Amy Posey

Amy Posey

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Neuroscience Expert, Human performance Leadership and Change Expert, CEO of SUPER*MEGA*BOSS, Author

Amy Posey has spent the last 20 years inspiring human performance @ work.  She is an author, facilitator, and business leader who uses her understanding of applied neuroscience to uncover better ways of working.

As a leadership development facilitator, Amy has worked with Fortune 500 companies including Apple, Adobe, Applied Materials, Cisco, Dell Technologies, Eli Lilly, Genentech, Google, Hewlett Packard, Mastercard, McKinsey, Microsoft, PayPal, ServiceNow, Time Warner, and VMware.

She believes the science behind human performance is game-changing. Once you start to uncover how the brain works, you can see our brains haven’t really caught up to the modern world of work.  Amy shares this information and involves every audience member to better understand their brains to engage in deep connections and conversations. Every single person who listens to her gets tips to work more effectively and drive their own high performance.

Amy curates research in applied neuroscience and puts it into context of the busy working professional.  She shares practical tips and techniques to experiment with the science to help people be more effective in both their professional and professional life.

Over 8 years ago, Amy started her journey to understand the brain. She earned her Executive Masters with distinction in Applied Neuroscience and Leadership from the Neuroleadership Institute. Bringing the scientific lens into her work with team performance was the game-changer for her. She earned her M.B.A. while living and working in the Kingdom of Bahrain, giving her a unique global perspective. And her passion for writing stemmed from earning my B.A. in English, Education, and Writing from Purdue University. Combining the three fields of science, business, and writing has allowed her to broaden my perspective in working with leaders and teams.

Amy has consolidated years of lessons and observations into her first book, Wild Success: 7 Key Lessons Business Leaders Can Learn from Extreme Adventurers, co-authored with Kevin Vallely, and these stories can help all of us drive our own performance in work and life.

As a Founder and CEO of SUPER*MEGA*BOSS and former CEO of The AIP Group (formerly Peak Teams), Amy has led and managed teams, as well as worked with elite athletes, science experts, and artists creating unique and powerful leadership development programs. Her foundations in business come from 10 years working at Deloitte, consulting to companies on people performance and concentrating on change and communications.

Working in Silicon Valley for the last 13 years, Amy has led high performing and innovative teams.  This experience sparked her interest in how our brains innovate and what are the conditions needed to be at our best.  She has used her deep research to innovate and disrupt the leadership development market through her startup, SUPER*MEGA*BOSS.

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Speaking topics


Innovation is a must for any organization or team who wants to thrive. How does your brain actually generate new ideas? How can you create the environment to be more innovative every day? I share how to make more a-ha moments at work.

Audience take aways:

  • Learn to innovate
  • Understand your brain
  • Create innovative habits



How do you feel about change? For most people, it is a huge source of stress, confusion, and distraction. In this keynote, learn how your brain responds to change and be more effective–thrive through our constantly changing work environment.

Audience take aways:

  • Understanding your brain during change
  • Lead yourself through change
  • How to lead others when the world is constantly changing using tips from neuroscience


Learn how the brain responds to story and shift your thinking on what great stories you have to share as a leader. Shift your thinking to audience-focused communication and create stories that inspire people to act.  There are 2 “deeper dive” sessions including “Stories You Should Tell + How To Tell Them” and “Building Better Data Stories” for clients who want to go deeper.

Audience take aways:

  • Learn to create a great personal story
  • Create stories to inspire
  • Build a better story through data

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