Mark Jennings-Bates

Adventurer, Entrepreneur, Army Officer

Mark Jennings-Bates

Lieutenant (P.Res) Mark Jennings-Bates brings an infectious and adventurous spirit to his talks each time he is in front of an audience.

As an Armoured Reconnaissance Officer in the Canadian Army Reserves, he trains regularly to be ready to lend a hand in domestic and international operations. Through his role as a Troop Leader he learns first hand the challenges of motivating others to accomplish difficult tasks and the rigours of precise planning and management.

As a successful entrepreneur he has a varied background, having owned several businesses across many sectors and has sat on the Board of Directors for many corporations and organisations. He is a Venture Partner with Dutch Oracle, a leading Alternative Investment and Family Office consultancy based in British Columbia.

While Mark's exciting and energetic adventure activities, complete with stunning photos and videos, help an audience lean in to his presentations, his self deprecating sense of humour and frequent real life analogies ensure that he adds value to the audience and leaves event organisers excited to talk about a follow up engagement.

In his latest preparations on the heels of a successful aviation Guinness World Record in 2012, Mark is now preparing to be the first person to circumnavigate the world in a Flying Car.

As innovative in his adventures as he is in business, Mark always places himself on the leading edge as a big thinker and is forced to overcome challenges with the courageous nature of his endeavours.

Mark has achieved many outstanding results in his endeavours including:

  • Accepted as one of the youngest Fellows of the Institute of Sales and Marketing Management
  • Two times Western Canada Open Class rally champion
  • 2008 Coldwell Banker Ambassador of the Year award
  • Half ironman finisher
  • Ultramarathon athlete
  • Led a successful Guinness World Record team for the worlds longest paramotor expedition
  • Summitted the tallest free standing mountain in the world to attempt to fly from the summit in a paraglider
  • Offered a driving position with the prestigious Bowler Dakar Rally team
  1. When Pigs Might Fly: A proven process to tackle any challenge!

    When Pigs Might Fly is a phrase to indicate the ridiculousness of an idea.

    In this inspirational keynote Mark talks about pushing the boundaries in your personal and business life. He will keep you on the edge of your seats as he recounts stories of driving rally cars backwards over 40' cliffs with tremendous enthusiasm or collapses his paraglider in the middle of the Rockies in Canada to descend from the clouds and join his friends for a beer!

    His tales of adventure and business journeys will lead the audience in a world of discovery and innovation. A world that ultimately led Mark to bring the flying car to North America with his business partner Andre Voskuil.

    While many thought we would see flying cars only when "Pigs might fly", Mark has inspired them with a determination necessary to complete the endurance challenges and world records he undertakes.

    As you hear Mark talk you will take away:

    • A renewed enthusiasm for the "challenging projects"
    • A laser focus on getting the job done
    • An understanding of what separates the ludicrous from the possibilities

    You will also hear about his next world record adventure - to fly a flying car around the world!

  2. Living on the Edge: Embracing Fear

    In this Keynote, Mark will share four key principles to help you embrace fear and discover new found potential. “Whether it is in your daily life or in a business or company, we make fear a much larger obstacle than it really is. Fear is actually an opportunity. When we experience what people perceive to be fear we are at the point of discovery and innovation” says Mark. Many times we let fear grow to such a proportion relative to the task at hand, that we become inert. We stop moving, a little like a deer caught in a car’s headlights. Yet for true innovation and solutions, we need to embrace fear. This keynote is essential for anyone who has, on occasion, been slowed down or stopped by a fear of the task ahead of them. Mark will demonstrate four key skills that can assist you in learning to discover the edge of your paradigm.

  3. Increasing Shareholder Value Through Innovation

    “CEO’s and Directors have one true task - to protect existing and deliver improved shareholder value.”

    Mark, an entrepreneur since the age of eleven, will use his vast background in Expedition Participation, Expedition Management and Business Consulting to demonstrate how he has overcome the barriers to innovation and creativity which can stifle progress in corporate and organisational environments. 

    He will elaborate on five cornerstones of innovation and relate those to present corporate and organisational
    culture. The discussion will allow participants to evaluate their corporate and organisational innovation cultures and assess their ability to foster innovation in the workplace.

    Combining his institutional leadership knowledge as an Officer in the Canadian Army (PRes) with his expedition and business leadersip skills, Mark will present a discussion on Innovation Principles which will help the audience explore and inventory their innovation strengths and weaknesses.

    Participants will discover how to:

    • Create a more engaged workforce and identify entrepreneurial individuals.
    • Discover consumer centric approaches which can improve shareholder value.
    • Improve personal productivity with singular focus.
    • Measure innovation potential with strategic evaluation processes.
    • Develop situational awareness to allow them to predict future direction.
Our audience easily identified with Mark, as he is a true inspiration. His story is genuine, truly fascinating and motivating to anyone looking to make change in their lives. He is passionate about overcoming obstacles in more ways than one, as his charitable causes can certainly attest to his dedication.
Karen Baubier
Thank you once again for being our keynote speaker yesterday at our Key Business Awards. Personally I very much enjoyed your delivery of the topic and from the feedback received today it was a hit!! I am honestly not surprised. Our Mayor sure enjoyed it as he emailed me at 11:00 pm last evening to that end!
Norm LeCavalier
I have had the opportunity to hear Mark Jennings-Bates speak on goal setting and self-motivation. Mark’s approach to helping you learn was delivered in an easy to understand way, helping me to apply it in my daily routine. ("motivation comes from within, the hard part is getting out") Mark is that guy helping it become a reality.
Garth Donhauser

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