Grace Dove

Grace Dove

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Inspiring Indigenous Canadian Actor

Grace Dove is a First Nations actress from Canim Lake, BC who has embraced a responsibility to lift up her audience and her community. In 2015 she co-starred with Leonardo DiCaprio and Tom Hardy in the Oscar-winning film The Revenant. You can currently watch Grace in the Netflix thriller How It Ends alongside Academy Award winning actor Forest Whitaker and Theo James. Most recently she wrapped up her first leading role in the feature film adaptation of Eden Robinson’s novel “Monkey Beach”. When the red carpet is rolled up, and tucked away she facilitates her youth-empowerment program “Thunderbird Dreams” in communities.

“I had the dream of becoming an actress, and to tell stories of Indigenous resilience. I created the vision, and I didn’t let anyone tell me it’s not possible.”

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Speaking topics

Healing Through the Arts, and Overcoming Adversity through Self-Expression

Acting has taken me around the world, introduced me to bigger opportunities than I could have imagined, and has given me a strong sense of purpose and fulfillment. As I mature and walk through life, I am beginning to understand my own journey of healing and what tools I can use to transform past suffering into present happiness and a healthy future.

Indigenous Portrayal in Hollywood and Reclaiming my Identity

I believe acting is a powerful tool to educate people on issues we, the children of “Mother Earth”, face today. It is so important for Original People and our allies to change Hollywood’s portrayal of us. When we are in control of our own representation, when we tell our own stories, and when we, Indigenous People, portray ourselves we are not only challenging stereotypes but also empowering ourselves in a form of truth-telling that is liberating us from the harms of colonialism.

Saying “YES” to my Dreams Everyday, and Pursuing them Fearlessly

If I had never committed to my craft, to pursue the depth of my spirit… how would I uncover the layers of my own conditioning or what it was I always yearned for. I’m ten years into acting professionally and every day I’m slightly surprised I’m still so deep in the work but – I love it.  My life is about self-exploration and being at home with myself. I created a routine that works for me and supports my vision.

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Grace Dove-Reclaiming Indigenous Identity in Hollywood

Grace Dove - WE Day Vancouver

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