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Akeem Haynes

Olympic Bronze Medalist and Author

Akeem Haynes

If there was a perfect word to describe Akeem it would be Perseverance.

Born in Savlamar, Jamaica, Akeem didn’t have much of an advantage from the beginning. With limited options and tragic events happening early in life, he moved to Canada with his mother seeking a better life. However, they fell into tough times, and struggled to find stability. In a span of five months they moved seven different times and eventually found themselves homeless in the middle of winter when Akeem was 13.

Down but not out, with the help of some friends, they were able to get back on their feet.  Akeem became involved in sports, mainly football and track and field. Akeem excelled both on the field and on the track and won many different awards.   In the 11th grade, he started to gain offers from Division I schools in the United States.

Nevertheless, Akeem’s path to becoming a NCAA Division I student-athlete was not smooth.  After taking the S.A.T three times and the A.C.T. once, Akeem failed to get the scores he needed.   In hindsight, though, none of this mattered.  Akeem was ruled automatically ineligible due to a NCAA violation with his ninth-grade math class.

You would think all of this adversity on top of having multiple learning disabilities would’ve stopped Akeem from furthering his education.  But quitting has never been an option for Akeem.  He attended Barton Community College in the fall of 2010.  Two years later he would go on to make his first Canadian Olympic Team and earn All-American honors, becoming a national champion and earning a full athletic scholarship to The University of Alabama.

Akeem eventually went on to become the first in his immediate family to graduate from college on top of becoming a Division I Track and Field All-American.

Through perseverance, a resilient mindset and a stubborn attitude to succeed, Akeem has become a 2x Olympian (2012 & 2016), helping Canada bring home an Olympic Bronze Medal at the Rio Olympic Games.

With his smooth tone, calm demeanor, and ability to paint a transparent picture with his words, there isn’t a room Akeem has walked into and not left a lasting impact on the audience by resonating with their hearts.

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  1. The Olympic Experience

    I’ve been fortunate enough to attend two Olympics in 2012 & 2016 with 2016 being the year that I helped team Canada win a Bronze medal and breaking the previous 4x100m record in the process. Being an Olympian takes more than just blood, sweat and tears. It takes discipline, sacrifices and pure heart.

  2. The Power of Gratitude

    Gratitude is one thing we often over-look. We often forget about the small things we have going for us in our lives. I’ve learned that if you want to bring in something new in your life, you first have to be grateful for all that you have. If you can find something to be thankful for you will see a positive change in your attitude and your everyday life.

  3. Why do You do What You do?

    If you have a strong enough why behind anything, you’ll find a way to push through and persevere through what comes your way. What is your why? How strong is your why? In this topic you will figure out the true magic of tapping into your why.

  4. Homeless to Hopeful

    There are moments that should break us. Moments that should leave us down and out. Moments that we relive and have us stuck in the past. I decided when I became homeless at thirteen that I would use that as fuel to push me through the tough times that I face in the future. It was a reminder for me that as long as you have breath in your body you must continue to push forward. As long as there is light in the tunnel no matter the size, there is always hope to make it out.

Akeem’s speaking captivates your attention and he always brings a message that feels like it was hand crafted just for your ears. He uses his life experiences, struggles and success to paint a picture of life and what it really takes to achieve what you want from it. When he speaks you can hear the passion behind his words and it makes you want to get up and go light the world on fire. At the same time, he brings a truth that everyone needs to hear.
Ian Warner Olympian & Founder of Kho Health
To have the opportunity to hear Akeem speak always is a highlight to any day. His ability to connect motivation, and hard work to attaining goals is truly inspirational. His connection with his audience is so organic, he evolves as he starts to reach his clientele. If you have the opportunity to listen, have this man speak to your work team or sports team it is an investment of time that is well spent. His ability to help people understand what it means to overcome adversity, face challenges head on and still achieve at the highest level is beyond inspirational.
Cody Erhmann Henry wise wood & Football Canada
Mr Haynes, I would like to applaud you on the impressive speech that you gave regarding “Mental Health”. I was encouraged to attend your speaking engagement last minute by a friend who was also in attendance. I am extremely glad that i was able to attend, as you exceeded our expectations! From the moment you made your entrance and began speaking, you captivated our attention and connected with your audience so very well. I was delighted at the fact that you felt comfortable enough t share some of your personal experiences with us. You captivated your audience beautifully, and many of us left feeling empowered. your state about “being patient” really impressed me. Thank you for reminding us that even when progress is slow, if we remain patient a breakthrough will come.
Simon Hodnett Long Island University
Akeem is so young and yet so talented. As a University graduate, olympic medal winning athlete and now a novelist, he has experienced highs through the dedication and determination needed to achieve, success, while his life story is one that will truly inspire. Hearing Akeem speak is what I imagine Anthony Robbins to have been like when he first started motivating people. I have been so moved by Akeem’s presentations I therefore give him the highest of recommendations. Look no further for an exceptional motivational speaker.
Tom Higgins Grey cup winning head coach in the Canadian football league

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