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Karyn Gordon

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Leadership and Relationship Expert | Maximizing Performance

Dr. Karyn Gordon’s purpose is to develop great leaders who drive success both at home and work. A bestselling author, top 10 TEDx speaker, and media personality, Gordon has delivered over 1000 keynotes to more than half a million people across 17 countries — including Fortune 500 companies, entrepreneurs, and government agencies. She draws on her extensive research into leadership, relationships, and emotional intelligence to help audiences foster the skills needed to lead in the 21st century.

Gordon is currently the founder and CEO of DK Leadership, a global leadership coaching company specializing in emotional intelligence skills for organizations and families. Known for her expertise, Gordon is often featured in national media outlets and is currently the leadership and relationship expert on Canada’s #1 daytime show, Cityline. She has previously worked with Good Morning AmericaForbes, and The New York Times. Gordon is also a bestselling author with her most recent book, The Three Chairs: How Great Leaders Drive Their Teams’ Communication, Productivity, and Engagement, becoming a Wall Street JournalUSA Today, and Amazon bestseller.

A dynamic speaker, Gordon’s most recent TEDx talk “Why Confidence is the Secret to Great Leaders at Work and Home” ranked #6 on TEDx Talk’s Top 10 World’s Chart ranking their most popular talks in 2022. She excels at communicating complex research in a simple and passionate way, and specializes in building effective multi-generational workforces and increasing engagement, productivity, and retention. Her past clients have included Pepsi, Credit Union, Young Presidents Organization, Entrepreneur Organization, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Canadian Tax Foundation, Ontario Family Judges, the University of Alberta, and the Government of Alberta.

Gordon has a bachelor’s in psychology, a master’s in counseling, and a doctorate in marriage and family. She has also completed several specialty leadership certifications with extensive research into generational differences, leadership, and emotional intelligence.

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Speaking topics

The Power of Resilience, Stress Management & Re-fuelling

The topic of wellness and emotion management has never been more important for teams and organizations. Even before COVID, anxiety, loneliness and burn-out were being reported at never-before-seen numbers, and leaders of all levels are now struggling with how to cope.

In this inspiring and practical keynote, audiences will learn:

  • Current research to understand the impact of stress, anxiety, resilience and burnout for employees.
  • How stress impacts communication, performance and emotional energy.
  • Why employees need to prioritize self-care and wellness (it’s a requirement for high performance!)
  • What are 3 practical steps all levels of leaders can do (starting today) to decrease their stress and increase their productivity.

The Three Chairs: How Great Leaders Drive Their Teams’ Communication, Productivity, and Engagement

When we study GREAT leaders, we discover powerful patterns in their everyday behavior. These patterns include how they lead their teams, inspire their people, give feedback, manage conflict, take initiative on their most important objectives, carefully manage their time and energy, take responsibility for their choices, and manage change under pressure. All of these skills depend on their attitude and Emotional Intelligence (EQ), so it’s not surprising that research confirms that 90% of top performers across all industries are high in EQ. Although IQ is genetic, EQ can be learned by anyone wanting to be successful in their life and career!

Audiences will learn:

  • The three different attitudes or “the three chairs”.
  • How these three attitudes impact (positively or negatively) leadership, performance, communication, conflict resolution, problem solving, emotion management, risk-taking, engagement, and retention.
  • Three practical strategies to start building a healthy attitude/EQ in yourself and those around you to drive communication, productivity, and engagement.

Please note that all of Dr. Karyn Gordon’s speaking topics can be delivered in a workshop format.

Maximizing Generational Differences to Foster Thriving Workplaces

It’s not easy managing today’s multi-generational workforce, with managers often struggling to balance competing needs and priorities. Dr. Karyn Gordon, who has worked closely with leading organizations and specializes in managing younger generations, strongly believes that developing great managers and mentors is the glue that holds the multi-generational workforce together. Specifically, when managers learn how to exercise their power of influence instead of their power of authority — this superpower fuels productivity, communication, engagement, and retention.

Audiences will learn:

  • How to understand the “cultural DNA” of all five generations (including Gen Z).
  • How Gen Y is different from previous generations — and why this is critical to leading them effectively.
  • How to uncover and maximize the powerful strengths of younger generations.
  • Three practical strategies, that are time and cost effective, for building an effective multi-generational workforce.

Giving and Receiving Feedback: Why This Emotional Intelligence Skill Can Strengthen or Destroy Teams

Dr. Karyn Gordon believes learning how to give and receive feedback is the cornerstone of effective management and leadership for all generations. Unfortunately, research tells us that many managers often don’t know how to give feedback effectively, with employees often complaining that their performance reviews are too vague and infrequent to be effective. Without proper training, organizations run the risk of seeing employees disengage or quit altogether because of infrequent or ineffective feedback.

Audience will learn:

  • How to understand the “cultural DNA” of all five generations (including Gen Z).
  • How the various generations give and receive feedback differently.
  • Why giving and receiving feedback can either energize or destroy teams.
  • The three simple strategies for all generations to give and receive feedback effectively.

The Six Ps to Maximizing Engagement and Energizing Workplace Cultures

Workplace Engagement drives performance, job satisfaction, culture, and retention. While leaders within progressive companies usually recognize the importance of engagement, they are often unsure about how they can improve it within their organization. Dr. Karyn Gordon will walk through strategies to foster an engaged and energized work culture that inspires employees to reach greater levels of productivity while encouraging/generating higher rates of retention.

Audiences will learn:

  • The six Ps of engagement.
  • The difference between energy-management and time-management.
  • The benefits of maximizing engagement: Synergized and energized cultures, happy employees, loyalty, and retention.
  • The costs of disengagement: Burn-out, low morale, and quitting.
  • Five effective ways for companies to achieve high performance by becoming more fully engaged.

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Speaker testimonials

Dr. Karyn’s presentation elicited a high level of interest from the Ottawa Catholic School Board community, with over 600 parents and educators attending… The feedback from parents was overwhelmingly positive… I highly recommend her as a keynote speaker. She is dynamic, relevant and engages her audience with humour, passion and pragmatic advice that can be applied at both home and work.

Ottawa Catholic School Board

Dr. Karyn’s keynote was the highlight of our 3-day business conference!

Maple Leaf Foods

Input from students and staff indicate that it was a huge success… one student said that it was the BEST presentation that they’ve ever attended! Students say that the role-playing stuck in their minds, and that they will be able to remember key points as they think about their relationships!

Lakefield College School

Karyn was a great choice and the topic was perfect for us. Our group gave rave reviews. Karyn was very engaging, interesting, knowledgeable and entertaining. My expectation were exceeded and I would highly recommend her.

Karen L | Doolys

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