Andrew Haley

Andrew Haley

Gold Medal-Winning Paralympic Swimmer and Cancer Survivor

Andrew Haley

As a child, Andrew Haley had cancer twice and each time, he was given a 35% chance to beat it and he did!

Although he lost part of his right leg, and a small portion of his left lung, he never lost his fight. Leaving the hospital Andrew was told it would take him a year to learn how to ride a bike, so “take it easy” they said. It took him only a week. He soon realize no obstacle would stop him from achieving his dreams.

This mindset is why Andrew is a three-time World and Paralympic Champion, a multiple World Record Holder and a Hall of Fame Swimmer. He has proven if you truly believe in yourself and have a passion, you can accomplish anything you want. It’s all about positive thinking, never giving up no matter what and ignoring anyone who tells you you can’t.

Combining more than 30 years of personal success and failures, Andrew has been able to draw on his vast experiences to  inspire people from all ages from countless companies, organizations, community groups, schools with his WORLD CLASS mindset.

Some companies that have partnered with Andrew include: HSBC, Re/Max, Manulife, Teva Pharmaceuticals, National Bank, Sun Life, Ontario Ministry, Agilec, Childhood Cancer Society, Xerox Canada, Four Seasons Hotel and various charities, conferences and community groups.

Andrew truly believes that anything is possible and that with a lot of hard work, determination and resilience anyone can OWN THEIR DESTINY!

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  1. GOLD MEDAL RESILIENCE– Upping your game when it matters the most.

    In life we all face challenges. That is a certainty. What happens though when the mountain we have to climb seems a bit too high? How do we react to such a tough situation? How resilient are you to life’s challenges? Resilience is that quality that allows some people to be knocked down in life and come back stronger than ever. Resilient people are leaders others look to in tough times. Rather than let failure or personal circumstance knock you down, find ways to remain positive and overcome roadblocks put in your way. This keynote is designed to educate audiences on the tools of resilience.  Tools Andrew used as a high performance athlete and you can apply to your daily life. Tools such as: Develop a positive personality, view your decisions as choices and not sacrifices, high performance goal setting, breathing techniques, stop comparing yourself to others (lead your own life) etc. Challenges test us but they also bring out the best in us and you will see that with a positive attitude and 100% commitment you also can find your GOLD MEDAL RESILIENCE.

    Key Outcomes

    • Learn Tools to help you become better at being resilient
    • Expand your mind to what is really possible
    • Learn the difference between Goals, Objectives and Outcomes
    • Be more confident when dealing with stressful situations
    • Attitude and positivity coupled with perseverance are key to being successful.
  2. Performance Mindset | Owning the Podium: The Champion Within

    Sport, like life, is unpredictable so we have to be ready for anything. Training the mind to accept change and unnecessary distractions is a learning process. Andrew shares how he has been able to ‘train the brain’ for optimal performance. Anyone can bring their A-game each and every day. Andrew will share the 7 step process he used that helped him prepare to compete and win on the world stage. A process that anyone can relate to if they are Committed to WIN. This talk shows your team that no matter the circumstances we can be prepared and ready for action. Andrew explores how mental toughness can be learned characteristic that can be built up over time.

    Key Outcomes:

    • Despite circumstance, we can all become a champion.
    • A performance mindset is about preparation and planning. We can all do that.
    • Mental Toughness is asset on the road to success.
    • Learn Andrew’s 7 step process that made success more attainable: Condition your mind to win: to be the very best, bring a positive attitude no matter what, remain committed to the final outcome and stay motivated and believe in yourself and your ability, etc.)
  3. Peak Performance | Turning Pressure into Performance

    Pressure can get to the best of us at times when performance is on the line. How we deal with pressure can often mean the difference between success and failure. In business, knowledge, and experience are our most valuable assets, but sometimes we face obstacles impeding our efforts to get ahead. During Andrews swimming career he’s had his share of ups and downs. Learning from each situation and being able to use that experience when it matters the most defines success and failure. Andrew will share his emotional story of fighting the cancer demon (twice) along with the 7-step process for success he’s used in his swimming career and personal life. In the end the target audience will be better equipped to achieve their goals to be their best.

    Key Outcomes:

    • Learn key traits (Purpose, Self Control, Energy management, etc.) to help you deal with pressure situations
    • Develop a champions mindset and how to use coping strategies to your advantage.
    • Learn Andrew’s 7 step process for success including: Condition your mind to win (to be the very best, bring a positive attitude, remain committed to the final outcome and minimize distractions, etc.)
    • Transforming pressure into a competitive advantage is the ultimate hallmark of a high-performance organization.
    • Remember to focus on what you can control.
  4. Healthcare | The Other Side of the Bed: A Patients Perspective

    In this presentation, Andrew shares what it was like as a young boy fighting to overcome obstacles (his disability). What it was like feeling optimistic about the life ahead of him only to have it derailed by illness? The hurt, the pain, witnessing others grief … it still seems so real to him. Andrew shares personal anecdotes focused on the shining light for him: the excellent care he received from medical staff. This moving account of his journey sheds light on how it would not have been possible without the assistance and encouragement of those around him.

    Key Outcomes:

    • Perspectives from a near death experience to be the best in his sport.
    • Excellence in the hospital all the way to excellence in the pool
    • The road to recovery is very much about positive relationships and positive thoughts
    • Andrew will tell strategies he used at a particularly stressful time and perhaps inject some humour as well.
Thank you again for your extraordinary delivery. I really appreciate the effort you took to ensure it was relevant, and the value you provided to us. You have a real talent, and an amazing story.
Angie Specic
Director, Marketing Communications Allstream
I was very fortunate to see Andrew speak recently. I run a telecom sales team and found that Andrew's story of both hardship and success was a lesson for all of us. The overwhelming feedback I heard from my team was that Andrew made them really think about how they approach the daily challenges they face and were inspired to set aside any of the typical excuses we use as a barrier to success. Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us, Andrew!
Joseph Quaresima
I heard Andrew Speak at Allstreams's annual sales kickoff. Andrew is a very personable speaker with a big inspiring story to tell. He delivers his highly inspirational message in a way that that we can all relate to and see how we ourselves can focus on what we want to achieve in our lives: so that we "Normal People" can also do great things ourselves. I have let go of a limiting belief I didn't even know I had around competitiveness, and am more focused with clarity on what's important to me, and feel better as a human being.
Robert Sinkus
Owner, RSC Telecom Solutions Inc.
Andrew again was fabulous! His story is so inspiring and with the smaller group in Halifax I feel he really added that personal touch that the administrators felt. The visit to the IWK was a great opportunity to see firsthand what a difference the donations make in the lives of the children and families in need of the services at the hospital. Again with Andrew’s personal experience at the IWK he really was able to connect with the children on a level they could relate to.

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