Beverley Busson

Beverley Busson

One of Canada's Most Powerful Women, Recognized Leader and Trail Blazer

Beverley Busson

Bev Busson never imagined her decision to join the RCMP back in 1974 as one of the first female members, would lead her to becoming one of Canada’s most powerful women. And allow her to experience a career marked with trail blazing success stories and such incredible challenges along the way.

Not only was Bev one of the first women to join the RCMP but she was also the first woman to be appointed to the position of Commanding Officer of a Province, the first women to be appointed as Commissioner of the RCMP and the first police officer to ever be awarded the Order of British Columbia. She is also a Commander of the Order of Merit of Police Forces, and in 2006 was named one of Canada’s Most Powerful Women.

From her experiences as a rookie cop through her extensive experience as a serious crime investigator and later as the leader of a 25,000 member Police Force, Bev not only survived, but thrived in a dynamic, ever challenging environment.

Bev earned the reputation as a ‘straight shooter’ and someone you could trust to always do the right thing. This leadership style earned her the respect and support she needed to take on the position of Canada’s top cop, during some very difficult times .

Today, Bev is a keynote speaker sharing her Leadership lessons with audiences across the Country. She offers her comments and advice on how to navigate the workplace from the bottom up. She has lessons to pass on from the unique perspective of a woman employed in a male dominated working environment and in strategically leading a complex and dynamic organization.

Her remarks are sprinkled with stories and anecdotes about her own experiences, some humorous and some serious, but all of them designed to have her audience lean in to her inspiring message.

Bev, who earned a Law Degree from the University of British Columbia, also holds three Honorary Doctorate of Law Degrees, one from the University of the Fraser Valley, one from Simon Fraser University and her most recent, awarded in June of 2017, from the University of Regina. In November 2015, Bev was recognized as a Female Trailblazer at the Catalyst Awards event held in Toronto. She served as a Vice-President for the Board of Directors of the Okanagan College Foundation, and in September of 2013 she was appointed to British Columbia’s Blue Ribbon Panel on Crime Reduction. Bev continues to serve on numerous Boards and Committees, along with taking an active role in mentorship projects for young leaders.

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  1. Women and Leadership

    A Leader does not only describe the position at the top, but also the person who is fully engaged at every level. Bev shares why it’s important to use perspective as a leader. And the most valuable attributes of a truly effective leader are to know that kindness and authority, empathy and strength are not opposing terms. Bev will explore this assertion using her personal experiences and observations to demonstrate why she feels women in particular are natural born leaders.

  2. Three Dimensional Leadership

    The truth is that nothing meaningful can ever be achieved in the workplace without mutual respect. Respect for yourself, respect for others and respect for the organization and its goals. Despite the need for transparency and oversight, successful leadership at any level cannot be achieved without this essential 3 dimensional foundation. Bev will explore this imperative from her own perspective and experience through her 33 years of policing, beginning as an RCMP constable , through her time as the Commanding Officer of British Columbia to the Commissioner of the RCMP.”

  3. The Power of Diversity

    The 21st century demands we not only talk the talk but walk the walk when committing to the values of diversity. Lack of respect for ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or culture, limits not only those suffering bias, but has a negative effect on the entire organization Bev will present the benefits of actively cultivating a focused culture of inclusion, trust, and respect from the top down and the bottom up. Her examples demonstrate that the power of diversity can open the door to exciting opportunities and amazing results.

You have a gift for story telling which engaged our members. I especially liked how you spoke about your approach to leadership and how it demonstrated self leadership versus positional leadership. You were very inspirational. Just a perfect amount of seriousness and humour. I am going to pass your name on to a few people I know who would be very appreciative to have your caliber of experience and speaking skills.
Thompson Rivers University
Dr. Beverley Busson delivered the keynote speech at the Local Government Leadership Academy's 2016 Leadership Forum, the theme of which was Respectful Leadership. She turned out to be the perfect choice to address our delegates, as her career experiences are a true study in leading respectfully. Dr. Busson was both engaging and entertaining - telling stories and sharing humorous anecdotes that spanned her training as a cadet to her time as Commissioner and beyond. And what resonated throughout, is her ability to approach challenging situations and difficult people with grace, good humour, and respect - and to retain that sense of self awareness and humility that is so essential to successful leadership. She had so much to teach our local government leaders - I think we all could have listened to her for hours. We heard nothing but positive feedback after her address and we would highly recommend her to any audience. She has had a truly remarkable career and has an absolute wealth of knowledge and wisdom to share. In the post-forum evaluation, 98% of respondents rated the keynote good to excellent (10-good, 39-excellent, 1-satisfactory). This represents 50 out of 165 delegates, but anecdotally I can also say that I heard nothing but glowing reviews afterward.
Errin Morrison
Program Manager Local Government Leadership Academy
Bev was excellent in every way
Christopher E
Financial Management Institute of Canada
Bev was an absolute pleasure to work with. She is smart, charming, personable, easy to work with and everyone in attendance enjoyed her keynote presentation. She exceeded our expectations. We knew she would be terrific …she was terrific x 10 though!
Chartered Professionals HR Saskatchewan

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