Gianni Kovacevic

Gianni Kovacevic

Futurist, Global Energy Expert, Author

Gianni Kovacevic

Gianni Kovacevic is an internationally known investor and strategist who specializes in decoding complicated current events. He is a published author who draws from over
20,000 hours of research, and is a sought-after commentator related to wide-ranging themes –  from the divestment pivot in modern energy, to the rise of a new spending class in emerging markets.

An avid proponent of realistic environmentalism, he has enlightened audiences around the world with his unique brand of storytelling that colourfully demonstrates how the environment and investment often go hand-in-hand.

Frequently interviewed by the media, he is known for his algebraic way of thinking when providing solutions to complicated global problems. His new book, My Electrician Drives a Porsche? was introduced to audiences by way of a one-of-a-kind coast to coast journey across America in an all-electric Tesla, now credited as the world’s first zero-emission book tour.

Gianni is a graduate of electrical studies from The British Columbia Institute of Technology, and he is an established expert in the analysis of the global energy matrix and in the study of how technology will impact commodities and emerging markets.

Fluent in English, German, Italian, and Croatian, he makes his home in Vancouver, BC Canada.

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    Through artful storytelling and finely illustrated analysis, Gianni Kovacevic engages audiences about the fusion between technology and energy. He shares how this will impact your life, your business and your future. Will you have more or less customers in the future and what is the impact of established economies versus emerging economies? Audiences learn about the global shifts in energy production that are changing our world, the role technology plays and how environmental concerns will naturally figure into the economy of the future.

  2. The Energy Pivot

    The evolution of Energy has entered a phase which happens once every one hundred years. Gianni shares how this Hinge of History will be driven by technology, consumer behaviour, Government Policy and what it means to you and your industry.

He was amazing, extremely well received and all positive feedback. He has struck up some relationships which I think will be goo​d​ for Manitoba Manufacturers moving forward.
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