Art Napoleon

Host of Moosemeat & Marmalade, Humorist & Educator

Art Napoleon

Art Napoleon is host and co-producer of APTN’s popular show Moosemeat & Marmalade, an international food series that showcases Indigenous foods, traditional knowledge and outdoor cooking techniques. This former chief is as comfortable on a big city stage or boardroom as he is skinning a moose in a hailstorm with a pocketknife.

Art grew up in the boreal forests and mountains of Northeastern BC where he learned bush-skills, outdoor cooking and Indigenous philosophy.

He holds an MA in Language Revitalization from the University of Victoria. He is a sought after cultural educator and language teacher who still practices subsistence activities on a seasonal basis.

Based in Victoria BC, Art remains connected to his home territory and his Cree and Dane Zaa roots. When he is not producing TV or serving as advisor to First Nations, he tours regularly as a musician and speaker and also serves as a juror on arts & culture organizations across Canada. His moose stew has been known to cure hangovers and his campfire tales have mended broken hearts… or so the stories go.

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  1. The Holistic Economy
  2. Decolonization 101: Bridging Two Worlds

    Using his disarming and offbeat humour TV producer/educator Art Napoleon, of APTN’s Moosemeat & Marmalade, delves into some hard hitting realities on topics like assimilation, institutional racism and abolishment of Indigenous rights. Starting with an historic overview of colonialism in Canada and intersected with personal stories of life on a northern “Rez”, this presentation concludes with some practical tips on true reconciliation from an Indigenous perspective and offers hope for building bridges between worldviews.

  3. Nation Building and Governance that would make Elders Proud
  4. The Political Nature of Language Concepts in Education

    In this keynote, Art shares why it’s important to understand the underpinnings of buzzwords and concepts such as reconciliation, aboriginal, civilization, progress, primitive, decolonization, natural resource and others. From concepts such as territorial acknowledgement to indigenous nation-building, this keynote will encourage a deeper understanding of the words that are commonly used in classrooms and help educators to challenge stereotypes and recognize biases.

  5. Moose Meat and Marmalade - a behind the scenes look at Diversity at Work
    In this Keynote or workshop Art shares stories behind the scenes of the hit international food show Moosemeat and Marmalade. How a First Nation outdoor bush cook and English classically trained chef and their multi-racial TV crew have bridged cross cultural divides and found common ground through food.
...Art brings a humour that makes people comfortable, excited and keeps them happy and in their seats...
Marcia Dawson
BC Success By Six Coordinator intelligent & engaging man who easily bridges diversity in any audience with his wit and charm, Art takes time to understand the context of gatherings and consistently delivers an appropriate presentation. Art is an inspirational speaker with class and integrity...
April Ingham
Pacific Peoples Partnership
...he is funny, versatile & innovative but brings something even more important to the stage--an ability to inspire through his love of culture, land & community--songs & words that move the spirit and cut to the core...
Reg Whiten
Interraplan Whitehorse YK
...has a way of bringing any crowd to life by melting hearts and grounding folks in a reality that is authentic. Art is the definition of integrity and he can make any event a success...
Jody Bauche
Victoria Native Friendship Centre stage producer & MC on large-scale productions in northern BC, Art continues to crack up the crowds, run a professional stage, draw the audience & understand the needs of his clients. Art is one of the best producers we have worked with & plan on using him for years to come...
Jocelyn Schick
Bizzy Body Event Planners, Ft.St.John BC
We really enjoyed Art Napoleon, his personal stories and how he mentioned the First Nations were affected not only by the Residential Schools but Colonization as well. This was an excellent session...came away inspired and learned a lot, he is a very good speaker.
Omushkego Education - Mushkegowuk Council

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