Judy Croon

Comedian, Motivational Speaker, Second City Stand-Up Coach, Radio Host and Author

Judy Croon

Judy Croon is Canada’s Keynote Humorist, Tedx motivational speaker, comedian and stand-up coach at Second City. She has worked with many celebrities including; John Cleese, Jon Stewart, and Joan Rivers.

Her specials have appeared on NBC, CBS, CTV and The Comedy Network.

She is a co-author of ‘From the Stage to the Page: Life Lessons from Four Funny Ladies!” 

Judy draws from her standup performance and coaching experience to entertain, inform and inspire in her dynamic keynote entitled, ‘Relieving Work Related Stress with Humour’.

Judy is the creator/host of ‘Laughlines’ and ‘Stand Up For The Girls’ which have both helped raise over $650,000 for breast cancer research.

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  1. Relieving Work Related Stress with Humour

    Judy draws from her standup performance experience to entertain, inform and inspire in this dynamic keynote. Stress is a major cause of most illnesses, and humour is an amazing way to relieve it. Harvard studies show that when we are stressed, our brain shrinks. However, when we laugh, we relax; and when we relax, we learn. Judy’s hilarious and inspirational session explores seven stress-relieving ingredients: a positive attitude, perseverance, forgiveness, teamwork, family and friends, mental activity and physical activity.

    Judy shows clients:

    • How to cope with information overload
    • How to appreciate the incredible medical benefits of humour
    • How to make happiness a mindset
    • How to increase their chances of surviving a heart attack by five times and increase their   lifespan and quality of life by laughing
    • How to increase their brain’s reasoning and decision-making
    • The surprising key to motivation and the most important gift they can give to their child
  2. Taming Office Hecklers - Dealing with Difficult People

    In showbiz, a heckler is a person in the audience who disrupts the show. In business, a heckler is the person who disrupts the flow.

    The strategies that Judy has developed as a performer in dealing with hecklers also work in an office environment. These strategies:

    • improve productivity
    • decrease bullying and absenteeism
    • lower your stress levels
    • make everyone LAUGH more

    In this half-day workshop, Judy will show you how to capitalize on the 3 difficult personalities:

    • Bullies
    • Snipers
    • Buffoons

    For each personality, let her show you how to maintain your:

    • Control
    • Poise
    • Rhythm

    Stress can cost your company 20 hours/per month/per employee of productivity and 70% of employees who are targeted by hecklers leave their jobs!

Judy, thank you for your gracious and truly professional presentation. It was a delight working with you and we look forward to the next opportunity.
Purdue University
Judy, we are getting rave reviews from our agents and support staff that attended our kick off event this morning. As our keynote in the morning (lacking alcohol), this event either hits or misses. You hit it out of the park!! You were funny but also had a very clear message to deliver. Your topic ‘Relieving Stress with Humour’ was well received. It is very hard to keep over 300 people totally spell bound for an hour! But you did! Congratulations. You are an excellent speaker. Funny, captivating and smart!
Royal Lepage
Judy, our group tremendously enjoyed your keynote ‘Relieving Stress with Humour’. Your humour and anecdotes left us laughing right from the start. Your seven points to relieve stress was a clever mix of thoughtful insights backed by research. Combined with your stories, the audience felt like they could truly relate. Your interactive exercises gave us an opportunity to participate and get to know you and each other. ‘Relieving Stress with Humour’ is truly a gem of a keynote that lives up to its title. Highly recommended to provide fun, entertainment, and inspiration.
Early Childhood Resource Teacher Network of Ontario
Judy was such a wonderful emcee at our gala fundraiser that we invites her back again this year! Her comedy kept our guests laughing all night and she carried the evening with an easy flow and great professionalism. I would highly recommend her to anyone if you are looking to elevate your event.
Charles H Best Diabetes Centre
We hired Judy as an emcee for a gala dinner we hold every year in Toronto. Judy was a true professional, easy to work with, kept our audience engaged and of course laughing. She is definitely top in her field and I highly recommend hiring Judy for any corporate event.
Financial Planning Standards Council
You don’t usually hear accountants laugh that much. A very good topic on why humour is so important to our mental and physical well being.
Certified Management Accountants of Ontario

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