Brian Keating

Brian Keating

Award Winning Conservationist, Educator, Naturalist and WildLife Expert

Brian Keating

Brian Keating is one of those rare speakers who immediately captures your attention, totally entertains you and educates you about the natural world in the most delightful manner possible, always leaving his audience with a real sense of gain and insight.

His presentations are often considered the highlight of many conferences and events, and have been described as eloquent, passionate and humourous.

Brian’s previous job at the Zoo was to raise money and then to spend it on environmental projects around the world. Presently, he’s the Zoo’s Honourary Conservation Advisor to their outreach efforts, and a part-time Adjunct Assistant Professor of Anthropology at the University of Calgary and the owner of

He’s been leading groups on nature-based travel for three decades, exploring some of the best wildlife areas on the Planet. He’s a weekly guest on both Calgary and Edmonton’s CBC Radio, and for many years, was a regular on the Discovery Channel, using his own wilderness adventure and wildlife filming.

He’s in high demand as an international speaker. His speaking style would best be described as buoyant, fast-paced, humorous, and always uplifting and meaningful. His talks have proven themselves the highlight of many conferences and special events. He’s also written five books designed for ages 8 – 14, these books are real-life stories of wildlife exploration and adventure, designed to get children excited about exploring this amazing world we live in.

Keating is a pilot, a naturalist, scuba diver, and mountaineer. His wife, Dee, is a physician and keen naturalist who always joins him on his adventures. Together, they have explored nearly 50 countries on all seven continents in the last quarter-century.


2006 Alberta Centennial Medal Award – Readers Digest Magazine | Canadian Hero of the Year

2003 Rotary Club of Calgary | Integrity Award

2002 Canadian Council of University Biology Chairs | The Distinguished Public Education Award

1993 Alberta Foundation for Environmental Excellence | Emerald Award

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  1. A Little Sex, a Little Adventure, and a Bit of Passion

    Please excuse the title, but it’s all true. This is a fascinating look at the inner workings of the Calgary Zoo that make working there one remarkable experience. Keating will take you on an adventure that only he can tell, because he was there, watching and filming, right in the thick of things. By persistence, good planning and plain old dumb luck, Keating happened upon more than you’ll bargain for during this sometimes humorous, often profound, and highly personal presentation.

  2. Cold Leadership

    Keating plans on taking you on a voyage through one of the most astounding wilderness survival adventures of all time, illustrating the brilliant leadership qualities that enabled Shackleton to return home without the single loss of life. He’ll then take you into the icy waters of the Antarctic using his informative method of live-narrated video, to witness the life-abundance of sea birds, seals, whales and penguins, exploring this hauntingly beautiful icescape.

  3. Going Wild

    A spirit-lifting journey into some of the planet’s best wilderness locations. Keating has explored some 50 countries on all 7 continents. His passion for remote travel will be revealed as only Brian can do, with his buoyant method of storytelling. Using humour and personal anecdotes and his own live-narrated video segments, he’ll take you into gin-clear ocean depths with unbelievable creatures, to deserts and rich tropical forests, and to places where wildlife numbers leave one overwhelmed and amazed. To conclude, he’ll return to our own Canadian backyard, reconfirming the value of our wild spaces. This presentation is designed to inspire and enthuse, offering hope for a better tomorrow.

You have a gift Brian, of being able to transport people to amazing places in the world, by connecting people's hearts and minds to your presentation.
Red Deer
Catholic School
The image of the Chamber has always been 'stuffy' over the decades and we wanted to show a fun side. I think your presentation hit the spot.
Chamber of Commerce, Calgary
You are truly irrepressible and a marvellous spokesman for nature.
Heritage Community Foundation, Edmonton
The inspiration to go hiking and climbing is overwhelming. Thank you for showing our school the beauty, majesty and fragility of our own backyard.
Simon Fraser Staff & Students
Your wonderful presentation was a fantastic way to conclude a very successful were an integral part of an informative and entertaining conference.
Association of California School Administrators
The audience was spellbound. Brian Keating's talk was highly entertaining, funny, and memorable --- education at its best.
Creston Valley Wildlife Management Area
As with all of your presentations that I have been able to attend, this one was equally if not more inspirational and very motivational. You add so much enthusiasm, motivation and life to all your presentations
Animal Resource Centre
University of Calgary
I have had so many clients call to rave about you and your presentation. Thanks so much for making our evening one to remember by all who came.
Portfolio Strategies Corporation
Your emphasis on the individual personality of animals (walrus and beaver) really got the groups attention. It was extremely well done. What an irony that you travel the whole world, yet have such a significant experience on an island in the river in your own backyard! Several people commented upon what a great choice you were for a guest speaker. Many marveled at your enthusiasm and energy, which was infectious.
Alberta Sustainable Resource Development

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