Dr Bill Howatt

Dr. Bill Howatt

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One of Canada’s top experts in Workplace Psychological Health & Safety

Dr. Bill Howatt is the Founder and President of Howatt Human Resources Consulting. He refers to himself as a behavioural scientist passionate about guiding employees and employers in creating psychologically safe, inclusive, and thriving cultures.

Dr. Bill has over 30 years of clinical experience in mental health and addictive disorders. He is known internationally and is one of Canada’s top workplace mental health experts.

He regularly contributes to workplace mental health research such as: Moving to Action: Implementing the Workplace Safety& Prevention Services’ Mental Harm Prevention Roadmap and Canadian Standards Association (CSA) Part 1: Investigating employers’ practices in response to COVID-19 for safeguarding employees’ psychological health and safety in the workplace and Part 2: Employees’ perceived psychological health and safety experience during COVID-19 through an inclusion lens.

Dr. Bill is the Chair of the CSA Technical Committee on the Management of Impairment and is a member of the CSA Strategic Steering Committee on Occupational Health and Safety.  As the former Chief of Research, Workforce Productivity, at The Conference Board of Canada and the former Chief of Research and Development, Workforce Productivity, at Lifeworks (formerly Morneau Shepell), Dr. Bill has created the senate-approved Certificate in Psychologically Safe Leadership & Certificate in Management Essentials, Pathway to Coping and Mental Fitness Practice through the University of New Brunswick. [expand]

He is a co-founder of the B-to-B mental health app, MFIQ, designed to facilitate two-way accountability between employers and employees for protecting and promoting employees’ mental health. He regularly contributes to the WSPS Trusted Leadership blog, OHS Magazine, Talent Canada, and The Globe and Mail, where he has over 300 articles.

Dr. Bill has published over 60 books, including, The Globe Mail bestseller The Cure for Loneliness, Stop Hiding and Start Living, and most recently, No Regrets. He publishes a weekly newsletter, Exploring Workplace Mental Health. He is the co-developer of the Workplace Psychological Safety Assessment (WPSA), used to facilitate a Plan-Do-Check-Act (PDCA) approach to workplace mental health, and is the creator of the Master Class for How to Become an Impactful, Psychologically Safe Facilitator (PSF).

Dr. Bill is a 5-Star Safety Trainer, awarded in 2021 by Canadian Occupational Safety Magazine and was named Top 10 Admired Leaders of 2022 by Industry Era Magazine.

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Speaking topics

No More Languishing! Discover the road to flourishing!

The Emotional well-being of Leaders and Employees is determined by the amount of time they spend in pleasant emotions (e.g., flourishing) and unpleasant emotions (e.g., languishing).

Languishing is not a mental illness. It is a negative mental state that drains emotional well-being. When stress, uncertainty, or fear occupy the mind, this increases the risk of living in a constant state of languishing (i.e., feeling ‘blah’). An estimated 60% of the workforce is stuck in a chronic state of languishing that negatively impacts their employee experience, productivity, and mental health. The longer a person is stuck in languishing, the greater their risk of sick time, disability, and resignation.  Mental health (e.g., behavioral health) is not intuitive; it is a trainable skill.

The majority of employees have never been trained or supported to mature intrapersonal self-care knowledge and skills required to flourish. Dr. Bill, a leading expert in workplace mental health, provides participants with practical steps to discover and maintain a flourishing mindset. He leverages his clinical, corporate, and personal experiences to offer learners insights into why people languish in the workplace, barriers to moving forward, and how mental fitness can transform how they feel and think. Like with physical health, there are no magic solutions or shortcuts. But with the knowledge and skills, a personalized mental fitness plan, and repetition, new habits can transform how employees think and feel.

Learning Objectives

  • Define languishing and flourishing
  • Discover how and why people experience long periods of languishing
  • Understand how stress, mental health (e.g., behavioral health), and mental illness are linked
  • Evaluate learners’ risk of languishing and how it impacts their work and home life
  • Examine behaviors that facilitate the cure for languishing

A Hack for becoming a Psychological Safe Leader

Since the pandemic, workplace mental health has been top-of-mind for more boards, CEOs, and senior leaders. This is happening because of the growing understanding that workers’ mental (behavioral) health is related to retention, attraction, disability costs, productivity, sustainability, and quality of life.

80% of the employee experience can be directly attributed to the leader-employee relationship. The future of work suggests a critical success factor for employers’ sustainability will be people management. Leaders must discover it is not always WHAT they are doing that matter the most it is HOW they are doing it.

The goal of this talk is to provide leaders with a short cut for HOW to become a psychological safe leader. This presentation will provide leaders with four core competencies must be in place to be successful as a psychological safe leader, and with coaching tool for the kind of key performance behaviours that when mastered will create the habits required to facilitate a psychological safe and inclusive workplace.

Learning Objectives

  • Understand workplace psychological health and safety and the leader’s role.
  • Explore four core competencies and KPBs that facilitate psychologically safe leadership.
  • Discover how leaders can move towards psychologically safe leadership, one interaction at a time.

JumpStart to Mental Fitness and Resiliency

RESILIENCY is not intuitive, it is a trainable skill. Corey Keyes’ ground-breaking research on mental health found workers who are flourishing (i.e., feeling good) compared to languishing (i.e., feeling blah) are on average much healthier, less at risk for mental harm or mental illness, are more engaged and productive.

Standalone workshops are excellent for providing workers with AWARENESS. However, without follow-up there is a lower probability for habit development because of the forgetting curve. This program is designed to help move learners from AWARENESS to ACCOUNTABILITY with the goal of creating daily habits that promote mental (behavioural) health.

This Jump Start solution is focused on engaging workers in the benefit of daily mental fitness. MENTAL FITNESS are the behaviours that facilitate mental (behavioural) health.

This approach is also designed to minimize the forgetting curve by supporting workers with extra learning materials and follow-up sessions.


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Great session!! Bill what you presented truly resonated with the people managers and will equip them with some tools so they can focus on their mental fitness plan while enabling their teams. A big thank you to you from us for the presentation and Q&A segment today. Everything went off without a hitch, on schedule, and everyone loved the material and the conversation. Thank you for your support through the engagement, planning and delivery of this very important topic!


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