Big Daddy Tazz

The Bi-Polar Buddha, Mental Health Motivational Speaker and Comedian

Big Daddy Tazz

After 30 years of denying he had the mental illnesses that were controlling his life, Big Daddy Tazz realized that being manic-depressive, attention deficit, and having mild dyslexia could either destroy or enhance his life… it was his choice.

Today, audiences are happy to join him on his rapid cycle ride down the never-ending road to recovery that has led him from comedy venues across North America to the Psych ward at the Calgary Foothills Hospital (held over).

Often described as “one of the most talented comics in the business,” Big Daddy Tazz has been delighting crowds at fundraisers, corporate events, festivals and on television for more than twenty years. Known as the “Bi-Polar Buddha”, Big Daddy Tazz is equal parts comedian, and motivational speaker who likes to enlighten, educate and inspire. As a result, his one-man shows have drawn rave reviews and standing-ovations from coast-to-coast.

His appearances have included the prestigious Just For Laughs festival in Montreal, the Moncton Comedy Festival and the CBC Winnipeg Comedy Festival, for which he annually multi-tasks as a writer, producer and performer. His Gala performances at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival over the years can be seen frequently on CBC television and the Comedy Network.  In 2008 he broke the world record for the longest continuous stand up comedy show at 8 ½ hours.

Big Daddy Tazz tours the country speaking on Good Mental Health, Bullying and Customer Service.  For the last 14 years Big Daddy Tazz has brought forth light and laughter for those living with mental Illness, by raising awareness that stigma effects all of us. With his newest endeavour “Stand Up Against Stigma” Tazz believes that it is time to educate, embrace, and empower everyone so that we can all stand tall and give stigma a bad name!

Big Daddy Tazz will make you laugh til you cry then laugh again… it’s the bi-polar way!!

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  1. Out of My Mind

    Often described as “one of the most talented comics in the business”, Tazz has been delighting crowds at fundraisers, corporate events, festivals and on television for almost twenty five years. Known as the Bi-Polar Buddha, Tazz is equal part comedian and motivator, who likes to enlighten, educate and inspire audiences. With his newest endeavour “Stand Up Against Stigma”, Tazz shares why he believes that it is time to educate, embrace and empower mental illness so that we can all stand tall and give stigma a bad name!

  2. Running AMOK ( Actively Motivating Our Kids)

    Big Daddy Tazz speaks to students about being proud of who they are. He believes that we will never be able to end bullying, but he completely believes that we can fully bully proof our kids. If we teach them to have good body image, self esteem, self respect and compassion for themselves and others, then a bully will have no legs to stand on.  He speaks on good mental health as well as smashing the stigma that surrounds mental illness.  He speaks from experience and openly shares his battles, triumphs and inspirations.

    Tazz inspires kids to put the “Me in Awesome” to never “Dis Ability” and it is “Never impossible” ALWAYS “I’m Possible”! Students learn that they are the ones in charge of how their lives can be: not a bully, not a mental illness, nor disability, not someone else’s opinion, just them. They have power within and NO ONE can take that away!!

I have to say that I believe Tazz was the highlight of our convention. The students loved him and the teachers raved about him. I am trying now to get him to speak in schools in my own division. I would definitely have him back again and would highly recommend him as a keynote at other engagements.
Mighty Peace Teachers Association
Big Daddy Tazz was very well received. Everyone really enjoyed it. Great message but an awesome delivery. We never laughed so hard. Absolutely would recommend him. One of the best speakers I have seen in a while!
Brookfield Renewable Energy Group
It was a great day for all of our members. Tazz was definitely the highlight for many, who both empathized with his story and walked a mile in his shoes. We have a long way to go as it relates to the stigma attached to Mental Health; but I know that thanks to Tazz many will have the courage to have a voice.
Ontario Nurses' Association
Big Daddy Tazz was an excellent keynote speaker. He exceeded everyone's expectations with his wonderful comedy, stage presence and the encouraging message he conveyed to us all. He's a true talent and is definitely making a difference in the lives of young people with his profound message
ESP Teacher Advisor

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