights from his recently published book, The Anatomy of Innovation, but also inspired and motivated individuals, organizations and stakeholders within our network to better coordinate their efforts towards the common goal that we all believe in: supporting innovation and entrepreneurship as pathways to future economic prosperity. He delivered his remarks with humour, a familial style, and of course, genuine passion. The feedback I received was overwhelmingly positive.
Manager, Enterprise Programs
Northumberland Community Future Development Corp
Dr. Gabriel’s Anatomy of Innovation is a must-read book for all innovators, business professionals, professors, students and government officials who recognize the importance of accelerating innovation in today’s economy. His background as both a distinguished academic and a senior public policy expert results in a very insightful but practical how to guide. This book focusses on the importance of “Communities of Innovation” and I absolutely endorse his call for the establishment of a “Culture of Innovation”
Royal Canadian Institute for Science
The innovation economy is everybody’s business and this is a required talk for all – industry players, government, educators, students, researchers and the general public. Kamiel Gabriel demystifies this daunting topic through a clever analogy between the workings of innovation and the parts of the human body. By tying together key historical figures, powerful observations and captivating examples drawn from his own experience, Kamiel Gabriel makes an authoritative presentation that delivers the essence of his book. I came away from his talk completely inspired and ready to play my part in Canada’s developing innovation ecosystem!
Dr. Langis Roy, Dean of Graduate Studies
University of Ontario Institute of Technology

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