Adam Rodricks

Adam Rodricks

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Digital Innovator, Award Winning Social Media Strategist, Best-Selling Author, and TEDx Speaker

Adam Rodricks is an international award-winning social media strategist and speaker who has transformed “word of mouth” into a world of mouth for Fortune 500 companies. His first book, Trigger Fingers: Personal Branding through Storytelling skyrocketed to the top of the charts, becoming a #1 best-seller in Canada in the categories of Direct Marketing, Public Relations and Business.

In 2023, Adam was named “Canada’s Top Social Media Strategist” by multiple outlets and the University of Toronto honoured Adam with their inaugural Young Alumni Award for Outstanding Achievement, for his contributions to the field of Digital Marketing as a practitioner, author and public speaker.

Adam released his first TEDxTalk “How to Build Trust Online” in 2023 and became an overnight success, amassing over 100,000 views in the first 29 days his talk became available, indexing as the 9th most viewed TEDx talk in the entire world for the month of August.

Adam has spent the last 15 years growing the social and digital properties of Canada’s most prominent brands, managing all aspects of their digital marketing strategy and innovation. He is currently the National Director of Social Growth & Experience at KPMG Canada.
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Speaking topics

AI-Scream for Innovation: Chilling tales of artificial intelligence

Horror stories are no longer reserved for the pages of a Stephen King novel; Artificial Intelligence brings them closer to home than ever before. With AI expected to eclipse $400 billion by 2027, consumers are starting to realize that there’s a cost of rapid innovation and it’s coming in the form of manufacturing job loss, decreased customer interaction and a horrifyingly low level of trust amongst consumers.

How then do we harness the power of Artificial Intelligence while preserving the business we’ve built and the relationships we rely on? In this keynote, Adam Rodricks analyzes the most critical missteps we’ve seen businesses make in AI adoption, and how they can very easily lead to business destruction instead of business disruption.

Key take-aways:

  • Understand the most common AI missteps companies made in 2023 and how to avoid them in your business
  • Analyze the shift in trust amongst consumers brought about by AI, and learn what you can do to ensure you are well-positioned to sustain the faith you’ve built in your business
  • Shed the fear by learning three key ways that AI can bring about job disruption instead of job destruction

Alexa, You’re Hired: Non-Linear career pathing & the future of education

Much like most kids growing up in the 1990s, Adam played video games. He played a lot of video games. He’d talk about them online, and eventually started a blog. It developed a following. It got noticed by major companies. One of them served him a cease and desist. That was scary; but it was also validation: when he talked about his passion, people listened.

Adam has brought his talk on the future of education to countless boardrooms and classrooms. He inspires professionals and students alike by sharing how his unconventional journey gave way to the earliest forms of social media before the industry existed in Canada, and how his career was born from early adoption in Digital.  With technologies rapidly advancing faster than most companies can plan for, many of the jobs of tomorrow do not exist today. But who’s to say that even though they don’t exist today, we can’t prepare?

Key take-aways:

  • Inspire audiences to move passion into action by answering the all-important question “what do you want to be known for?”
  • Thought-provoking idea starters on the value of education and personal branding (as early as high school, and any time thereafter), and the career paths a good online brand can open up
  • Learn how to turn interest in any topic into a portfolio that can one day be used to compel senior leaders in decision making, in networking, and in job-seeking

The Art of the Possible: Digital transformation in 2024

How do business owners put their best foot forward, virtually?

Adam sheds light on this crucial question of the digital age in his award-winning talk that examines the ways in which we can make the most of our time online.  With half a billion tweets published every single day, harnessing the power of your online properties has never been more important.

Through The Art of the Possible, Adam guides you through the do’s and dont’s of online interaction on the web, social and search. Every company is going to have an opportunity to be memorable – but will it be for the right reasons? Based on data from real-life case studies on companies and individuals who have moved the needle online to establish themselves and drive purchase decisions, Adam guides you through the trends that are already upon us in market and are here to stay.

Key take-aways:

  • Understand the ever-changing digital landscape in Canada online, as brought about by the pandemic but persistent ever since
  • Leave with actionable takeaways for newcomers and online veterans alike to grow meaningful influence with every interaction online
  • Harness the power of employee advocacy and testimonials: micro-influencing through case studies on consumer trust, loyalty and action
  • Learn 3 actionable takeaways to future-proof your personal or professional brand as we establish a new normal

Video clips

Adam Rodricks | Speaker Reel

Adam Rodricks | How to build trust online

Adam Rodricks | The Digital Funnel

Speaker testimonials

Adam greeted every single member of our crew personally, even climbing to the top of the hall to thank the camera guy for his hard work. Fast forward to the end of his (spectacular) talk and the entire hall rises in ovation. Adam turns his back to the audience and starts clapping too. He’s joining the audience and leading the clapping for the crew back stage. This is the type of man Adam Rodricks is.

Lucy Li, University Of Toronto

Every year before our annual town hall, we poll the planning committee for who we can bring in that will entertain, educate and disrupt the way we think, and every year someone says ‘ADAM’.

Shawn Peters, Toronto Hydro

You want to know the mark of a good keynote? We brought Adam in [in 2021] and to this day, our team still quotes his formula for truly effective messaging.

Kristen Foucault, Investors Group

Hands down one of the most electrifying speakers we’ve ever had the pleasure of hosting.

Sultan Pahni, Speaker, Author, Trainer

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