David Chalk

David Chalk

Technology and Cyber Security Expert, Futurist, Serial Entrepreneur and Coach

David Chalk

Dr. David Chalk is a Technology Futurist who has been accurately predicting the interaction of humans and computers and their impact on Industry for over 30 years.  Awarded a Doctorate Degree in technology by the University of the Fraser Valley, David started his entrepreneurial journey building and selling computers in his basement.

He has since been called upon by Stanford University and USA Homeland Security for his knowledge and consultation on Cyber Security.  And founded more than 15 companies including Doppler Computer Superstores, Chalk Media, Decision-Zone Cyber Defence Technology, Trees Matter, Terra Sol Civil Construction, New Century Video Streaming and CalmWear™ Compression Clothing for Autism to name a few.

Many will recognize David from his TV show where for 12 years, he helped Canadians learn how to use all the new technology and gadgets. He has won numerous awards on retail innovation, retail marketing and leadership including Top Marketer in Canada from the Retail Council of Canada.

What is most inspiring about David Chalk’s story is that he was born with cognitive damage – a blue baby. He has no short term memory, is ADHD and Dyslexic, something he only discovered in his 40’s. He has lived with mental health challenges including anxiety and depression using coping skills and by focusing on what he could do.  David Chalk inspires audiences with what he has overcome and achieved in his incredibly wide ranging career.

In May 2020, David published a chapter in  Brian Tracey’s new book “THINK BIG: In both Business and Life”  David’s chapter is the “Genesis Hack” , how to make it possible for computers to be 100% immune to any virus.  It’s revolutionary and a must read!

In 2021 David participated in John Corcoran’s ” the teacher who could not read” documentary https://www.johncorcoranfoundation.org/and in his teachings. After years of living with severe Dyslexia, David learned to read perfectly!!   Today his purpose is to share the “how” everyone with dyslexia can read, with as many audiences as possible.

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  1. Future of Work: The Hybrid Workforce

    David shares his experiences and the technology trends that support the Future of Work, the Hybrid Remote Workforce.

  2. Sub Literacy and Innovation

    David Chalk knows most organizations rarely calculate the impact of an illiterate or sub illiterate work force.  Many workers are able to read and write but comprehending, the essential step to innovative thought, is often an unconscious struggle that leads to stress and anxiety.  Stress blocks innovative thinking and stifles growth. Learn how to measure the literacy of your workforce and support those who need more to reach their true potential. David shares the tools that brought him award winning success in business and raises the ability to comprehend to a level where innovation can thrive.    A level he never knew was possible, until he experienced it himself when he learned to read, as an adult.


  3. Technology and Workplace Safety

    Workplace safety is being enhanced with the introduction of new technologies.

    Sharing the latest safety technologies from wearables to augmented realities, this keynote is an exciting look at what technology trends will help you keep everyone safe.

Virtual Keynote Feedback 2021: David was an excellent keynote for our audience. We had great feedback and it was a perfect way to kick off our 14th CMS.
Canada Masonry Centre
Virtual Keynote Feedback 2021: On behalf of the SIGMA and SAP-ERP teams I would like to thank you for your participation to our Gathering yesterday. Your presentation was very much appreciated and I would like to share with you some comments from the audience made through the Chat function: “David Chalk provide us information that we cannot avoid because our fear!” ... “Thank you, amazing presentations!! Kudos to organisers, I cannot wait for the next one!” ... “Mind blowing !!! Thank you David !!!” ... “This was a very impressive presentation! Wow! Thank you so much! You are very inspiring! ... “This is an amazing presentation. For many of us it is an eye opener and good learning piece.” ... “THANK YOU!! That was so engaging, you had my attention the entire time!” ... “Thank you David and to the organizers. Your presentation is eye-opening and extremely helpful and encourages each one of us to achieve success, conquer our fears and contribute to our future.” ... Your presentation did resonate with us and you made important links between our transformation Journey and the future of technology by emphasizing on the fact that we must prepare through continuous learning in order to stay relevant and experts in our field in this fast evolving digital environment!
Public Services and Procurement Canada / Government of Canada
On behalf of Unifor and Unifor National Skilled Trades Council we would like to thankyou for your speaking engagement to our conference. Our delegates were thoroughly engaged and left the conference with more awareness of present and future technology, which was perfectly themed to our conference. Our members were excited to hear your views on autonomous vehicles as well as questioning whether to own a bedroom television. Thank you for your insight and taking the time to answer questions and engage with our members after your address and wish you all the best.
Unifor 2019
David was powerful. Very himself on stage. His message resonated deeply with our clients. Great lessons and insights, and he spoke from experience which was evident. Would I recommend David? For audiences like ours which included business people and entrepreneurs, absolutely. He over-delivered, was very warm and welcoming and really spent the time to get to know many of our clients and add value on and off the stage. The standing ovation said it all really.
Eric Collins
Kerwin Rae
Where have you been all this time, I have looked everywhere for someone to partner with who is articulate and has such knowledge that they can clearly explain anything on technology. I have come across no one like you. The way in which you tie your explanations to people's lives stems in large part I believe from the learning disabilities. It gives you a strong empathetic tie with your audiences. Congratulations David!
Martha Stewart
Omni Media
Thank you very much for the wonderful keynote you gave for our conference. We had many people tell us how inspiring your keynote was ! I wish you all the best and thank you again!
St. Claire College
Thank you for recommending David Chalk as our opening keynote for the ORCA CON, September 14, 2018 event. Please relay to David that we have received excellent feedback on his session. His information was riveting and attendees found the content extremely forward-thinking! One attendee noted “PS. Btw, I also thought the keynote was one of the best ever. Better than a Stephen King novel”. Again, thank you and thank David on ORCA’s behalf!
JoAnne Prior
Ontario Retirement Communities Association
At the end of a long day of listening to speakers, I thought I would end the day early and skip this last session, which was David's. Luckily, I stayed and listened to the best session of the day. Many of my colleagues came out of the session with a whole new attitude.
Leslie W
He is the sharpest listener and speaker I have ever come across.
Monica Morong
David’s presentation was by far the best keynote we’ve had for this event. His knowledge, experience and perspective on the event topic was extremely thought provoking and created great conversation during and after the event. We would definitely recommend David.
Priscilla Petgrave, Mgr
Conexsys Communications Limited
We would like to extend a heart-felt thank you to you and Mr. Chalk. The Symposium went really well and we had over 100 advisors attend the event! We have received overwhelmingly positive feedback from our advisors for Mr. Chalk’s presentation, it’s a very exciting speech indeed!
PPI Solutions
David’s presentation last week in Gatineau was absolutely fantastic!
​David’s lecture was very relevant for the agenda: the message was relevant, the lecture well prepared (tailored to the audience) and delivered with authority and passion. David has had extraordinary experiences and his expertise/knowledge was clearly evident. More importantly I would underscore his presentation style, personable approach and engagement with the audience as well as with individuals who approached him for further discussion following the session. There were many positive comments and we are indeed appreciative of your recommendation as well as David’s willingness to step up. Your office was excellent to work with - and we would be pleased to recommend David Chalk as a speaker or your firm anytime.
Saskatchewan Library Associations
I just wanted to pass along a quick email to thank you for speaking at the TIANS Nova Scotia tourism summit. Here we are two weeks later and my mind is still spinning. I have earmarked your recommended reading. I believe your presentation was by far one of the best we have seen at the conference and really appreciate you being there.
Wes Surrett
Pictou Lodge Beach Resort

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