Andrew Haley

Andrew Haley

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Gold Medal-Winning Paralympic Swimmer and Cancer Survivor

Andrew Haley is a two-time cancer survivor that has overcome insurmountable odds to become a Hall of Fame, Paralympic Champion swimmer and peak performance expert.

By sharing his lessons of mindset and resilience, Andrew has worked with companies such as HSBC, RBC, Salesforce, AirBNB, Danfoss and Amazon to accelerate the creation of a high-performance mindset for their employees in both their personal and professional lives.

In his always customized and inspirational performances, Andrew enables his audiences to be the best they can be by achieving peak performance, mastering what is in the realm of their control, and developing world-class resilience.

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Speaking topics

Mastering Your Mindset for Peak Performance

Top performers have learned to adapt their mindsets to prepare and execute on all levels and especially in high pressure situations. There is an extra level of dedication and commitment to qualify for the Olympics and beat out the nation’s top athletes. There is an even higher level required to make it to the podium.

Preparation, taking constructive criticism, accountability, determination, dedication, process management and strategic goal setting all played a key role in Andrew Haley’s success. Andrew’s high performance mindset was constantly evolving so he could commit to days and nights in and out of the pool. Over time, his elite mindset became a natural process of his everyday work. Repetition and focus enabled him to master himself and his craft which led to his Hall of Fame swimming career and multiple Gold Medals and World Records.

This talk shows your team that no matter the circumstances we can be prepared and ready for action. You will learn to banish self-doubt and fear and tap into that extra level needed at work or at home. You will learn to create a mindset that can take you to new heights, set realistic and achievable goals to achieve dreams, meet expectations and realize there are no limits to your capabilities.

In this tailored presentation, we will explore:

  • Positivity is always a choice
  • We are always better as part of a T.E.A.M. with support
  • Leading oneself to understand your “why” to find your purpose in everything you do
  • Prevent burnout through managing your time, healthy living, and relationships effectively.
  • Trust the process and remain confident in the systems
  • Manage change and make small tweaks when required on the fly
  • Set realistic short-term goals that paint the larger picture for dreams and success
  • Be accountable to yourself in a positive way, to align your habits, daily routine to include what it takes to get you where you need to be
  • Self acknowledgement and celebration of your success while enjoying the benefits of achieving new heights
  • New approaches that will set you on your own “Personal Excellence” journey

Don’t Resist: Resilience Restoration

We all seem to be managing more with less these days with so much uncertainty around us. We have less time to do things and face daily challenges in our personal and work lives and that sometimes we lose focus, hope, or process in the face of adversity.

One thing that all athletes, leaders, and top performers have in common is an incredible sense of self awareness that helps in controlling themselves to effectively manage setbacks. The ability to recognize challenging situations that can come up from afar, prepares these individuals to be more resilient, agile and creates a foundation to bounce back with certainty in hardships.

Surface Pressure: Leading in Turbulent Times

The Olympic Games mark the pinnacle of many elite athletes’ careers. But with the promise of glory comes tremendous pressure. Between keeping a positive mindset, strict safety protocols, the media and the rapid spread of Omicron, Team Canada still needs to perform at its peak on the international stage. It takes a certain person to manage themselves, support their teams and perform at their best under pressure. Many athletes will rise to the occasion and thrive while others will fall short of expectations. So, what can business leaders learn from our Olympians?

Just as a coach leads athletes to the podium, business leaders guide their teams to deliver when the stakes are high. Andrew developed a 7-step plan that helped him achieve world class results. There was a single moment where Andrew was able to tap into a new level under pressure to become a Champion. Andrew will share his experience with High Performance sport to teach how pressure can create more energy if your mindset is focused. He will teach how preparation, hard work and giving everything, you do to be the best plays a key role in creating confidence in high pressure situations with the purpose, the solutions and the outcomes in focus.

In this presentation, Andrew will teach:

  • How Leaders will learn how to channel pressure to make it work for them
  • Using pressure to your advantage
  • Take a breath! Know when to step back, listen and analyze without action
  • Mastermind with your team to audit and come up with different solutions
  • Prepare, practice, test and measure
  • Reflect, debrief, and be accountable to what went right and what could have gone better
  • Creating next time situations through an agile mindset to predict and prevent similar situations
  • Making process a natural reaction through a new mindset

Video clips

Andrew Haley - Be The Little Frog

Andrew Haley

Andrew Haley - Cancer Battle

Speaker testimonials

I really appreciate the time, attention and care that Andrew took to make his keynote relatable to our group. I got great feedback from the team – the session was a hit!

Asahi Canada

Thank you again for your extraordinary delivery. I really appreciate the effort you took to ensure it was relevant, and the value you provided to us. You have a real talent, and an amazing story.

Angie Specic | Director, Marketing Communications Allstream

We had the absolute pleasure of having Andrew join us as a keynote speaker at our Annual National Meeting. Andrew brings a wealth of expertise, experience and knowledge to the table, and delivered a dynamic and engaging session that really resonated with our group. His ability to connect with our team while imparting valuable insights through powerful storytelling was a real asset to our meeting.

We are grateful for the time, care and attention that Andrew took to learn about our business, and tailor his message to our specific needs. He really went above and beyond. I would highly recommend Andrew to any organization seeking an inspiring speaker.

Asahi Canada

I was very fortunate to see Andrew speak recently. I run a telecom sales team and found that Andrew’s story of both hardship and success was a lesson for all of us. The overwhelming feedback I heard from my team was that Andrew made them really think about how they approach the daily challenges they face and were inspired to set aside any of the typical excuses we use as a barrier to success. Thank you for being an inspiration to all of us, Andrew!

Joseph Quaresima | Allstream

I heard Andrew Speak at Allstreams’s annual sales kickoff. Andrew is a very personable speaker with a big inspiring story to tell. He delivers his highly inspirational message in a way that that we can all relate to and see how we ourselves can focus on what we want to achieve in our lives: so that we “Normal People” can also do great things ourselves. I have let go of a limiting belief I didn’t even know I had around competitiveness, and am more focused with clarity on what’s important to me, and feel better as a human being.

Robert Sinkus | Owner, RSC Telecom Solutions Inc.

Andrew again was fabulous! His story is so inspiring and with the smaller group in Halifax I feel he really added that personal touch that the administrators felt. The visit to the IWK was a great opportunity to see firsthand what a difference the donations make in the lives of the children and families in need of the services at the hospital. Again with Andrew’s personal experience at the IWK he really was able to connect with the children on a level they could relate to.


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