Ian Tyson

Ian Tyson

Author, Award-Winning Comic, Master Story-Teller and Insightful Entertainer

Ian Tyson

Since his very first show in 1989, Ian Tyson has strived to entertain and inspire people across North America with his unique brand of “Comedy with a Message”. Ian’s passion is always on full display during his presentations, with high-energy humor and heart-warming relatable stories of overcoming obstacles and making a difference in the lives of others.

An author, award-winning comic, master story-teller and insightful entertainer, Ian has performed for millions of people in the education market and corporate clients in his career across the continent and around the world. His “Hero Inside”, “Unlearn” and “Hooray For Everything!” shows have been creating positive change for tens of thousands of people every year.

Ian’s book, “Hooray For Everything! The Optimist Manifesto” is a collection of motivational stories, tips, and rants about positive attitude in the life we all live, and has been read and raved about all across the continent.

Whether he is presenting to a conference or school audience, conducting leadership or team building workshops or emceeing a corporate event; Ian will challenge any crowd to look at the world around them differently and make positive changes.


    Ian’s flagship presentation; this show is a journey back through childhood, into the school years and beyond. Using humour and story-telling to relate messages like; overcoming obstacles and challenges, finding your best self, social habits that we all cling to, kindness, cultivating a sense of community, respect, creating and cherishing memories, and discovering your inner hero.


    Based on material from his book of the same name, this show looks deep into our choices and habits, and how they affect our attitude as we go through this life. Audiences will be engaged in this interactive presentation and take away lessons like, how we treat each other, finding happiness, regaining our childhood optimism, balancing life and technology, taking time for “real” people and the lens through with we look at life.


    Ian’s newest presentation is a creative collaboration with the social enterprise “unlearn” (unlearn.com) to examine our world and how we see it. Exploring concepts like knowledge, learning skills, critical thinking, equality/equity, relationships, prejudices, preconceived notions and behaviour, this presentation utilizes observational humour, personal stories and multimedia to deliver more than just surface motivation. These concepts are made relatable and accessible to all.


    Ian’s long career as a professional speaker and his experience as a stand-up comic make him an ideal choice as an event emcee. He brings a very down to earth, self deprecating style to his delivery that will entertain your audience and make them feel at ease. As an emcee, Ian is a consummate professional and knows how to keep an event moving. He knows how to let your people be the focus, and when it’s time to take a moment to pick the crowd up. Whether it’s an awards banquet, sales meeting, or corporate retreat, Ian will keep them laughing when needed and make the event one to remember. Ian prides himself on working closely with clients to ensure that he brings a personalized touch to his duties. After working with you, he will seamlessly bring “in-jokes” and knowledge of your industry to the stage that will make your event shine.


    Ian’s years of experience as a Leadership Facilitator can be put to good use by your company at retreats, training events, and sales meetings. Whether it’s getting a small group to work better as a team, creating a greater sense of trust or creating a better and more positive corporate climate, Ian can lead both large and small groups through exercises and workshops that will give them the tools they need. Customized Workshops and Training topics include: Team and Trust Building, Time Management, Goal Setting, Event Planning and Management, Conflict Resolution and many more. Other workshops can be written or adapted based on individual needs of your group.

Ian's infectious optimistic approach to life has made a difference in the lives of many.
Wes MAESTRO Williams
Juno Award Winner & Author of "Stick To Your Vision"
As the 18 year old founder of an organization dedicated to promoting acceptance and stopping bullying, I am confident that Ian's voice is exactly what people (both young and old) are craving.
Emily-Anne Rigal
Founder of WeStopHate.org
Ian's love of life is evident in his performance. He is very animated and is clearly enjoying himself. He works hard on stage to deliver a high energy show, and he gets across his message without preaching or lecturing. He uses age-appropriate humour that might seem silly or even immature to an adult, but the students lap it up and just howl at the jokes!
Jan Duffield
Leadership Teacher, FE Madill Secondary School
Not only were we entertained by your humour and personal anecdotes, we were reminded of what is important in life - challenging ourselves and taking the time to make connections with those around us.
Jennifer Boin
Student Council Advisor , St. Mary's High School

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