Jean David

Jean David

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Innovation and Marketing Guru, Pioneer and Builder of the Cirque du Soleil

Born in Quebec city, Jean David was a pioneering force in the creation of the Cirque du Soleil where he served as marketing vice-president for 15 years.  He is one of the original architects of Cirque du Soleil as described in The Blue Ocean Strategy.

Those who know Jean David consider him a man of vision and passion as well as a strong-willed entrepreneur. His creativity and ability to act outside normal boundaries have proven to be remarkable.

Above all, he is a communications and idea man who has taken on the most daunting of challenges: understanding our environment and creating solutions to the issues confronting us.

His ideas and insights about society and communications and the role creativity can play in promoting change and innovation are capturing the imagination of business leaders around the World.  He excels particularly with leaders and managers by fostering a climate and attitude that facilitates the emergence of the future.

Self-taught, he published: Quel Cirque! a book about Cirque du Soleil’s fabulous adventure, where he presents his vision of society and invites us to make room for creativity.

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Speaking topics

What a Cirque! Innovation at work

Tinged with humor, this keynote is the inspiring story of how Leadership and Innovation contributed to the success of the Internationally renowned Cirque du Soleil. In the 15 years he spent as the VP or Marketing, Jean David has led teams in marketing, management, communications and growth. Today, he shares strategies, concepts and tools with the public, so that they can apply them to their own growth strategy.

Engage - Empower - Energize - Change!

Jean David shares the leadership skills he used to create a culture of innovation at the Cirque de Soleil. His process of “Engage-Empower-Energize” as a business transformation solution for companies and organizations who want to take advantage of change to reinvent themselves and guarantee their future sustainability.

Mobilize to Innovate: The art of moving people, companies, and communities forward together!

Innovation in our societies is a living, evolving and moving force. Today, to be able to grasp and implement it, we need to mobilize! The source of innovation remains human intelligence, and the urgent need to innovate in our businesses, organizations and communities requires the mobilization of all the individuals who make them up.

To achieve this, Jean David proposes a new technology of social innovation. A simple process that takes the form of a public event to express, actualize and bring together the dreams, values and ambitions of all the individuals in a group, and that establishes a culture of innovation and therefore an environment of collective intelligence. The future is out there, waiting for us to let it into our daily lives. The world needs new ideas.

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JEAN DAVID - Keynote Speaker

Speaker testimonials

Really an excellent presentation, we couldn’t think of a better way to launch our conference.

Society for Teaching and Learning in Higher Education

A charming speaker with a sharp edge and an extraordinary story, in short, a true inspiration for all our people.

China International Performing Arts Fair

Great conference! David quickly won the audience. His expertise has been beneficial to the world of the camps. We would have taken more!

Association des Camps du Québec

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