Chris Mathers

Chris Mathers

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Crime, Terrorism, and Security Expert

Chris Mathers spent most of his life working undercover for the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, US Drug Enforcement Administration, and the US Customs Service.  Posing as a gangster, a drug trafficker, and even as a money launderer, Mathers has seen and done it all. In his extraordinary talks, Mathers takes audiences into the underworld that only he can describe, letting people in on the stunning stories and secrets harboured by terrorists and those involved in organized crime.

Mathers retired after a 20-year career with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.  At the time of his retirement, he was the senior undercover operator at the RCMP Proceeds of Crime Section where he established and operated a number of “storefront” money laundering businesses in Canada and the US, targeting Colombian, Russian, and Asian crime groups.  Mathers personally infiltrated criminal organizations in North America, the Caribbean, Latin America, and Europe.

In 1995, Mathers joined the Forensic division of the international accounting firm, KPMG.  In 1999, he was appointed to the position of President of KPMG Corporate Intelligence Inc. where he was responsible for international due diligence, asset recovery operations, and the investigation and prevention of organized crime and money laundering.

A popular media commentator and speaker, Mathers has served as a consultant on several feature films and documentaries relating to organized crime, espionage and money laundering. He has appeared on television and radio interviews on CNN, PBS, MSNBC, all of the Canadian national news networks as well as media outlets in Asia, Africa, Europe, Australia and the Caribbean. Mathers is also the host of The Egyptian Job, on the National Geographic Channel. He is also the author of the bestselling book, Crime School: Money Laundering

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Speaking topics

Cyber Security: The Invisible War

You may not know it, but we are at war. Not in Iraq. = Not in Afghanistan. But in our own country.

Every minute of every day, companies and governments are under attack from an invisible enemy. An enemy who is not limited by rules of engagement or ethical boundaries. An enemy whose goal is to develop the capability to disrupt our commerce, our infrastructure, and our military.

Here are some scary stats:

  • The energy company, BP, reports 50,000 hacking attempts every day.
  • The Pentagon reports 10 million hacking attempts every day.

However, it is not just companies who are combatants in this invisible war. It’s also you and me. Every day criminals, spies, and vandals attack us online in an attempt to steal our identity and our money.

What can you do to reduce your chances of becoming a victim? Quite a lot actually.

Chris Mathers will explain who exactly the bad guys are, what they’re trying to do, and how you can protect yourself and your organization from becoming the next headline.

Chris Mathers: Undercover

Chris Mathers is an in-demand keynote speaker. Whether the audiences are front-line staff, sales managers, corporate executives, teachers, entrepreneurs, trades people, or parents, there are many lessons to be learned from his life of crime.

Touching on issues from security, hiring decisions, and background checks to money laundering schemes, corporate fraud, bribery, blackmail, extortion, and more, Mathers offers wise insights on human character and organizational culture that can help you to spot and avoid the perils of white collar crime.

Future Proof: Privacy, Security and the Detection of Crime – 25 Years into the Future

Imagine a world where every telephone call is monitored, every email and text message read. A world where your most personal information is for sale to the highest bidder. As technology proliferates, what choices will you make?  How much of your privacy will you be willing to give up for the sake of security?  Convenience?  Social Interaction? And where will be as a society in 25 years?  What impact will the choices we make today have on privacy and security in the future.  And how will our government protect us? Join Chris as he takes you on a journey, describing remarkable technologies which already exist and some of the more frightening ones to come.  Technologies that will ultimately change, not only how we will live, but who and what we will be, as a society.

20 Years UnderCover

The subject matter is not from a legal or academic perspective, but from a practical, often gritty one.  Chris’s approach is to take a complex subject and use plain language, the criminal vernacular and real experiences to illustrate the concepts of organized crime.

Do you really know who you're doing business with?

This is a no-nonsense explanation on why investigating the background of potential domestic and foreign business partners is important and what can happen when you don’t. Using real cases, Chris will explain the nuts and bolts of gathering information on individual and corporations around the world.

Video clips

Chris Mathers: Out of the Silence

Speaker testimonials

A human chameleon.

Norman Inkster | Commissioner, Royal Canadian Mounted Police (1987-94), President of Interpol (1991-1994)

One of the finest money laundering, terrorist financing and forensic investigators working today.

James Richards | Director, Global Anti-Money Laundering Operations, Bank of America

Chris’ credibility and engaging approach will scare the hell out of you and keep you riveted at the same time.

Ross Shafer | Motivational Speaker and Former Host of FOX TV’s “The Late Show”

Never anything less than entertaining.

Prof. Harris Wineberg | University of the West Indies

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