Geoff Green

Geoff Green

Founder and Director of Students on Ice Expeditions, Adventurer, Educator, Explorers Club Citation of Merit Recipient

Geoff Green

Canadian adventurer, environmentalist and educator Geoff Green has been leading expeditions and adventures from pole to pole for the past fifteen years.

Many notable organizations such as the Discovery Channel, World Wildlife Fund, National Audubon Society and the Smithsonian Institution enlist Geoff to lead their groups into the world’s most remote and exciting regions. Geoff has received numerous awards and recognitions over the course of his career. In 2012, he was appointed to the Order of Canada in recognition of a lifetime of distinguished service to the nation and to humanity through his work with Students on Ice.

In 2013, he was awarded an honorary Doctor of Education from Nipissing University. In 2010, he was recognized as one of 25 Transformational Canadians and in 2005 he received a Certificate of Special Congressional Recognition from the U.S. Congress for his work with youth and the environment. He was also voted one of Canada’s “Top 40 under 40” – an annual national prize event saluting Canada’s top young leaders. In 2004, Outpost Magazine chose Geoff as one of the “Top 5 Canadian Explorers” to watch.

Geoff is the founder and Executive Director of Students on Ice Expeditions, an award-winning educational organization based in Gatineau, Quebec, Canada. The program – now in its twelfth year – has taken over 2,000 students, teachers and scientists from around the world on expeditions to the Arctic and the Antarctic. The goal of this unique project is to give the world’s youth a heightened understanding and respect for the planet’s global ecosystem, and the inspiration to protect it. As expedition leader, Geoff is a veteran of 80 Antarctic expeditions and 36 Arctic expeditions.

Geoff has spoken to hundreds of audiences around the world – sharing expert knowledge and experience about his life passions: polar adventure, environmentalism, youth education, leadership and teamwork. Geoff’s audiences represent a cross-section of leading corporations, associations, public and private educational institutions, government, and nonprofit organizations from throughout North America and around the world. Geoff Green inspires action. He is most often asked to share his experience on the subjects of leadership, inspiring youth, environmental issues, including climate change, world adventure and managing risk.

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  1. Inspiring Generation G

    In 1994 Geoff made his first expeditions to the Arctic and Antarctic. He was profoundly inspired by these cornerstones of our global ecosystem and has since led more than 100 expeditions to both the Polar Regions, taking with him thousands of students, scientists, educators and leaders from around the world. Geoff’s presentation will take the audience on an amazing journey from Pole to Pole, sharing stories, insights and observations of what he likes to call the greatest classrooms on Earth. Together with his student alumni from over 40 countries, he has developed the concept of a 21st century “Generation G” embracing values that are Global, Generous, Grateful and Green to help guide the way we interact with Nature and each other.

  2. Have we Found it All?

    What’s left in the world to discover? Geoff Green explores the concept of “discovery and exploration in the 21st Century.” Tomorrow’s “explorers” are those who help us better understand the Planet and find the ways that will allow us to live sustainably for generations to come. An unprecedented opportunity exists to engage the minds and imaginations of the next generation of young scientists and leaders and to help people understand that we must find alternatives to our addiction to fossil fuels. Geoff addresses this risk our unbridled thirst for oil poses to our economy, climate and quality of life – and how to motivate and inspire people to action.

  3. To the End’s of the Earth

    Geoff’s presentation will be a fascinating journey of stories and photos to the Polar Regions, the remote areas of the Earth that have profound significance for the Earth’s climate and ultimately environments, ecosystems and human society.

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