Jay Acunzo

Jay Acunzo

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Author & Host of Unthinkable

Jay Acunzo is one of the world’s most sought-after business storytellers.

He’s worked in marketing roles at Google, ESPN, HubSpot, and the venture capital firm NextView, and both billion-dollar brands and brand new startups have turned to him to develop original podcasts and documentaries to shape their markets.

He’s the author of the book Break the Wheel and host of the award-winning podcast Unthinkable whose stories have helped millions of people question best practices, ship more creative work, and grow bigger by resonating deeper.

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The Urge to Act: Write & Speak in Ways that Influence Markets and Drive Results

We spend a ton of time communicating with our prospects, customers, and teams, but too often it feels like we’re shouting into the void. When we speak, we hope they act, but it rarely happens that way.

But what if we could stop demanding action and start to inspire it?

It turns out the most effective storytellers in the world have changed the way they communicate in order to resonate deeper than the rest. This creates an urge to act in others.

It’s not a gift from the Muse. It’s a learned craft. And in this inspiring yet practical talk from Jay Acunzo, you’ll learn to master it.

Together, we’ll learn the difference between good storytellers and effective storytellers, as well as the 4 types of stories used by the most inspiring leaders — and how to structure your own words for maximum impact.

Whether we want to align our teams, recruit top talent, or earn and keep customers, when we show up as effective storytellers, we serve others better and ourselves too. We can stop demanding a response and start inspiring it.

Are you ready to create the urge to act?

Attendees will learn:

  • The difference between good storytellers and effective ones

  • The 4 types of stories every communicator needs to inspire action

  • Simple but powerful techniques to instantly elevate your communication from forgettable to high-impact

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Speaker testimonials

Jay Acunzo is relevant, thought-provoking, and entertaining. While Jay is a sought after speaker with a big resume of experience, he is also approachable and eager to tailor his presentations to the audience’s needs. He provides realistic and actionable takeaways that all levels of professionals want to implement.”

Beck Technology

Jay was the opening keynote at our first-ever internal marketing knowledge exchange. Everything we were hoping for, he delivered, and then some. He clearly had spent time looking into our brand, he was funny and kept the audience captivated, and above all else, he was truly inspirational. The crowd kept nodding throughout, and our team approached me after to say how much they loved the presentation.

Corporate Communications, PTC

Jay’s energy and approach is infectious and entertaining, leaving your attendees with a feeling that they learned a few valuable things that get them thinking for both the short and long term. A few told us they now had their marching orders for the coming year. He was a huge hit.


I would definitely recommend Jay to any event organizer who is looking for something fresh and different for their event. Besides the content, Jay had our audience laughing. Many of our guests attend multiple events per year, in which they see the same old topics and presentations. Jay’s presentation not only has quality content and a great message, but his performance is engaging, funny, and real.


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