Dr. Nick Bontis

Dr. Nick Bontis

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Strategy and Management Expert Accelerating Management Performance

Professor Nick Bontis is recognized internationally as a leading strategy and management expert. He has delivered keynote presentations on every continent for leading organizations in both the private and the public sector. His dynamic, high-energy presentations provide concrete recommendations for improving individual, team and organizational effectiveness leaving audiences with the tools, inspiration and motivation to accelerate management performance. His customized programs are a mix of practical managerial tools, rigorous academic research, strategic consulting, entertaining humour and a blast of youthful exuberance. He has the credibility, universal appeal, and know-how to make sure your event is an unforgettable success!

With his unique combination of substance and sizzle, Dr. Nick Bontis is guaranteed to ignite, entertain and educate audiences, empowering them with both the tools and the inspiration to perform at an accelerated level of management performance.

Tom Stewart, former editor of Harvard Business Review and Fortune Magazine, states that “he is not only a pioneer, but one of the world’s real experts as well.” His dynamic delivery and concrete advice will leave your audience enlightened, inspired and ready for action. His expertise has been tapped by several Fortune 500 companies and even the United Nations who hand picked him for a high profile initiative. His ground-breaking doctoral dissertation is the #1 selling thesis in Canada, in all fields of study. As an award-winning tenured professor of strategy, he has won over a dozen teaching awards and several research awards. Maclean’s Magazine has identified him as one of McMaster University’s most popular business professors for six years in a row! He is also a 3M National Teaching Fellow, an exclusive honor only bestowed upon the top university professors in the country!

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Speaking topics

Transforming Your Leadership & Productivity For Peak Performance

Are you an ambitious individual that feels there’s too much on your plate, yet you still desire to blast through every target and then some? Dr. Nick Bontis has leveraged two decades worth of research on personal productivity that will shrink your ever-growing “to do” list to the most important activities that are necessary for you to delight your customers, impress your team members, and solidify your value to your organization. Never worry again about not having enough time to do this or that. The time has finally come to transform your personal productivity for peak performance. During this enlightening and action-packed keynote presentation, Dr. Nick Bontis will show you how to:

  • Increase your personal productivity by providing the three (3) most important
  • Actionable tactics that ensure a higher level of efficiency
  • Create a bullet-proof shield for your career that no competition or disruptive technology can penetrate
  • Provoke your ability to strategically manage change before anyone else can even see it coming

Accelerating Collaboration & Communication At Hyper-Speed

Is your team just spinning its wheels, but you know deep-down it can do more with less? Dr. Nick Bontis has harnessed the best practices of knowledge sharing by consulting with some of the world’s leading organizations. High performance teams are supposed to harvest the synergy embedded in all of their members within and across departments to create value above and beyond what is expected. Help your team solidify its reputation as the smartest group around by accelerating collaboration and communication at hyper-speed. During this inspirational and dynamic keynote presentation, Dr. Nick Bontis will show you how to:

  • Improve coordination within and across your teams by learning the top four (4) drivers of collaboration
  • Orient your team towards the single most explosive secret for guaranteeing knowledge sharing
  • Avoid the three biggest pitfalls that make teams perform at sub-optimal levels

Leadershifting And Strategizing Towards Innovation & Growth

The markets are turbulent, the geopolitical economy is unstable, your competition is frothing at the mouth, and you are holding it all together and executing the strategic plan. As the senior leader in your organization, you know you can’t do it alone. How do you harvest the full intellectual capital potential of your organization? Dr. Nick Bontis is an award-winning professor of strategy and the most-cited author on the planet in his field. Let him show you a clear path. Don’t let unforeseen disruptive technology make you and your organization obsolete. During this engaging and world-class keynote presentation, Dr. Nick Bontis will show you how to:

  • Embrace the three (3) most important steps for developing an inimitable sustainable advantage so you can drive the execution of your strategy
  • Leadershift your strategic position by turning chaos into opportunity
  • Evade the single largest strategic misstep that will curtail your leadership and execution

Think Ahead! Take A Knowledge Journey

Are you overwhelmed by information bombardment?  Do you have too much to do and not enough time to do it?  By the 1930’s, all the information that existed in the world doubled every 30 years.  By the 1970’s, this rate shrunk to 7 years.  By the end of next year, all the information that exists in the world will double every (find out from Dr. Bontis)!  Information bombardment is the single most damaging threat to productivity.  But, it doesn’t have to be this way.  Why not transform this threat into a sustainable competitive advantage for you and your firm?  During this enlightening and action-packed keynote presentation, you will learn how to:

  • Cope with information bombardment
  • Improve your ability to manage change
  • Lift productivity and efficiency
  • Works smarter, instead of harder

The Ultimate Performance Accelerating Activity For Teams

Employees spend in excess of 50% of their time looking for answers and then spend 20% of their time replicating answers for others.  Is your team suffering from the same dilemma?  Does your team seem to be spinning its wheels?  High performance teams are supposed to harvest the synergy embedded in all of their members to create value above and beyond what each person could do on their own.  During this inspirational and engaging keynote presentation, you will learn how to achieve your team’s full potential as well as:

  • Enhance team collaboration and coordination
  • Avoid waste and duplication costs
  • Promote knowledge sharing vs. hoarding
  • Accelerate your team’s productivity

A Competitive Edge For Leaders

The average Fortune 500 company loses $64 million dollars a year because of ineffective knowledge sharing.  Firms generally leverage only 2% of their employees’ talent, which is also the #1 reason why employees leave their jobs.  As your organization’s leader, it is your responsibility to make sure that your firm is fully engaged and operating at optimum capacity.  Unfortunately, some leaders misallocate their resources.  Or worse, some leaders have no clue what strategic initiatives are necessary to achieve great performance.  Let Dr. Bontis navigate you towards the best performance you have ever experienced.  Using a unique causal modelling methodology he developed, you will learn how to:

  • Understand exactly what impacts revenue and profit
  • Decrease expenses by reducing waste
  • Appreciate exactly which investments are worth making
  • Optimally allocate your scarce resources

Selling In The Nick Of Time

Today’s sales environment is competitive and complex, with businesses selling through many channels including direct marketing, value-added resellers and e-commerce.  To stay ahead of the game you need to learn how to sell “in the Nick of time”.  The days when customers relied solely on the salesperson for information are long gone.  Information is abundant and at everyone’s fingertips.  Successful salespeople use customer knowledge as their main competitive weapon for nurturing long-lasting relationships.  Learn how to attain loyal and committed customers, with less effort than ever before.  During this motivational keynote presentation, you will learn how to:

  • Discover tomorrow’s business development trends today, keeping you ahead of the curve
  • Learn the one sales tool that will have you working smarter not harder
  • Empower the analytical skill within you to provide more than just information
  • Experience synergies never before realized with your sales and marketing team

Combating The Biggest Threat Ever! Organizational Dementia

Baby-boomers carry a massive amount of know-how in their heads and are generally responsible for the smooth functioning of almost every organization.  They hold a lifetime of experience and expertise, and soon they will simply walk out the door.  Capturing this intellectual capital (brainpower of the organization) before the imminent threat of retirement is a crucial task for every manager.  However, do Gen Xers and Gen Yers realize their role in sustaining the memory of every organization.  Furthermore, does your organizational leadership appreciate that something must be done now instead of later?  During this dynamic keynote presentation, you will learn:


  • How to turn this pending threat into an advantage
  • How to ensure a smooth transition from retired employees
  • Why various scenarios of knowledge loss affect performance in different ways
  • what you can do to retain more critical knowledge in the face of major turnover

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Master your time allocation

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Speaker testimonials

We selected Dr. Bontis again to present on our main platform stage as a keynote speaker in front of over 6,500 financial professionals. His presentation was beyond outstanding! Just like last time, he delivered a highlight performance that resulted in a standing ovation.

Million Dollar Round Table

He was the funniest, yet most insightful business speaker I have ever heard!

Young Presidents Organization

Do NOT design a conference program without considering him as your main event keynote speaker. He is, defacto, the reason why any one should attend an event he speaks at!

ING Bank

Nick’s reputation as a world expert in his field is indisputable. However, the real magic occurs when he steps in front of a crowd. His charisma acts like a magnet and captures everyone’s attention.

United Nations

Not a single person left the room without a vision and a commitment!

Uniglobe Travel

Nick Bontis is a brilliant, provocative thinker who understands the deep changes underway in our society. His presentations are perceptive and persuasive, and always done with great gusto and humour.

Government of Ontario

Bontis’ talent for forcing the audience to think differently was of great benefit – a completely new view on how organizations can be left behind should they decide not to change.

London Drugs

He is an engaging, brilliant, dynamic and entertaining speaker. Bravo!

Great West Life – London Life

He delivers true wisdom. I felt motivated to carry the message to almost anyone who would listen.

The Strategy Institute

Best speaker we have ever seen, anywhere, period!

Century 21

You leave his sessions not only feeling energized but having also learned so much!

Bank of Montreal

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