Jennifer Botterill

Three-Time Olympic Hockey Gold Medalist, Harvard Graduate, Motivational Keynote Speaker, NHL Broadcaster

Jennifer Botterill

Jennifer Botterill is one of Canada’s most Successful Athletes and Olympians.

She was a member of the Canadian Women’s Hockey Team for fourteen years and attended 4 Olympic Games winning three Olympic Gold Medals (2002, 2006, 2010) and a Silver Olympic Medal (1998).  She is a five-time World Champion who was twice named the most valuable player at the World Championship tournaments.  Jennifer played a key role on the Vancouver 2010 Women’s hockey team that was highlighted by assisting in scoring the Gold medal winning goal.

Jennifer is the CEO and President of two companies – Excel in in Life Inc and Journey to Excel Inc.  She has been inspiring audiences as a keynote speaker for over 15 years and is driven to help others to reach their potential.  She has been a leader for development and mentorship and runs corporate retreats for professional development.

A Harvard University graduate, Jennifer completed her degree with honours and played hockey for Harvard as the team Captain. She is the only two-time winner of the Patty Kazmaier award – given to the top player in women’s college hockey.

Jennifer also works as a television broadcaster and is an analyst for the NHL’s New York Islanders with MSG Networks.  During her career she has worked with TSN, Sportsnet, and CBC in various roles covering Hockey Canada, the Winter Olympics and the NHL.  In 2020, Jennifer was an in-studio analyst for NBC’s historic first all-women’s broadcast team.

She has worked on projects for the International Olympic Committee (IOC) and the International Ice Hockey Federation (IIHF). Jennifer is an ambassador for Right to Play and has worked with many charities including Kidsport, Children’s Wish Foundation, Sick Kids, Can Fund, Hockey Canada Foundation, and the Canadian Cancer Society.

Jennifer is a captivating and dynamic bilingual keynote speaker who takes the time to get to know how to provide the most powerful impact for your audience. She is authentic and sincere in her delivery style and provides meaningful content.  She offers your audience take away tools that they can apply to their lives immediately.  Entertaining, encouraging, insightful and thought provoking, Jennifer helps audiences see the value of perspective and inspires them to feel motivated to reach their full potential.

  1. Why Not You? How to Excel in Life and Business

    In this keynote Jennifer focuses on how to reach new levels of excellence in your personal and professional life.  She addresses the importance of setting high standards for yourself in every capacity.  Jennifer provides tools that her audience can start to apply on a daily basis.  She encourages an approach for sustainable excellence and provides techniques on how to perform at your best on a consistent level. Jennifer shares techniques to help with preparation and she discusses the critical importance of time management.  She helps people to strive towards their ideal performance state and to take a ‘no regrets’ approach to each day.  Jennifer wants every person to think about the lasting impact that they would like to create in their lives, and she will help them to achieve this.

  2. Resiliency! Thriving in a Changing Environment
    The path that we face isn’t always as we may have imagined.  Jennifer addressees the benefits of adapting to change.  We have a choice to make every day, and Jennifer demonstrates how we can learn to shift our perspective to make the most of our environment. Jennifer shares stories and messages that have helped her on her evolving path through life, sport and business.  She provides examples on how we need to do things differently to get better results that we have in the past.  Jennifer shares ideas on how to be productive and efficient in every way.  She teaches how to control potential distractions and how to maintain a strong level of focus.  She encourages people to strive towards new excellence – in any environment.
  3. Teamwork! The Journey to Success Together
    Jennifer has decades of experience in various team settings!  She recognizes the value of teamwork and shares lessons that have been the most valuable. Jennifer demonstrates the benefits of bringing out the best in those around you.  She helps teams and organizations to create a positive culture.  Each person has an attitude that has the potential to be very contagious.  She knows that it can be extremely helpful to create healthy competition and to embrace a positive rivalry in many situations.  Each role within a team is equally important, and Jennifer teaches how to shift your perspective to help the group to succeed.
  4. Women In Business! Reaching new levels of excellence
Jennifer was amazing! She was engaging, a great storyteller, and her message was extremely well aligned to our event. We could tell she took the time to understand who we are as an organization and drew parallels so well on how we can all find balance and strive for excellence in our everyday. ​
Jennifer Botterill spoke exceptionally well to Deloitte's Next Generation CIO Academy. She was engaging, honest, thoughtful and funny. The audience was extremely absorbed in her message, and Jennifer presented us with numerous words to live by. Many in the audience even took notes on her presentation, a strong vote of confidence from a group of senior leaders. In short, I would not hesitate to have Jennifer back to engage broader audiences at Deloitte.
Jennifer Botterill – our keynote speaker at four events, each with a different audience and all very successful! Jennifer is a proud and patriotic, family-centred woman with a ready laugh who demonstrates an open desire to interact with the guests/attendees. Her energetic and goal-oriented style is authentic, sincere, and positive. Jennifer has an admirable ability to connect her presentation and personal successes to the audience with only a short briefing meeting in preparation for presenting. She delivers an impactful presentation that resonates with the attendees both on a professional and personal level – living in the moment but never losing sight of your goal; the critical importance of teamwork; the focus on others – that of making people around you better; the joy of celebrating others and sharing success; the magnitude of being supportive; and the significance of honouring the past – what and who got you to where you are.
Inspiring” “Captivating” “Dynamic” "These were the words used to describe Olympian Jennifer Botterill after her speech to over 300 surgeons at the 69th Annual Meeting of the Canadian Society of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery. You could have heard a pin drop in the room as the Canadian women’s hockey star delivered a talk on perseverance, teamwork, and following your dreams. Afterwards, the long lineup of people wanting an autograph or photo with Jennifer and her Olympic medals seemed to last forever and serves as a testament to her riveting speech and powerful impact on the audience. “When she spoke of the joy that she felt when she saw her teammates receive their gold medals after the Olympic hockey final game, I understood what it meant to be part of a real team and to lift up those around you so we can all perform at our best”. She is an accomplished speaker who graciously connects with an audience and delivers a message of teamwork, effort, and dedication. Jennifer, thank you for being a part of our meeting and inspiring our group to work together and go ‘faster, higher, stronger’.
I frequently entertain some of my most valuable and important clients at fundraising events for the Canadian Olympic Foundation, and have been fortunate enough to watch and listen to Jennifer first-hand as a keynote speaker at some of these events. Notwithstanding how high the bar is set for Jennifer given her athletic and educational accomplishments, and her reputation as a motivational speaker, Jennifer always exceeds expectations. She has a captivating on-stage presence and that special ability to instantly connect with her audience. Her messages about hard work, dedication, positive attitude, and mental clarity and focus to reach goals and overcome obstacles resonate deeply with the audience, and in ways that allow audience members to tailor those messages to personal experiences and challenges. Jennifer’s one of a kind and would make any client event memorable.

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