Adam Kreek

Adam Kreek

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Executive Business Coach and Olympic Gold Medalist

Adam Kreek has been delivering speeches for over 20 years. His remarkable, insightful and heartfelt stories drive home applicable strategies, frameworks and tactics to manage change effectively in ourselves and the teams we lead.

Adam Kreek is one of North America’s top executive business coaches and organizational trainers specializing in employee high performance, leadership development, strategic planning, and values-driven achievement.

Adam has coached, trained and taught hundreds of thousands of people, including teams at Microsoft, General Electric, Mercedes-Benz, L’Oreal, Shell, YPO, EO, TEDx. Most importantly, Adam walks the talk.

“Success is not measured by the positions we achieve in life, but rather the by the obstacles we overcome and the values we discover in the process of achievement.”

Prior to Adam’s 14 years as a business consultant and executive coach, Adam was a two-time Olympian, and holds 60 international medals, including Olympic Gold and multiple hall of fame inductions. In 2013, Adam made the first-ever attempt to row unsupported across the Atlantic Ocean from Africa to America, the subject of the NBC Dateline Documentary, Capsized.

Adam’s bestselling book, The Responsibility Ethic, teaches us the how of self-leadership, driving personal and professional results in individuals and organizations.

After hours, you’ll find Adam raising three fun-loving, spirited kids with his wife, and adventuring outdoors in the Pacific Northwest.

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Speaking topics

A Reset For Leaders & Teams: A Gold Medal Guide To Delivering Results Alone, Together

In today’s competitive business landscape, effective teamwork and leadership are more critical than ever. Leaders must work as a team yet will often do their most productive work alone. Top leaders know how to work alone, together. Delivered by bestselling business author, executive coach and Olympic Gold Medalist, Adam Kreek, this keynote provides a unique perspective on these essential skills.

  • Uncover elite motivation, the best tools to energize leaders and team dynamics
  • Optimize your team dynamics with the right people in the right seats
  • Upskill leaders with effective tools for influence, achievement and engagement

Drawing from his experience in elite sports, Adam presents practical strategies and tools to improve team collaboration, enhance leadership, and align goals within organizations. This keynote addresses the everyday challenges of disengagement, ineffective leadership, and misalignment of goals, all of which hamper productivity and growth. Adam’s compelling narrative, enriched with real-life stories and proven strategies, leaves audiences inspired, equipped and ready to transform their teams and organizations.

Change is awkward, and it hurts so be ready

In a time marked by rapid change and uncertainty, Adam Kreek’s keynote provides crucial guidance to navigate this constant uncharted terrain. Drawing on his diverse experiences as an Olympic athlete, seasoned expedition leader and award-winning executive business coach, Kreek offers ways Leaders and Employees can prepare for change through resilience and embracing a growth mindset.
Audiences will hear Adam’s personal stories and be given the practical tools that foster a growth mindset,to navigate the ebbs and flows of work and life. Audiences are empowered to embrace change as an opportunity for grh, enhanced productivity, well-being, and success.

The Resiliency Reset: Navigating The Uncharted Waters Of Transformation

In an era marked by rapid change, uncertainty, and less personal responsibility, Adam Kreek’s keynote provides crucial guidance to navigate uncharted terrain. Drawing on his diverse experiences as an Olympic athlete, seasoned expedition leader and award-winning executive business coach, Kreek offers real-world wisdom to help individuals and organizations become more resilient and adaptive.

  • Build a map to navigate the peaks and troughs of change
  • Create the ability to respond more effectively to change with toughness and resiliency
  • Move from drama to individual empowerment in the unpredictable

Audiences are lifted by a blend of personal stories and practical tools that foster a growth mindset, effectively change management and navigate the ebbs and flows of work and life. This transformational experience empowers participants to embrace change as an opportunity for growth rather than a threat, leading to enhanced performance, well-being, and success.

The High-Performance Reset: Unleash Your Inner Olympian

A meticulously designed anecdote to the persistent stress of high-demand environments that addresses burnout and reduced productivity issues. Adam – an Olympic Gold Medalist and seasoned Executive Business Coach – brings unique, battle-tested perspectives on sustaining high performance while maintaining personal well-being.

  • Reset your physical, mental and spiritual health
  • Research-backed and empirically driven tools
  • Personalize your self-care to combat stress

Drawing on researched-backed personal experience from professional athletics, business, and adventure – the audience gains a dynamic, inspiring, and profoundly transformative keynote tailored for mid-level managers, sales teams, and entrepreneurs. His mission: equip you with the tools to navigate and thrive amidst the pressures of your demanding roles.

Optional Keynote Add-on: Fitness Session with Olympian Adam Kreek

Join 2x Olympian, Olympic Gold Medalist and Executive Business Coach Adam Kreek for an invigorating and ‘all levels welcome’ 45-minute fitness session! Adam tailors the workout to the interests and goals of the group and ensures everyone leaves energized, refreshed and ready to kick off their conference experience. The Fitness program is offered in the early morning before the conference day begins either indoors or outside as weather permits.

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Speaker testimonials

By Far the Best! I have seen dozens of Olympians speak at off-sites in the last 19 years, and Adam was by far the best. He was relevant to our business and had a fascinating story. He wasn’t spewing business dogma. He spoke to the people in the room, leaving a lasting and positive impact that travelled through our office. I have heard nothing but rave reviews from all our employees.

VP Marketing, General Mills

Truly a Gold Medal Performance! Adam’s greatest strength is his authenticity. His enthusiasm is not rehearsed or forced – it is true to his personality and it is impossible not to be affected by his strong presence. Our attendees ranged in age from early 20′s to late 60′s, and they are all “hardened lawyers” – a tough crowd! Adam connected with each and every one of them, using a combination of humour, humility and inspiration. Weeks after the event, people are still talking about the retreat and Adam’s role in showing us how it takes different players to form an effective team. His message is that it is only through failure that we can find ultimate success. That we need to move past our comfort zone, was particularly resonant. In fact, several attendees were so impressed by Adam’s presentation that they prepared a follow-up seminar called: “What I learned from Adam” – This is unprecedented, and a tribute to the impact he had upon us, both individually and as an organization.” “Would we recommend Adam? Without reservation! His story is credible, relatable and his impact is tangible. Truly a Gold Medal performance!

Partner & Chair of Retreat Committee, Bull, Housser & Tupper LLP

Adam’s Keynote Set a Wonderful Tone! We were very pleased with Adam Kreek’s keynote at FCL’s Path to Performance event for 280 of our management employees. Adam took time, in advance, to get to know our organization, meet our leaders, and build relationships with our employees. He also incorporated our organization and its vision into his presentation. This went a long way to making the presentation unique and personal—we felt as though it was meant for us. Adam’s message about asking ourselves, “Will it make the boat go faster?” is a concept that really resonated with people and has been repeated by our CEO. Another concept that people took from Adam’s presentation and have been using it, “we need to focus on the things that we can control and not on the things that we can’t”. We would recommend Adam Kreek to others because his keynote set a wonderful tone for rolling out our new competency model. Adam inspired our management employees by sharing his own journey on his personal Path to Performance.

VP Human Resources, Federated Co-operatives Limited

From the moment we hired Adam on to deliver the keynote address at our employee conference, we knew we had someone special. Our conference theme of Power with Purpose was strengthened with Adam’s complimentary and relevant presentation. Utilizing company specific examples, Adam had our 200 attendees captivated and engaged from the moment his multi-media presentation began. Illustrating relevant examples of how our day-to-day personal and professional lives can parallel the challenge and rewards of training and competing within a team, Adam’s alluring and inspiring tales of his own experiences not only held the audience to the edge of their seats, but provided inspiration and motivation to use the tools to reflect, learn, grow, and let it go in all areas of our lives. By tailoring and customizing his presentation, Adam ensured our corporate messaging remained on target. Truly a man of his word, Adam spent time with our team both before and following his keynote, intent on learning as much about our company as he could. Adam’s charismatic personality shines through as someone who is warm with passion and excited by life. This translated into several staff members speaking about him for days following the event; true evidence of a gold medal performance! Best wishes for continued success.

President & CEO, Concentra Financial

Adam was nothing short of spectacular. I’ve talked with dozens of people about his presentation, through whom I’ve gotten feedback from just about all the employees and guests that attended. Words I hear from them: “very motivational,” “inspiring,” “funny,” “smart”… They were thrilled that he shared his medals and the torch with everyone, too. It was a treat to have him join us for the entire evening – he was very generous with his time and attention to all who met him. I’m regularly hearing key words and ideas from Adam’s presentation in normal conversation here at Island Savings – “own it!” – and we all found his closing of the event with singing like Kreek an inspiration. It wasn’t just belting out our anthem, it was putting our arms around our colleagues and singing it TOGETHER that brought us the vibrations we’re still feeling today.

Senior Manager, HR, Island Savings Credit Union

Not having seen Adam present I was nervous of what he would deliver. Now having seen his presentation I know to trust the online videos and recommendations. He was outstanding! Adam really captured the audience’s attention – they were riveted for the full hour he spoke. His stories and candid advice where highly appreciated by the 550 UK business people who listened intently. Feedback following the event called out Adam’s presentation as a highlight with many attendees saying it was the best keynote presentation they had heard!

Adam tailored his presentation to our audience and used light hearted humor throughout. Most impressively he asked 550 senior business people to join him in singing the national anthem… and they did it willingly and passionately! Changing gears from business keynotes to hearing stories of team and personal success resonates with successful leaders. Adam’s presentation created a great buzz and following the presentation it enabled attendees to connect and get to know each other better.

Adam was great to work with and we hope to work with him again in the future.

Sales Excellence Manager, Microsoft UK

Adam was a huge success at our event! His presentation was relevant to our overall conference theme and set the tone for the remainder of the day… I can truly say that he connected with all of our guests and made quite the impression.

Manager, Shell Canada

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