Bill Carr

Bill Carr

Multi-media Artist, Actor, Humorist, Writer and Social Activist

Bill Carr

Bill Carr is an actor, award winning satirist, writer, speaker and coach.  For over twenty-five years, Bill has been making people laugh at what’s trivial while helping them think deeply about what counts. Bill helps people see their world in new and exciting ways. His unique blend of humour and insight inspires laughter and consideration.  He works with audiences from 12 to 1200 and beyond and offers them a fresh perspective on what they face everyday.  Bill is known for his flexibility and creativity, offering a range of keynotes and workshops that can be customized to audience needs.  Bill also serves regularly as a Conference Weaver, Emcee and Host, all performed in his quintessential hilarious, empathic and socially conscious style.

Bill recently published his first book “Acting Up: Lessons from the Theatre of Life” and continues to be active in his art with a recent recurring role in Spike TV’s adaptation of Stephen King’s “The Mist” scheduled for release in 2017. Together with his wife Gola, Bill is co-founder of the Atlantic Restorative Company (ARC), a social entrepreneurship focused on creating space for authentic human exchange, communication and coaching.  Bill is based in both Halifax and Toronto.

  1. Seeing the World Through Safety Glasses

    This keynote explores the ideas of complacency and how the brain operates when it comes to developing safe or dangerous habits, which affects the safety of our workplace and our perception of it.  Team members are introduced to a helpful mindset and learn how this is key to a safe and productive workplace for themselves and others.

  2. Acting Up

    How do we Act Up? How do we act the way we want to be seen and understood?  How do we best communicate with others who share the stage with us?  To answer these questions, Bill calls upon the rich teachings of theatre, spiritual and philosophical traditions as well as important discoveries in neurological research which show us scientifically that these ancient truths are part of our very nature.  Using such ideas as “The Watcher”, “Epoche”, “Bubbles”, “The Five Steps of Creative Living” and the “Play Journal”, Bill helps you discover and explore your authentic self.

  3. Work Inspired

    In Work Inspired, Bill explores research into how the brain works and how to create the environment to allow the brain to develop a creative response to change and keep a healthy perspective in unhealthy times. Using humour and insight, he celebrates healthy ways of seeing our ever-changing reality in order to bring inspiration and passion back into the work you do.

  4. Talking in Circles

    Talking in Circles will be helpful for organizations who are feeling challenged by issues like intergenerational difficulties, creative visioning for the future, team building, silos that inhibit corporate growth and effectiveness, or poor internal communication.  Talking in Circles incorporates years of work in communications with numerous organizations with a new understanding derived from recent advances in neuroscience and communication theory.  How effectively we communicate is more complex than just being articulate.  It involves a number of very human mechanisms, which use different aspects of our brain, our social reality and our individual experiences.

  5. Deep Service

    In his Deep Service keynote, Bill explores the meaning of the word “service” and how it has been diluted in the common marketplace.  So much so that we find ourselves needing to qualify the word almost every time we use it.  We end up having to say “good” service, “bad” service, service “over and above.” This is why Bill coined the term “Deep Service” to describe that service which is based in empathy and ultimately love.  Using stories from a lifetime working with companies, organizations, associations and governments, Bill illustrates all the key issues involved in Deep Service.  He explores the neuroscience behind such things as “mirror neurons” and how Deep Service is infectious in a very good way.  Bill also explores the interpersonal neuropsychology behind “empathy” which he contends is the most important work in business and society in the 21st century and beyond.

  6. Speech Mastery: The Art of Influence

    In this keynote, Bill explores the fundamentals of a good speech such as the neurobiology of the story, how people change their minds, language and its power and purpose, what makes for a good story, sharing emotion, the act of connecting and using fear and resistance. This keynote can be paired with the live 2-day Speech Mastery Course from the Professional Speakers Federation.

There is no doubt that "humour is the best medicine" and when it is delivered in your unique style, the cure is instantaneous.
Canadian Medical Association
Witty, well-researched, well-timed and perfectly targeted.
The Advocates' Society
With the perfect blend of stand-up comedy and personal touching stories, Bill Carr delivers tremendous and applicable messages for business and life in general.
Canadian Health Food Association
I have been flooded with emails, texts, and phone calls from the past week from people who had had beautiful things to say. Bill was fabulous! He made us laugh till it hurt and also made us truly think about what is important.
Alzheimer Society of Thunder Bay
In a word, your man was fantastic, topical, hilarious, poignant, energized and energizing. Oh... right... that's six words. I would have said there were 275 people seated for the performance but he had most of them on the floor. Bill's ability to weave his humour with the Rotary message was impressive. I wouldn't simply want to recommend Bill to a future group, I would want to insist upon it.
Rotary International
Everything went very well. Smooth transition and no issues. Our audience thoroughly enjoyed his presentation. There was laughter and tears from many of the attendees. It was a very moving presentation. He was definitely engaging and exceeded expectation.
Alberta Retired Teachers' Association

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