JJ Brun

JJ Brun

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Retired Spy, Expert Business Communicator for Optimal Results

JJ Brun, better known as “The Retired Spy”, is a Human Behaviour and Communications Specialist.

Trained by the military to operate in hostile environments and get buy-in from even the most reluctant person, JJ is truly someone who has walked the walk. As a member of the Canadian Forces, working oversees where, amid the chaos of blurred front lines and unstable loyalties, JJ established one of the largest networks of local contacts pulling in critical and timely information that saved many lives.

JJ’s expertise and highly developed skills within the field of Human Behaviour is recognized internationally in utilizing Decoding Human Capital as a business strategy in order to provide communication solutions that drive business results.

JJ is a best-selling Author, Senior Master Trainer and a Professional Speaker dedicated to positively impacting on how people relate and communicate. JJ now works with business leaders who want to learn how Decoding Human Capital and Thinking Like a Spy can give them a competitive edge…in business and in their personal lives.
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Speaking topics

Getting Buy In for your Ideas

Have you ever had a great idea shot down? Discover the way to communicate and gain buy-in when presenting an idea every time you speak. World-class communicator, JJ Brun, shares three secret keys that will equip you to connect with any group, for maximum impact. Imagine what you could accomplish when you:

  • learn why many people fail to be convincing
  • learn to identify the communication patterns for an individual or group
  • learn how to present an idea, in four different ways, to ensure buy-in

How to effectively read people and their intentions

Everybody wants to read people and yet…nobody wants to be read! People exhibit both conscious and unconscious symptoms (clues & cues) that you can read to determine if they are being open and honest or evasive and untruthful. World-class communicator, JJ Brun, shares key insights using proven Decoding Human Capital strategies to effectively read people. Imagine what you could accomplish when you:

  • learn how to decode and assess a person’s model of the world
  • learn the 4’ings to connecting by design
  • learn why and how to establish RAPPORT with people

Decoding Human Capital: Making Sense of the People Puzzle

Do you want to achieve better results with your most valuable resource? How about creating an environment of respect, open, honest communication, creativity and getting things done in a challenging economy? Would you like a secret to “out – perform” your competition? JJ Brun as a leading authority on Decoding Human Capital shares tips on how to make sense of the people puzzle. Imagine what you could accomplish when you:

  • learn four key principles to enhance productivity, communication and leadership skills
  • learn how to adjust your style to connect with the people in business and in your personal life
  • learn to create an environment that will celebrate people’s differences vs tolerate people’s differences

Video clips

JJ Brun: Aclueistic & Still Going Strong

JJ Brun en Français

Speaker testimonials

Recently, we were lucky enough to enjoy a key-note address delivered by JJ Brun. He addressed a group of about 100 folks, all with varied backgrounds and a wide spread of ages. Despite the differences in the audience, JJ delivered a presentation that applied to us all – decoding people we encounter day in and day out to better relate to and communicate with them. The presentation incorporated many personal stories from his time as a spy as well as lessons learned in his personal life, giving the talk added entertainment. All in all, it is difficult to find presenters who can bring entertainment to a presentation that can also be used for personal and professional development – but that is exactly what JJ offered us. Job well done!

Dustin Menger | President, Canadian Well Logging Society

JJ’s Keynote presentation for our non-profit society AGM was one of the most interesting and informative Keynote talks I’ve seen. Not only was he entertaining, but he provided a look into using the skills of a spy in everyday life and business. JJ is an inspiring speaker who spun a fun/exciting talk into something I now want to pursue to increase my day to day business success.

T. Yaxley Roke Technologies Ltd. (Re CWLS after dinner keynote) 

The session went well, and everyone was impressed with JJ’s presentation. JJ was both great as a presenter and went above and beyond in the lead up to the event. I couldn’t have asked for anything more.

Katrina Roberts | Department of National Defense

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