Darrell Keezer

Digital Marketing Expert, Entrepreneur and Author

Darrell Keezer

Darrell Keezer builds businesses with digital marketing.

He owns a handful and lends his talents to hundreds more—all over the globe.

His story has a tinge of irony. See, the lowest grade he ever earned in college was in the Online Advertising course. But in the real world, he’s mastered the field like few others and earned straight A’s.

In fact, a few years later, Darrell was inducted into Sheridan College’s Business Hall of Fame for his work in building an award-winning agency.

His agency is listed on Macleans’ Growth 500 of the fastest growing companies in Canada two years in a row, he was named Entrepreneur of the Year by two organizations and won an Awards of Excellence in Business from the Governor General of Canada.

  1. Seriously Disruptive Digital Marketing Methods

    You live in one of the most connected countries in the world. Digital media has drastically changed your life and the lives of everyone around you. Has your company embraced it?

    You want to be there when digital marketing expert Darrell Keezer shares his insights about digital marketing and how it’s revolutionized the way businesses communicate and connect with consumers.

    Wonder how Tesla generated over $12-billion in car sales in a single week? Or why Canadians suddenly boycotted Heinz and began hoarding bottles of French’s Ketchup?

    Darrell plans to reveal the answers. He’ll delve into the mechanics of game-changing digital marketing and explain how businesses are disrupting the status quo to generate leads and build relationships. His keynote is packed with real examples and insights on how your company can build a digital plan to move the needle.

  2. Everything You Think You Know About Millennials is Wrong

    Millennials get a lot of flack in the media. Corporate naysayers often write them off as a lazy and entitled generation ill-equipped to prosper in the real world.

    Meet a millennial named Darrell Keezer. He’s a married father of four. He runs two successful digital marketing agencies. And he’s going to tell you why your take on the millennial generation is largely wrong. Yes, millennials think differently. They pursue purpose at work. They demand flexibility. However, contrary to popular opinion, they’re big into communication, appreciate being mentored, and make things happen.

    The future belongs to companies who engage this influential generation of change-makers. In this unbridled keynote, Darrell will school you on why you must recruit millennials to grow your business.

  3. 37 Ways Your Website Has Died (and How to Resurrect it)

    How do customers describe your company’s online presence? Would they say, “outdated and corporate” instead of “inspiring and informative?” Gulp. You’re in deep doo-doo.

    Technology has changed the way we interact with companies. Canadians and buyers worldwide consume more content than ever before. It’s time businesses changed how they connect with customers and responded with modern marketing strategies.

    In this presentation, Darrell will shoot gaping holes in the antiquated perceptions that continue to rule how the online community thinks about websites, social media and customer communications. Then he’ll show you how successful modern brands connect with consumers and build brand equity.

Darrell Keezer is the Tony Robbins of social media marketing! I have heard several people speak about digital marketing strategies for 2016, but Darrell is ahead of the pack by far. Make sure you drink a Red Bull before listening to this guy! You won’t want to miss a moment of it.
Dr. Reid Hemsing
President, Two Wheel Gear
With our conference theme “Being Relevant in this Transformational Age” focused on engaging and developing young talent, Darrell hit the mark with his lively presentation and informative content. Darrell is an outstanding speaker.”
John Jefkins
Vice President, Marketing & Communications – Electro-Federation
I recently shared the stage with Darrell Keezer and was blown away. In under an hour, Darrell delivered valuable insights and relevant content and did so in a manner that was engaging, thought provoking and entertaining. His advice is practical and 
actionable. This guy is awesome.
Dr. Sean Wise
Dragons Den / Naked Entrepreneur
Darrell’s presentation is engaging, informative and geared towards audiences with varying levels of experience in the digital world. He provides insight into current social trends and digital platforms, helping others to better understand what customers really want and the challenges they may face. Darrell’s delivery is both humourous and interactive, leaving his audience with many relevant topics to discuss -- well after Darrell has left the stage
Kerry Cosgrove
Basics Office Products Ltd.

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