Greg Johnson

Greg Johnson

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Star of Tornado Hunters and Canada's Top 100 Explorers

Greg Johnson, one of North America’s top professional storm-chasers and severe weather experts, is also an accomplished photographer, speaker, author, workshop leader and recently a television personality on Netflix in the show, “Tornado Hunters” and CBC’s “Canada Reads”. After graduating from Canada’s renowned Acadia University and founding and building a leading successful communications, marketing and advertising firm from the ground up, Greg decided it was time to devote himself full-time to pursuing his passion for capturing nature’s most beautiful and deadly displays of severe weather.

Greg has put over a half million kilometres on his Tornado Truck, intercepting and documenting hundreds of storms across the United States and Canada since 2011 alone.

His recent experiences include documenting and compassionately sharing the aftermath of the massive twisters that devastated Joplin Missouri, El Reno, Oklahoma and Pilger, Nebraska. Greg was featured on W5 during the devastation in Texas at Hurricane Harvey.  He also lends his extensive knowledge to organizations that wish to educate their outdoor working crews on severe weather safety and protocol.  In 2016, Canadian Geographic listed him as one of Canada’s top 100 explorers.

Greg is the author of the Blown Away, A Year through the Lens of The Tornado Hunter, a best seller and gold medal award winner for design. His second book is entitled, Why is the Sky Green?, and his third book Camera Canada, Portrait of a Nation is due out in December 2018.

A firm believer in the ‘Bucket List’ philosophy, Greg’s mission is to inspire others to chase their own passions, while sharing and teaching the lessons he has learned from pursuing his. When he’s not storm-chasing or speaking, Greg enjoys life at home in Regina, Saskatchewan spending time with his children, and of course – cheering for his beloved Saskatchewan Roughriders.

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Leave Your Best Legacy: "I'm Just a Tornado Hunter"

Greg’s most popular presentation is on Legacy.  I’m just a Tornado Hunter, is a tongue-in-cheek approach to how we view our careers, our passion, our lives – and how it is so important to leave the best legacy we can during our brief time here.  Using the jaw dropping imagery he has collected from years in the field, Greg tells the story of how he got to where he is today; chasing his passion, chasing tornados, seeking freedom and joy, following a ‘bucket-list’ philosophy and encouraging others to do the same.  The presentation is simultaneously serious and hilarious, always compelling, and leaves audience members awestruck.

Risk-taking vs Recklessness

As the first person to stream a tornado live in Canada, Greg Johnson has had the type of career that most people only dream about.  In 2015 Greg was selected as one of Canada’s top 100 explorers joining the ranks of Chris Hadfield and David Suzuki.

What drives a seemingly sane individual to chase a tornado for the opportunity of a perfect photo? Building a legacy for your family, your business and your community requires hard work, vision and sacrifice. However, none of it would be possible if you aren’t around to enjoy it. Every news reporter knows that getting the story is important, but getting back out to TELL that story is more important. Greg uses the metaphor of storm chasing to relate the message that situational awareness, preparation and implementation are the real keys to success.

Greg will take you on an emotional journey as he shares his stories and experiences.  Taking risks in life is important, but there is a difference between taking risks and being reckless.

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