Domanique Grant

Domanique Grant

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Award Winning Singer/ Songwriter, Keynote Speaker and Social Entrepreneur

Founder of the Imagine Summit,  Domanique Grant is the recipient of the Black Canadian Humanitarian Award and one of Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women’s list for 2023.

In response to the global pandemic and the global mental health crisis impacting youth, Domanique founded the Imagine Summit, Canada’s first visualization, mental wellness, and professional development summit.

The Imagine Summit brings together global thought leaders to remove barriers to mental health access for underserved youth. The summit teaches youth how to reprogram neurological pathways, that cause fear, trauma and anxiety to impact economic and creative sustainability.

Domanique’s music has been at the forefront of some of the largest social movements of our time, including her mental health single “Till We See The Sun” which was named “The anthem of our time by CTV National.

Domanique’s thought leadership in the areas of mental health, women’s empowerment, education, and art for social change, is transforming the way that artists make a global impact.

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Speaking topics

Women in Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Empowerment - How to build a vision that no one else sees

Themes: Women in business, Women of Influence, Women’s Empowerment, Entertainment, Intersectionality, Intergenerational workplace.

As early as she can remember Domanique had a vision for herself that no one understood. Yet she’s leveraged this vision as a woman in business to shatter glass ceilings and to transform the expectations for young women in entertainment, while still in her 30’s.

By combining her interests in entertainment, entrepreneurship and global development, Today Domanique is an award winning singer/ songwriter and the CEO of an award winning social enterprise that uses entertainment and wellness to increase access for global communities. She became the president of two cooperative housing organizations while still in her 20’s and represented over 45,000 members, prior to attaining her first humanitarian during university.

So what does an artist, international development grad and an award winning entrepreneur have to teach you about women’s empowerment and being a women in business? Well for starters, we cant wait for anyone to empower us, we need to invest in the vision that no one else understands and start with that.

What to expect: In this inspiring presentation, Domanique discusses lessons in adversity, leadership and intersectionality that are key to informing an equitable and sustainable vision for gender-diverse leadership and women in business.

The Future Of Affordable Housing From A Gender And Inclusivity Perspective

Canada is facing a national affordable housing crisis. While the number of available units is apart of the problem, sustainability, intergenerational leadership, broken systems and limited access to safe and secure housing for women, indigenous communities are just a few of the others.

Domanique grew up in Alexandra Park, becoming the youngest president of two Cooperative Housing Federations, before the age of 21 years old. From representing more than 45,000 members across Canada and influencing local, provincial and national housing policy, to writing a critically acclaimed album called Playhouse exploring the experiences of rationalized youth in Canadian urban systems, Domanique’s lens on the future of housing in Canada blends lived experience, work experience and over a decade in community development.

Presentation options:

  • One: An inspiring keynote on the obstacles, opportunities and future of affordable housing though an intergenerational and intersectional lens.
  • Two: A presentation blending speaking, spoken word and live music that brings to life the realities of generations living in Canada’s current affordable housing, while offering a perspective on the future possibilities.

A Broken Brain #Resiliance

Themes: resilience, education, teaching, inclusive learning, success, disability, intersectionality

We’ve all been given a story that can define what we’re capable of if we let it. In Domanique’s case, she used the power of the brain to redefine the statistics that said that she had a learning disability, wouldn’t make it beyond high school and would become another statistic in Canada.

From selling out her first TEDx talk to being added to the Canada’s Top 100 Most Powerful Women’s list for 2023, in this presentation inspiring presentation, Domanique shares her story of tenacity, self-determination and resilience in navigating education, adversity and invisible Canadian systems.

What to expect: An inspirational, emotional and educational presentation about navigating adversity, challenging broken systems and celebrating human tenacity. Domanique delivers an inspiring discussion about resilience, healthy education the power of our minds; mastering our fears and redesigning the systems built to keep us stuck in them.

Domanique will leave audiences with the key to imagining beyond the limitations of your postal code, despite the odds.

Conquering Fear, Anxiety and Trauma with Visualization

Themes: Mental Health, mindfulness, success, fear, trauma, creativity, How to transform fear, trauma and anxiety into success and creativity

A lesson in reprogramming your brain and reclaiming your success from an award-winning artist

When people ask Domanique her story, she tells it in two parts:

  • Part One: Her journey to becoming an award winning singer/ songwriter, entrepreneur and humanitarian award recipient
  • Part Two: Learning how to show up and leverage being a highly functioning anxious person and trauma survivor into the creativity and the inspiration to succeed.

In this presentation Domanique introduces audiences to visualization and mindfulness techniques that have supported some of the worlds most recognized athletes, CEO’s and leaders in reprogramming mental barriers inhibiting their success. Domanique offers audiences around the world an understanding of how to reprogram fear, anxiety and trauma into creative, mental health and economic longevity.

What to expect: Audiences can expect an inspirational talk and interactive audience exercises, that will help transform the management of their day to day career and mental wellness challenges. Domanique integrates interactive mindfulness exercises that teach audiences how to reprogram neurological pathways tide to fear, anxiety and belief systems that impact creative, mental health and creative blocks. Using music, award winning group visualization and meditation exercises, this interactive presentation will help audiences create a sustainable vision for themselves, while learning how to transform narratives and use self manageable mental health tools to increase their longevity.


Diversity & Inclusion - A New Lens on privilege, intersectionality and diversity in the workplace

Themes: Privilege, global perspectives, white savour complex, equity and diversity, community and workplace policy, education

One of Domanique’s most impactful lessons in diversity training was when she first arrived in Uganda on a University Visa at the age of 20. She quickly realized that most of what she learned in Canada about being a black woman and navigating privilege, would be challenged by the realities of East African systems, that would put her in a position of socio-economic privilege, given her Canadian passport.

In this presentation, Domanique discusses the limitations of using a singular equity and diversity lens in our organizations and communities to discuss privilege. She discusses how understanding privilege, intersectionality, and compassion in new ways may be at the core of creating long-term impact in our workplaces, communities and homes.

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Speaker testimonials

" A voice of our generation" - the United Nations
" An artist that makes you feel like a guest invited into the world that she creates" - TEDx
" An inspirational speaker and transformative singer/songwriter". - Les Brown
“An artist inspiring hope" - RBC

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