Sean Bacon, CD

Mental Toughness, Resilience and Change Expert, Corporate Coach and Retired Military Instructor

Sean Bacon, CD

Sean Bacon is a Canadian Armed Forces veteran who served 12 years and during that time served as an instructor at the Canadian Forces Military Police Academy and as a paratrooper.

Sean has developed a system of training to psychologically and physically prepare both soldiers and police to survive and thrive in some of the worst situations and environments the world has to offer.  It's called the Warrior Mindset System. 

Now his company, Dynamic Shift Consulting Inc. uses this “Warrior Mindset System” to assist Corporate Leaders, Organizations and Athletic Teams to develop and sustain Mental Toughness, Leadership and Team Development in a competitive environment, as well as being the Mental Performance Consultant to the Canadian Soccer Association.

Mental Toughness is what guarantees our ability to thrive through change, adversity and to reach any goal.


  1. MENTAL TOUGHNESS – Where Discipline and Focus meet Ability

    Sean Bacon delivers an impactful, entertaining keynote that leaves audiences wondering how their perspective was so dynamically shifted in such a short time.  He provides audiences with the practical and psychological tools which forge and reinforce mental toughness in any individual or team.   Having the ability to perform despite distraction, discomfort, conflict or fatigue is a powerful advantage on any playing field.   Mental toughness builds the personal grit and resilience needed to achieve where others fail, to succeed at the seemingly impossible, to overcome adversity and to anticipate and prepare for change.


    From his experience training soldiers and the police to achieve greatness despite distraction and discomfort, Sean shares his dynamic approach that will transform the way Leaders view themselves, their business and their goals.   He inspires Leaders to make essential behavioral changes, ignites their imagination and shares his mental toughness commandments that will shape their future and their ability to achieve success as a dynamic resilient leader. 


    As the old saying goes, “A team is only as good as its weakest Link.” Sean believes that with proper training, there are no weak links.   Instead there is a team of specialists who coexist to achieve a mutual goal.  In this keynote Sean shares his Mental Toughness assessment test based on three basic performance building blocks – Leadership, Emotional Control and Performance under Pressure.  This assessment helps individuals understand the condition that undermine their performance, it identifies the root cause to solve any performance roadblock and helps the members of the team operate more successfully under stressful situations. 

    Change by definition is to become "different, altered or modified" and to "transform".  Individuals and groups become comfortable very quickly with the 'way things are' because they know what to expect and how they fit.Mental toughness is paramount to embracing change and taking the fear out of the process. Sean uses intentional disruption to demonstrate how powerful and positive change can be, and guides them on a path to embrace it and succeed. He shifts the perception from a point of dread and fear to an "I got this" attitude! Then they are unstoppable!
Sean has provided our team at Langley Concrete clear, concise leadership training program with high effectiveness. His down to earth, straight forward approach helped my staff begin the process of realizing what a leader is and how mental toughness allows them to perform at a higher level. From managers to supervisors to staff members the training helped them understand accountability and to recognize and reinforce the standards we expect on a day to day basis. I highly recommend Sean for anyone looking for an uncommon training experience that is effective and has long lasting impact on your employees. It will have your employees talking for months afterwards and utilizing the skills they learned everyday.
The Langley Concrete Group of Companies
Sean Bacon unleashed a belief in our ambitious vision (our mission) by helping our team of more than 20 business leaders forge a strong bond together. Through this accelerated forming of our project team, we were tangibly different the following week than prior to our session with Sean. We’re collaborating better, brainstorming more effectively and actively sharing information to achieve our objectives together. The team is motivated to succeed.
First West Credit Union
“ Over the past few years, Sean has helped with leadership development, mental toughness and improving team performance. He has a practical and impactful approach that is uncommon. Sean helps you to see business from a fresh perspective and challenges you to take action. I always enjoy and look forward to working with Sean. ”
KENNETH CHAUN, Partner and Sr.VP
Kal Tire
In my many years of learning about leadership, I have never experienced such a transformational change like I have working with Sean. If you truly want to be an elite leader and team, Sean will take you on a journey you will never forget. He is on my personal list of those key people who have made a profound difference in my life. ”
President Island Savings
Sean is nothing short of outstanding. His delivery and commitment to both his subjects and subject matter are a inspiration to anyone fortunate to hear him speak. He is able to connect personally with each audience member using his immense military skills and training but more so with his level of empathy. Sean truly cares about that which he is speaking and to those with which he is speaking to. He is an uncommon man that is not to be missed.”
MACO BALKOVEC, Director of Hockey Operations
Burnaby Winter Club
Sean Bacon is noted for his rare high level of enthusiasm and motivation toward complex tasks and difficult missions. Personally, I believe that his greatest asset in this realm was his sense of dedication to professional duty and an ability to achieve the seemingly impossible. As an instructor/trainer, Sean possesses and displays a rare innate ability to both excel at a variety of skills and teach others to achieve similar high results. Combining an uncompromising quest for excellence and the ability to inspire others, Sean is the professional who can do and teach with equal success. As a designated leader of war fighting soldiers for over 20 years, I have had the distinct pleasure of commanding some of the world's finest soldiers in Canada, the United States and the United Kingdom. During this time, Sean Bacon stands out as a true professional. I consider him a fine example of a professional soldier and leader, a top notch instructor, and an honest/frank advisor who has served his country particularly well in training and on operations across Canada and United States
The event was quite the success and feedback for Sean is very, very good.
Rose Tomlinson
Prospera Credit Union
I had the pleasure of working with Sean on our annual American Concrete Pipe Association event. Sean presented not only the Keynote address to hundreds of the Concrete Industry's best, but also led 4 hours of Leadership training for attendees in addition to speaking with ACPA Leadership. In each presentation, Sean had the unique ability to connect with each group, provide extremely valuable insight, and inspire all of us to be Warrior Leaders! Thank you Sean, job well done!!
Dan Sparr
Human Resources Manager at Superior Industries
As an executive of Thompson Pipe Group as well as an executive member of the American Concrete Pipe Association Board of Directors (ACPA), I found great content about leadership and team building. Our futures are contingent on building up our existing leaders as well as filling our bench. Sean has an empowering story and it resonated with me. I personally recommend attending an event where Sean Bacon is speaking. Love this guys PASSION!
Branimir Kovac
Thompson Pipe Group
Sean is a true master of connecting with the audience. His message is always on point. Sean and I have worked together a number of times presenting to audiences on Leadership. Sean's work on Principles of Leadership and Mental Toughness have always left the audience eager to drop the pretense and show up fully ready to lead. His style is matter of fact, diligent and pointed however it's the smile, the heart that he brings that builds trust and engagement. A true joy to work with and frankly among the best facilitators of leadership. Sean brings leadership to a whole new level.
Loretta Smith
President - Genesis Executive Management

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