Corey Poirier

Corey Poirier

Expert in Leadership and Customer Experience

Corey Poirier

From growing up on a small Island in The Maritimes (Canada) to traveling across North America to speak to audiences both small and large, Corey Poirier is an award winning Keynote speaker (having presented to over 200,000 attendees and having shared the bill with Deepak Chopra, Stephen MR Covey, Television Personalities, and more).

A multiple-time TEDx and MoMonday’s Speaker, he is also the host of the top rated ‘Conversations with PASSION’ Radio Show, he has been featured in one-hour television specials on Eastlink TV and TeleTelevision and he is a columnist with Entrepreneur Magazine, Progress Magazine and has over 900 articles in print – he has appeared on Global TV, CTV, CBC TV and Radio, and been one of the few leaders featured twice on the popular Entrepreneur on Fire show.

Corey has interviewed over 4,000 of the world’s top leaders in search of the traits that set them apart. He has also has enjoyed successful corporate careers with Global 1000 company Konica Minolta, Fortune 500 Companies Toshiba Corp., and Hewlett Packard and SAP Software.

A father to his young son Sebastian, boyfriend to Shelley and a father to 3 fur-babies, Corey is also a practicing Yogi and Rock Recording of the Year Nominee.


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  1. The Timeless Secrets of Influential Leaders

    Based on roughly 5000+ personal interviews with the world’s top achievers and most influential leaders, this Keynote reveals the top (5) traits and/or habits that all top level leaders (personally and/or professionally) share. During this talk, Corey will reveal how leaders can each start applying these traits / habits immediately for improved personal and professional lives.

    Timeless secrets (traits) revealed during this keynote include:

    • The 1 Degree Circle of Influence
    • The Pied Piper Method of Leadership (the importance of creating future leaders)
    • The Power of The Learning Plan (TLP)
    • The case for Mentorship
    • The Hour of Power
    • E+R=O (Event + Response = Outcome) and how these 3 letters could change your life forever
    • The Power of NO!
  2. Getting Standing Ovations From Every Customer (Creating Customer Experiences)

    During this Keynote, Corey would introduce the 5 innovative steps (the ones world class service organizations have in common) designed to help your members / staff get figurative Standing Ovations from every customer – the focus is be around innovative, amazing stories about how to create A+ customer experience using the 5 steps Corey has discovered after studying some of the world’s best, and most innovative, customer experience providers.


    During this keynote, Corey covers:

    • The 5 powerful steps involved in getting standing ovations from each customer
    • Strategies for handling conflict with customers
    • Methods for having your customers say WOW at the start and end of interaction
    • Exclusive approaches for Delivering the Unexpected
    • The importance of culture as it relates to creating A+ customer experiences
    • The difference between the customer experience and customer service (client based vs. organization based)
    • The social / online customer experience
  3. It’s Not Them, It’s Not You, It’s US (Aka. Reading and Adjusting to Personality Types)

    One of the biggest challenges most people face on a regular basis is striving to communicate effectively with each person (families / co-workers / employees) they encounter. This Keynote will help address that challenge in all walks of life.

    Whether it’s community members, co-workers, friends, potential employers, internal or external customers, or family, communicating with one another effectively is not only an ever-evolving challenge; it is one that enhances relationships, business productivity, results, growth, personal happiness, and customer service.

    This Keynote will help attendees discover:

    • The four different personality types each of us encounters daily
    • How to effectively communicate with each personality type
    • How to adjust to different personality types
    • How to identify your own personality type and also:
    • How adjusting to each personality type can have a major (positive) impact on your community, career, and even on personal life
  4. The Forgotten Power of Communities, Culture and Commitment

    If you’re working and living somewhere in the world today, regardless of where, you are witnessing the amazing power of communities.

    Communities, at home, at work, and everywhere in-between, have the ability to make lasting change happen.

    Whether it is creating happiness projects, telling the story of a region, allowing glimpses of differing perspectives, or being the catalyst for the thriving of diversity; Communities are at work.

    As a seasoned storyteller, broadcaster, and multiple-time TEDx Speaker, for years Corey Poirier has been sharing the stories of thousands of North Americans through his book series, business publication, radio show and talks for close to 20 years.

    He has also been studying the work of communities in various parts of North America, and during this keynote, he will share what he has discovered about how the power of communities can impact change.

    He will also discuss how communities or organizations can start movements that can impact lasting change, how we can become a part of a community, or how we can lead one.

    During his Keynote, conference attendees will discover:

    • Why communities might be the answer to changing the mindset and landscape in North America
    • How work, and home, culture plays a part in us making lasting change
    • How this impacts all career development and business growth
    • The power of commitment
    • Why it all matters
We recently brought Corey Poirier in to work with our team as we continue to define and design our corporate culture, and during thekick-off, staff were very engaged as Corey shared the common traits of organizations that have built a world class culture, the traits of winning and losing teams, and much more...
Bill Demchuk
Fort Edmonton Managment Company
...he is like a Canadian version ofTony (Anthony) Robbins!
Jeff Winship
Winship Wealth Management
One of the great things about working with Speaker Corey Poirieris we have no trouble filling the room ...and we also know that our members will ‘not’ be disappointed with the session...he always impresses!
Tania Crouse
Halifax Chamber of Commerce
…Over the past 24 years we have enjoyed many presenters, but none more so than you
Dean Hartman
Nubody's Fitness

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