Dan Thurmon

Dan Thurmon

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Peak Performance Coach and Work/Life Balance Expert

Dan Thurmon is the founder and President of Motivation Works, Inc, a company that helps leaders and their organizations move confidently through change and transformation, so they become, achieve, and contribute MORE.

His clients include Bank of America, Coca-Cola, Delta Airlines, Honeywell, Johnson & Johnson, Kraft, Marriott, Microsoft, Procter & Gamble, Prudential, State Farm, and Walmart.

Dan is an expert speaker and performer. He’s delivered thousands of presentations across six continents for audiences including world leaders, Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, educators, and even troops on the front lines of battle in Iraq and Afghanistan.

In 2011, he was inducted into the prestigious Speaker Hall of Fame — and is one of fewer than 200 living speakers to have received this honor. Dan has served as the President of the National Speakers Association.

During his tenure, he led the Board of Directors and the 3,000+ member organization through a critical transformation, which included new governance; new mission, vision, and values; higher member value; and greater financial accountability.

He is also a writer and content producer. He’s authored two books: Success in Action and Off Balance On Purpose. Along with his speeches and books, Dan produces an ongoing, weekly video-coaching series and podcast in which he shares leadership principles and life-enhancement strategies in under three minutes.

Dan and his teenage daughter, Maggie, have become social media sensations on TikTok. Several of their videos have been viewed more than 30 million times, and their personal channel has well over a million subscribers. Maggie and Dan’s creative and enthusiastic content resonates strongly with an audience that spans the world. Dan built his first company, a live entertainment firm, in the late 1980s as a means of financing his education at the University of Georgia. There, he received his degree in Business.

In the mid-1990s, Dan changed his firm’s focus, from live entertainment to corporate education, so he could more fully use his knowledge about peak performance and help businesses succeed at a much higher level. He is a health and fitness advocate. In his 50s, Dan continues to train and perform advanced acrobatics, and enjoys hobbies such as golf, mountain unicycling and the flying trapeze. .

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Speaking topics

Leading Others Through Change

Facing change is a real problem in many organizations. The energy suffers, productivity goes down and even the best team members can feel stuck. Change can lead to declines in performance just when you need your team the most.

Dan helps teams shift their mindset from fear of change to embracing it and seeing it as an opportunity to lead, grow, and transform.

In his powerful keynote, Dan excites his audience with an interactive performance while giving his audience permission to have a multi-dimensional view of success that incorporates quality health, strong relationships, and meaningful contributions all while leaning into uncertainty with authority and confidence.

As a result of attending this program, attendees will:

  • Take ownership of their responsibility and results.
  • Expand their capacity and acceptance of change.
  • More from “response mode” to “strategic action.”
  • Harness their unique strengths and abilities.
  • Leverage purpose to propel performance.
  • Transform their concept of what’s “uncomfortable.”


In this keynote, peak performance speaker Dan Thurmon explores the reasons why some individuals fail under pressure, and why others seem to naturally rise to handle critical moments with ease and excellence.

Here’s a hint: It isn’t an innate talent. It’s an ability that can be learned and mastered. Dan calls it “Perform-Ability.”

The key to being able to “perform,” or deliver excellence when it matters the most, is to prepare properly and understand the mindset and methods of top performers. Dan doesn’t just explain this – he demonstrates these concepts in his signature high-impact style and performance elements.

Audiences leave this unforgettable session armed with new tools and the enthusiasm to tackle their biggest challenges and, they’ll have a fantastic time!

As a result of attending this program, attendees will:

  • See themselves as performers, capable of delivering excellent results under pressure.
  • Understand the three aspects of an effective performance.
  • Clarify what they are trying to achieve, and develop strategies to succeed.
  • Recognize critical moments and how to rise to the occasion.
  • Adopt the mindset and methods of peak performers.
  • Commit to ongoing learning and disciplines to aid their efforts.

The Rhythm of Success - Teambuilding Keynote

The Rhythm Of Success is a thrilling team presentation that illustrates the value of relationships in business and in life. After all, achieving “success” is not a solo performance. We rely on others for support, input, and accountability. To be our best, we need to learn the most effective way to partner with others.

Dan Thurmon teams up with his performance partner (and best friend since high school), Philip Solomon, to deliver this unique, transformational program. They combine live percussion, great music, thrilling stunts, and a healthy dose of audience involvement to illustrate the vital characteristics of successful teams.

As a result of attending this program, attendees will:

  • Develop more effective communication, collaboration, and trust in your organization.
  • Partner effectively, especially when the pressure is on.
  • Resolve conflicts and repair damaged relationships.
  • Use tools and motivation to take on new challenges together.
  • Create rewarding experiences for team members and clients.

High Performance Sales

Sales is a performance – the process of establishing authority, and leading your customer through an experience that demonstrates empathy, develops interest, and earns loyalty. It’s not about persuading them to your perspective, but rather demonstrating that you understand theirs.

Because sales conversations happen in real, compressed time frames, and every encounter is critical and unique. Sales professionals must be committed to elevating every sales experience. With each encounter, or “performance,” there are three – the one you plan, the one you do, and the one you should have done (and learn from).

In this exciting keynote, Dan helps sales pros become intentional about all three stages. He also reveals performance secrets to improve engagement and bottom line results.

As a result of attending this program, attendees will learn:

  • How to differentiate your approach from competitors to stand apart and above the rest.
  • How to manage your customers’ expectations and ensure that you deliver more than they anticipate.
  • How focusing on value and uniqueness transcends objections about price.
  • How to leverage your most powerful asset – your brand – for greatest results.
  • Why telling stories is far more effective than imparting benefits.
  • How to break through external barriers and self-imposed limitations.

Video clips

Speaker Reel

Ted Talk - Off Balance on Purpose

Speaker testimonials

Dan was the BEST presenter we have ever seen. His energy and enthusiasm are evident from the moment he took the stage, and it’s infectious


Dan was incredible! The managers, staff and owner operators couldn’t stop talking about the session. The juggling, unicycle, acrobatics and the handstand on the podium were all tied to the learning. It was a home run!


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