Avis Glaze

Avis Glaze

Former Education Commissioner, Expert in Education Reform, Student Achievement, Diversity Expert

Avis Glaze

Dr. Avis Glaze has served as Ontario’s Education Commissioner and Senior Adviser to the Minister of Education She was Ontario’s first Chief Student Achievement Officer and the founding CEO of the Literacy and Numeracy Secretariat, achieving significant student achievement results for Ontario.

A highly respected leader and mentor to many Ontario educators, Dr. Glaze has worked in several school districts, both rural and urban, and has been a supervisory officer and director of education in both public and catholic school boards. She knows education systems across the world firsthand and is an advisor working with educators in many countries.

Dr. Glaze has extensive experience in system and school improvement. She was sent to South Africa by the Canadian government to assist with education reform and national reconstruction.She has been a classroom teacher, special education teacher, guidance counsellor, administrator and a faculty of education professor.

As a tireless advocate for equity of outcomes for all students, she has won numerous awards for her outstanding contribution to education, including the Order of Ontario.

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    Education is the ultimate tool of empowerment. The true measure of equity is how students succeed in school. Equity of outcomes for all students is the goal. An intentional approach to closing achievement gaps allows educators to deliver on the promise of diversity. Ensuring that all students achieve at high levels must be our shared goal.


    All across the globe governments are focussing on improving student learning and achievement. Young people must be educated to a higher level in order to enhance their life chances and if their countries are to remain competitive. Providing education of the highest quality for all students has become an national imperative


    As educators and policy makers strive to improve their education systems, they look elsewhere to learn about and to learn from others. They want to implement the high impact strategies that are working in other jurisdictions and that are transferrable to their own settings. They want international comparability in an effort to be on the leading edge of educational practice and thought.


    Increasing diversity is a hallmark of Canadian society. Within a diverse society the issue of equity becomes a central theme. In school systems, a true measure of equity is how well students from diverse backgrounds achieve in school.

    The services provided by Edu-quest International Inc. include training for teachers, principals, and education workers, equity audits and leadership development programs to improve interpersonal relationships and, ultimately, to improve student outcomes.


    Many school districts see the need for on-going quality assurance. They wish to evaluate programs in order to determine their effectiveness in meeting desired goals. Edu-quest International will work collaboratively with school districts to evaluate their character development and other programs and to make recommendations for improvement in their review, development and implementation processes.


    Research in areas such as emotional intelligence and multiple intelligences highlight the importance of skills such as empathy, respect, constructive confrontation, and other skills that affect interpersonal relationships. Often described as “soft skills” these skills can be taught in order to enhance leadership effectiveness.

    Edu-quest International will develop and deliver an array of skills for teachers and principals to improve interpersonal dynamics in classrooms, schools and districts.

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