Joyce Odidison

Joyce Odidison

MA, PCC, CTDP, Workplace Conflict Analyst and Change Consultant, Compassion Fatigue, Resilience and Burnout Expert, Coach, Author.

Joyce Odidison

Frequently hospitalized with a series of mysterious illnesses, a string of food allergies and intolerance in her childhood meant that Joyce was often left out or sitting on the sidelines observing the interaction of her friends as they played.  She later learned that not being able to participate was part of her education on human interpersonal and conflict dynamics.  Today in her role as a Conflict Analyst and Interpersonal Wellness Expert and Coach, these early experiences gave her a unique ability to quickly analyze and resolve conflicts with individuals and groups.

At 21 years old, Joyce underwent a series of surgeries including losing a kidney and her adrenal gland which taught her her first lesson in being resilient.  It also prepared her in her current role as a teacher and coach who helps people effectively set healthy boundaries to conserve their energy to deal with burnout and build mental resilience.   It taught her how to deal with tough situations efficiently and began her journey to finding deeper meaning in her work.

After she witnessed a client having a heart attack in her office, she created her signature nine-dimensional life Wellness Improvement System® (WIS), a holistic well-being competency system with resilience at its core. WIS helps people become aware of where they are losing vital energy, so they can quickly make improvements in their life.  She now teaches, trains and certifies others to use WIS globally.

Joyce is the President of Interpersonal Wellness Services Inc. and she created her own International Coach Federation training certification and wellness facilitator program.  She also founded the Global Workplace Wellness Summit hosting two virtual summits per year, and a live summit in San Mateo, California, annually.

 As keynote speaker, certified coach, master trainer, and author of five books, Joyce loves to help audiences understand how to be more resilient and how to improve their well being and successfully navigate difficult changes and conflicts. Joyce is a certified training and development practitioner and holds a Masters Degree in Conflict Analysis and Management

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  1. Your Healthy Boundaries Blue Print

    Has your life gone off course? Do you feel like you’re on a treadmill and spinning your wheels but can’t find a way back to living your life well?  Are you having difficulty dealing with conflicts and difficult conversations?  Is your staff under performing and is stress leave and mental health impacting your bottom line?

    In this keynote, Joyce shares her 9 step process to get you and your organization back on track to performing optimally, You and your employees will be able to better manage change and conflicts and the workplace culture will create and retain engaged and happier employees.

  2. Managing Compassion Fatigue and Burn Out

    More professionals than ever are being affected by the stress and difficulties that come with caregiving, making them vulnerable to compassion fatigue. Learn the signs that you are becoming vulnerable and some ways to heal, improve your well-being and recover from compassion fatigue.  Joyce shares the 6 step process to understanding when you are dealing with compassion fatigue and burn out and she provides tools to get you back on track.

  3. The Diversity Matrix: Thrive in the Faces of Diversity at Work

    Are you sometimes confused about the increasing diversity at work? Learn to collaborate and address generational and other diversity conflicts.

  4. Relational Leadership Framework: How to Improve Relations With and Among Those You Lead

    Tired of resistance and butting heads with your team members? Ready to lead in a way that is resonant, collaborative and admirable? Joyce shares the Relational Leadership Framework and ten step process to help leaders improve relations with those they lead and guide their team members to have better working relationships. Leaders who learn the relational leadership framework report noticing an improvement in their relations and that of their employees more than 90% of the time.

Joyce’s keynote resonated with everyone in the room and each person took away something from her talk. Very transformational and engaging
Markus Chamber
Caribbean Heart Health Association
Joyce had the attention of everyone in the room, all ages engaged and connected with her presentation. It was very relevant to what people face in their daily lives
Dr. Rex Sokolies
Emergency Medicine Physician
“Joyce you provided a powerful keynote that had everyone on the edge of their seats and attentive. Thank you
Andrew Malazdrewicz
Herzing College

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