Florence K

Florence K

Singer-songwriter, Mental Health Advocate and Author

Florence K

Free-spirited, open-minded, singer-songwriter and pianist Florence K has a wide-ranging musical approach and performs in French, Spanish, English, and Portuguese with the same natural ease. Since her beginnings in 2005, she has had three Gold records, sold over 250,000 albums and received multiple accolades, including many Felix awards and Juno nominations. From 2011 to 2018, Florence hosted the radio show Ici Florence on Ici Musique, introducing and performing songs from all over the world.

Seven years ago, as she was seeing her career blossom on the international scene, Florence was in the process of separating from her daughter’s father and was working numerous hours with a hectic schedule. Nothing had prepared her for what was about to come. Anxiety, insomnia, panick attacks, paranoia… Without even realizing it or having the knowledge to pinpoint exactly what was happening to her mind, she gradually slipped into depression. Within a few weeks, the illness had spiraled down to a major depressive episode which lead to auto-mutilation, two episodes of psychosis and a suicide attempt.

After a hospitalization and a long-term medical and psychological treatment, Florence is more alive than ever and what she once thought was going to be an ending took her on the greatest journey of her life: understanding and studying mental illness, and most of all sharing her testimony with others.

In her first book, Buena Vida, released in French in 2015, she told her story with her heart wide-open and an honesty that moved thousands and thousands of people. Her memoirs became a national bestseller in a few months only.

Despite having recently been diagnosed with Bipolarity II, Florence is still pursuing a great musical career as an acclaimed artist. She has also completed a yoga teacher training, a minor in psychology at university and written a fictional novel, “Lili Blues”.

Since then, Florence has recorded three new albums including “Estrellas”, where she sings her love of Cuban music and “We Love Belafonte”, a tribute to one of her idols, while touring all over Canada.

While relentlessly advocating to de-stigmatize mental illness and completing a university degree in psychology, Florence hosts her weekly radio show “C’est formidable” on CBC radio One and CBC Music.

Florence was honored in 2017 by CAMH (Center for Addiction and Mental Health in Toronto) as one of the 150 difference makers in the field of mental health and has given conferences to members of the Canadian Armed Forces, health practitioners, music industry executives, business women and men, call-center volunteers and college students, amongst many others.

Florence is the living proof that it is possible to live beyond a diagnosis of mental illness.  Her testimony became a true example of hope and light through the darkest times for many.

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    After leaving the psych ward, Florence had to rebuild her mind, her thinking processes and her well-being. The medical treatment was showing positive results but it was not enough. Therapy is a key part of the process of recovery and prevention. But what are some the things you can do for yourself in your everyday life to help prevent depressive or anxious episodes that can lead to depression or relapses?


    Florence has recently been diagnosed with bipolarity type II. Although it is a relief to finally put
    words on what you are feeling and experiencing, how do you make the best out of our life with
    a diagnosis of chronic mental illness? Self-compassion can be an essential element to finding the
    answer. How to build self-compassion? How to cultivate it? Florence shares her tools to keep it
    a part of her everyday life.


    Just like nurturing self-compassion, understanding what triggers her depressive or manic
    episodes are major tools for Florence. Understanding your emotional triggers is a way to
    discover more about yourself and find how to bring a state of balance to your life. We all have
    different ways to cope with life events and stress. In a society where performance, image and
    career growth define our success, how do you learn to honor your own rhythm?

Florence delivered an inspiring testimony. She was very generous, opening up about what she went through with honesty and humility. She gave concrete examples of what people go through when they face mental illness while telling her own story.
ALPABEM (Laval association of mental wellness for parents)
Florence stunned many when she released her first book, Buena Vida (Good Life), which chronicled her descent into mental illness and her subsequent return to form. The book, published in French, went on to sell more than 25,000 copies, and there is now talk of an English release.
Bill Brownstein, The Gazette
Florence is an exceptional person and we have appreciated every single moment of her talk.
VP Quebec and Atlantic, Morneau Sheppel
Florence’s contribution to Bell Let’s Talk 2018 has lead to the immense success we have known this year.
Bell Let’s Talk

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