Dr Bill Howatt

Dr. Bill Howatt

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Global Expert on creating Psychological Safety in the Workplace, Leadership and Human Behaviour Expert, Best Selling Author

Dr. Bill Howatt is a prominent expert in workplace psychological health and safety, with a distinguished career spanning over 30 years in the fields of mental health, addiction, and HR consulting. He has gained recognition for his contributions and expertise in improving workplace mental health conditions, highlighted by several awards such as the 5-Star Safety Trainer Award in 2021 and being named one of the Top 10 Admired Leaders of 2022.

Dr. Howatt holds an impressive array of academic credentials, including a BSc, BA., MEd, MSc, PhD, EdD, and a Post Doctorate in Behavioral Science from the University of California, Los Angeles, Semel Institute for Neuroscience and Human Behavior. His extensive research and publications include over 50 books and 500 articles, demonstrating a commitment to advancing understanding and practices in psychological safety and mental health in the workplace.

His corporate and consulting experience is equally notable, having held positions such as the Chief of Research Workforce Development at the Conference Board of Canada and Founder and CEO of Howatt HR Consulting. Dr. Howatt’s approach emphasizes the development of psychologically safe workplaces and leaders, promoting mental fitness among employees, and addressing the challenges and barriers to achieving a healthy work environment. His work involves guiding employers, leaders, and employees through the “Howatt Works” programs to create better conditions in the workplace and promote well-being.

Dr. Howatt’s contributions have not only been acknowledged through awards but also through his involvement in significant initiatives like the CSA Standard Z1008: Management of Substance-Related Impairment in the Workplace and the creation of various certificates in management essentials, psychologically safe leadership, and more through the University of New Brunswick.

In summary, Dr. Bill Howatt’s expertise is grounded in his comprehensive understanding of psychological health and safety, reinforced by his academic background, extensive clinical experience, and significant contributions to the field through research, publications, and consulting work 

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Speaking topics

Mental Fitness to create Psychological Safe and Inclusive Workplaces

Organizations who want to drive the DEI agenda, retain and attract top talent, and create an environment where employees want to perform to their potential require an engaged workforce.

Without psychological safety in the workplace there is no possibility for inclusion, and without inclusion,there is no opportunity for diversity, and equality.

An estimated 60% of the workforce is stuck in a chronic state of disengagement that negatively impacts their employee experience, productivity, and mental health. When stress, uncertainty, or fear occupy the mind, most employees have never been trained to understand and notice how it is impacting their engagement or they may have never been supported in the workplace and told how to focus on their self care.

In this keynote, Dr. Bill, will provide clarity on what mental fitness practices can create resilient and thriving cultures. He explains how fear, adversity load, environment is contributing to workforce languishing and being disengage. He will provide a practical framework for how both employers and employee can take advantage of mental fitness practices to drive employee engagement and to create a positive experience where all employees feel a sense of belonging. Like a physical fitness plan the mental fitness practice takes intention, effort and time to create the desirable habits for a workforce to flourish.
Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how and why people experience long periods of disengagement!
  • Understand how stress, mental health (e.g., behavioral health), and mental illness are linked.
  • Develop a mental fitness plan that promotes engagement and interpersonal self care.

High Performance: How to be a Psychologically Safe and Inclusive Leader

80% of the employee experience can be directly attributed to the leader-employee relationship.

Creating psychological safe and inclusive workplaces is top-of-mind for many boards, CEOs, and senior leaders because we now know a workers’ experience in the workplace will have a direct impact on predicting their retention, attraction, disability costs, productivity, sustainability, and quality of life.

The future of work suggests a critical success factor for employers’ sustainability will be people
management and creating a psychologically safe work environment. Leaders must discover it is not always WHAT they are doing that matter the most it is HOW they are doing it.

In this keynote, Bill shares a short cut for HOW to become a psychological safe leader. He provides leaders with the four core competencies that must be in place to be successful as a psychological safe leader and he offers a coaching tool for the kind of key performance behaviours that can create the habits required to facilitate a psychological safe and inclusive workplace.

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand workplace psychological health and safety and the leader’s role.
  • Explore four core competencies and KPBs that facilitate psychologically safe leadership.
  • Discover how leaders can move towards psychologically safe leadership, one interaction at a

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Great session!! Bill what you presented truly resonated with the people managers and will equip them with some tools so they can focus on their mental fitness plan while enabling their teams. A big thank you to you from us for the presentation and Q&A segment today. Everything went off without a hitch, on schedule, and everyone loved the material and the conversation. Thank you for your support through the engagement, planning and delivery of this very important topic!


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