Irshad Manji

Irshad Manji

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Director of the Moral Courage Project, University Professor, Human Rights Activist and Best Selling Author

Irshad Manji is founder of Moral Courage College, which teaches businesses, higher ed institutions, and K-12 schools to turn contentious issues into constructive conversations — and shared action.

Her latest bestseller, Don!t Label Me, is a primer on how to achieve diversity without division. Fun fact: the comic Chris Rock calls her book “genius.” Another fun fact: Not everyone agrees with Chris Rock.

A professor of leadership at New York University for many years, Irshad now teaches with Oxford University!s Initiative for Global Ethics and Human Rights. She is the first winner of Oprah Winfrey’s “Chutzpah Award” for boldness

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Speaking topics

How to Make Diversity Truly Inclusive

The phrase is everywhere: “Diversity and Inclusion.” To our pattern-seeking brains, it suggests that diversity comes before inclusion. Wrong.

Behavioral science repeatedly confirms that a culture of inclusion must are fostered at
the same time. That’s because everybody from “BIPOC communities” to “white straight
guys,” conservatives and progressives, younger and older, need to trust that they’ll be
treated with respect under the banner of diversity. In the absence of trust, differences
plant seeds of resentment — and, ultimately, of conflict.

So how do we create a truly inclusive culture? Prof. Irshad Manji, bestselling author of
Don’t Label Me, Oxford scholar, and founder of the award-winning Moral Courage
College, will reveal the answers. In this fireside chat, you will learn:

* Where mainstream diversity programs go wrong.
* What the difference is between “honest diversity” and “dishonest diversity.”
* How to reconcile social justice and free speech.
* Why labeling people is easy but listening takes guts.
* Who to think about when you need a hint to do diversity and inclusion well. (You’ll
never guess!)

Above all, Prof. Manji will teach us the skills to engage productively across differences
and divides. Prepare not only to be inspired, but also to be impactful with your newfound insights about courageous communication

Moral Courage in Messy Times

With Americans reeling from a botched response to the pandemic, deepening cynicism about economic opportunity, heartbreak over continued racial injustice, and amplified noise from media left and right, it’s time to voice what we’re all thinking: Does this country have a hope?

Yes, says Irshad Manji, as long as we the people develop moral courage. Robert F. Kennedy defined moral courage as being more important than “bravery in battle or even great intelligence.” It is, he added, “the one essential, vital quality” for changing a stubborn world. And with expert guidance, more of us can build our moral courage muscles.

As founder of the ground-breaking Moral Courage College, Irshad Manji provides that guidance. She inspires each of us to take a stand for what we believe as well as to engage those who believe the opposite. Backed by scientific research and driven by the need for solutions, Manji offers this game-changing insight: Only by turning disagreement into engagement will any of us cut through the noise and be heard.

Her tips, techniques, and tactics can be applied immediately – with results that are sure to surprise the skeptics. She doesn’t talk about what’s possible. She shows it.

Whether addressing employees, congregations, educators, students, or everyday citizens, Irshad Manji is the Moral Courage Mentor summoned by our messy times.

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Irshad Manji

Irshad Manji and Cornel West: How do we the people talk to each other when we disagree about what justice means?

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