Joze Piranian

Award Winning Inspirational Tedx Speaker, Stand Up Comedian

Joze Piranian

After spending most of his life avoiding speaking due to a debilitating stutter, Joze Piranian is now a TEDx speaker, the recipient of the Inspirational Speaker of the year award in 2017 and a stand-up comedian who has performed in the US, Canada and the UK in English, French and Spanish. Two of his talks went viral online this year; they were viewed by more than three million people worldwide.
When delivering his transformational keynotes at conferences and organizations, Joze shares his tale of overcoming adversity to motivate others to face their fears, overcome their obstacles and skyrocket their true potential in both their professional and personal lives. Joze holds a Bachelor of Commerce and Psychology from McGill University and a Master of International Business from Queen’s University.
He is passionate about travelling and foreign languages – he stutters in six of them!

The take away from all of Joze’s keynotes is an increased sensitivity and empathy towards people who face challenges different to their own leading to improved communication, relationships and performance at work, school and in their personal life. A more nuanced understanding to build more effective Diversity & Inclusion workplace and school initiatives that focus equally on improving the environment while also empowering the individual to act in spite of fear and empowering individuals to face their own obstacles, fears, and insecurities and unlock their true potential

Joze is also a stand-up comedian who has performed in Edinburgh, NYC, Chicago, Toronto, Montreal and Beirut!

  1. Overcoming Adversity through the Lens of Diversity and Inclusion

    Recent years have proven that change is needed in terms of how we tackle Diversity and Inclusion as a society & organizations. In this signature talk, Joze shares his journey of overcoming the adversity of being different by discussing empowerment through self-acceptance, facing fears through repeated exposure to discomfort and the necessity of organizations’ leadership & HR professionals to develop a more nuanced understanding of the diverse challenges that an employee, prospective hire, supplier or client might be facing. Beyond merely labelling, D&I is a complex tango, it takes two: the empowerment of the individual and the inclusive acceptance from the other members of the organization. Actionable takeaways for building a culture of belonging will be shared, interspersed with lighthearted moments of comedy.

    Your audience will feel better informed, more empathetic and motivated to launch (or contribute) to D&I initiatives at the organization, within ERGs/Affinity Groups and in the community.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • ​Deepen a genuine understanding of why it’s necessary to create inclusive workplace cultures where individuals can show up authentically as their whole/best selves at work
    • Actionable takeaways for fostering psychological safety, inclusion,  belonging and engagement

    • Enhancing the capacity to display courage, self-acceptance, persistence and resilience

  2. Conquering Fears, Building Resilience and Skyrocketing your Potential

    Recent societal and personal changes in our lives have made one thing clear: every single human being needs to grow their resilience and capacity for overcoming discomfort and fears.

    Drawing from his personal journey of overcoming adversity, from holding back immensely due to a debilitating stutter to performing on stages worldwide, Joze Piranian will deliver his concrete blueprint for confronting challenges, building unshakeable resilience, defeating the discomfort of learning new skills to thrive, and reframing our relationship with fears in order to thrive amidst uncertainty. The transformational insights of his award winning keynote will be infused with hilarious comedic moments (as performed at the Laugh Factory).

    Your audience will feel invigorated, moved, entertained and transformed to start taking the steps to overcome their “inner stutter” and unlock their fullest potential at work and in life!

    Learning Outcomes:

    ​Roadmap for identifying current fears and obstacles that are currently reducing potential

    • Actionable takeaways for building confidence to overcome professional & personal challenges

    • Enhancing the capacity of courage, self-acceptance, persistence and resilience

  3. Skyrocketing student potential through inclusion and resilience

    How can your students become the absolute best versions of themselves? How can they own what makes them unique instead of worrying about fitting in? How can they be the most empathetic, understanding & empowering allies to those who have been marginalized in one way or another?

    Joze shares his journey of overcoming the adversity of being different by discussing empowerment by cultivating self-acceptance, facing fears through repeated exposure to discomfort and the necessity of students to develop a more nuanced understanding of the diverse challenges that a peer might be experiencing.

    Beyond merely labelling, Diversity & Inclusion is a complex tango, it takes two: the empowerment of the individual on the one hand and the inclusive acceptance from their peers on the other. Actionable takeaways for building a culture of inclusion and belonging will be shared, in addition to a blueprint for how to face obstacles, fears and insecurities on order to fulfill one’s potential. The keynote will also include some moments of lightheartedness and humour.

    Learning Outcomes:

    • Students will enhance their capacity of courage, persistence and resilience

    • Students will enhance their understanding of inclusivity and empathy

    • Students will gain confidence through humour, self-acceptance and coping skills

Joze was the closing keynote speaker at the Advocis National Symposium in Saskatoon, SK. He was inspiring, authentic engaging and vulnerable. He had the perfect blend of humour and seriousness and was able to relate and connect to each person in the audience as we learned that each of us has a fear holding us back. His personal story of going through his fear and overcoming what would once seemed impossible was inspiring and shifted my perspective. His story and message is one that every person should hear as when we face our fears our potential grows exponentially and we are not the only ones that benefit when we face our fear. I highly recommend him as a keynote speaker for conferences, corporate events and for schools. You’ll never look at your fears the same again.
Andrea Hansen
Partner at Sutton Financial Group, Saskatoon, Canada
In February 2018 as the speakers director of TEDxQueensU, I had the honour of watching Joze Piranian perform in front of 500 students and community members at the Isabel Bader Centre in Kingston, Ontario. We gave Joze the tough task of leading of our day long conference and to put it simply, he blew us all away. I cannot imagine anyone to have better captivated, motivated and energized our audience on a weekend morning. Joze does an incredible job at injecting humour into a very real topic and crafts a message that can apply to people of all walks of life. Additionally, not only is Joze phenomenal on stage but he was extremely enjoyable to work with in the 6 months leading up to the conference. Whether you are searching for someone to entertain, inspire or to make people laugh, I would highly recommend booking Joze Piranian at your even
Paul Vollmershausen
Director at TEDxQueensU 2018
“I am delighted to recommend Joze Piranian as an inspiring mentor to youth. In my various capacities as Founder of Brain Power Enrichment Programs, an active contributor to the Greater Toronto Area community, I am well positioned to comment on Joze's ability to share his knowledge and story in a way that makes students want to improve their own public speaking abilities and to face their own fears. Joze's participation as a guest speaker at Brain Power this fall ('18) was a memorable and inspiring experience for our students. His consistently warm and welcoming attitude makes him easy to relate to. Some of my students are still quoting some of the inspiring tidbits Joze shared with them!”
Dr Karine Rashkovsky
Founder and Director at Brain Power
I think the most sincere way to write a testimonial for Joze, is to share the note I wrote to him after hearing him speak in Los Angeles, where he addressed a group of senior executives in the Media & Entertainment industry, and has all of us utterly captivated. This is what I wrote to him”: “Dear Joze: What an absolute pleasure to meet you this evening at the Skirball Center ...and a fellow Torontonian to boot! So enjoyed and appreciated you sharing your journey and your message with our conference. To say we were inspired and moved by your keynote address, would be an understatement. You’re truly someone who walks the walk in the most sincere and real way - amazing how you’ve faced down your fears and embraced your obstacles - turning them into your greatest asset. The world needs more people like you! Thank you so much for sharing yourself with us today. Please let me know if I can ever help you in any way - it would be a pleasure to be called upon. Kindest regards Timothy” I meant every word of what I wrote. Joze is indeed an amazing and inspiring young man and anyone who hears him can’t help but be moved by his courage and fearlessness. It is a privilege to refer him.
Timothy Sheehee
VP Media & Entertainment at Birlasoft

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