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Kate Davis

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Humour in the Workplace, Work–Life Balance

A comedian, writer, keynote speaker, mother of 3 and actress, Kate Davis has the unique ability to find humour in any situation.

Kate’s generous Insight and outspoken character, provides a powerful combination to help organizations empower their staff with effective tools for managing stress and sustaining motivation.

Theatrically trained in England, Kate returned to Canada to a successful run on the Canadian stage. From the theatrical stage to the many stages of motherhood, Kate found her newest passion at an open mic one night at a local comedy club.

Now, a twelve-time nominee at the Canadian Comedy Awards including the prestigious Phil Hartman Award and the star of her own hour-long comedy special on CTV and the Comedy Network. Kate stars, writes and produces the web series, “Best Before” which also won at the Canadian Comedy Awards and was chosen for Standup and Pitch at Just For Laughs Comedy Pro.  Kate has appeared on Breakfast Television, Star TV,  Toronto 1, Prime, WTN, TVO and is on Sirius XM radio. Kate can also be heard on CBC Radio One, “The Debaters” which she also wrote and was grateful to be a part of the Debaters Live theatre tour in 2018 with Live Nation.

As well Kate taped a gala at the Winnipeg Comedy Festival, The Hubcap Comedy Festival and the Kitchener Waterloo Comedy Festival and headlines across the country. Kate has shared the stage with Lewis Black and Seth Meyers and is also a favorite at corporate events.  Kate tours globally with her comedy and speaking which has allowed her to open for President Bill Clinton and Barbara Walters to name a few. During the 2008 season of Last Comic Standing, Kate’s sense of humour endured and carried her into the finals in Canada.

Kate has a new Comedy Album out titled “House Arrest” available on all platforms. Kate has been published in Today’s Parent magazine and the Mom and Caregiver magazine. Her first book the Breast Feeding Diaries won the iparent media award and her second book which came out in April 2019 called “Second Best Mom – Stories, Tips and Okay Advice” is now available on all platforms.

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Speaking topics

Balancing Life with Humour!

We’re jugglers and the first ball to drop is usually our own

Kate Davis has the unique ability to find humour in any situation and to offer creative solutions to defuse the frustrations in the home and workplace. Kate’s generous insight and outspoken character, provide a powerful combination to help organizations empower their staff with effective tools for managing stress and sustaining motivation.

Between our jobs, home, relationships with family, friends and co-workers learning how to balance our busy life demands a strong sense of Personal Development and most importantly a Sense of Humour.

People, who attend Kate’s “Balancing Life with Humour” lecture, leave with an understanding of practical techniques for refueling, rediscovering and reengaging their true selves. Learning to use humour as an instrument of communication creates an atmosphere of compassion, caring and productivity.

Connecting with Humour: Mind over Laughter

How our thoughts are affecting our reality

Kate’s keynote on “Mind over Laughter” explores how mindfulness through humour can help us achieve self-awareness that has the power to affect all areas of our lives in a positive manner. By focusing on the present moment and therefore letting go of negativity we are able to be more present to the life we are in and that is how we expand and create affirmative change.

Kate teaches practical methods of how to achieve mindfulness through an entertaining, funny journey that leaves her clients with authentic ways of getting in touch with oneself through visualization, playfulness and story telling.

For over a decade Kate has explored techniques of how lightening up and practicing mindfulness can create a more balanced life both at home and the workplace and create a positive “mind environment” which affects all areas of our life and keeps us healthy.

We want the fastest most stable connection possible in all areas of our lives

In “Connectivity,” Kate Davis shows the audience how to establish, cultivate, and keep connections that lead to productivity and success both in business and our personal lives. Whether it’s a CEO connecting with their staff, a client connecting with their customer, or departments connecting with other departments, good communication and rapport within an organization is the source of a flow that leads to creativity, quick resolutions, and a deeper understanding among staff of the overall business purpose. Staying connected to colleagues keeps things on track and is one of the most important elements to an organization’s success.

Funny Mommy™ Parenting with Humour : Your Leisure Time Should not be Folding Laundry

This lecture/workshop gives parents, caregivers, educators, social service providers the tools to help defuse the chaos and stress of their lives through humour. Kate helps them to remember themselves, accept where they are and not feel guilty about where they are not. It combines stand-up comedy with practical techniques to raise children.

“Fun cancels out stress and brings everyone into the moment.” This is the recipe for a healthy relationship when it comes to raising our children. Everything changes when we become parents, I think the show “Survivor” shouldn’t take place on an island but a new parents’ home. It’s challenging not losing yourself in the process but with a few techniques like being more playful and using your intuition life can be more joyful and relaxing.

Discover the different ways that men and women deal with stress, techniques of dealing with sibling fighting and how to truly take care of yourself so you are able to be more present to the life you are living now.

This lecture blends techniques of improvisation, visualization and affirmations. Parenting is a great lesson in letting go. You give birth, you let go. You nurse, you stop, you let go. They start school you, you let go. They move out, you let go. That lesson of “Letting Go” is way easier with you in tact.

Out Of My Mind … Back In Five Minutes: A Journey from Depression To Expression

Kate’s Keynote “Out of My Mind…Back In Five” explores techniques of managing our mental health and gives practical ways of staying healthy and positive even through the toughest times.  Kate’s inspiring, humourous and sometimes touching stories take us on a journey from Depression to Expression. How she found comedy and how it helped her discover self worth, confidence and to fight the negativity in her own mind that was keeping her from living the life she deserved.

“Back In Five” explores the way we feel about ourselves and others, as well as our ability to manage our feelings and deal with everyday difficulties.

From practical methods like learning oneminute stress strategies that you can do at the office or home or breaking up the monotony with Rejuvenation 101 (That’s a long list). To the methods available to us for taking charge of our own mental health including: How we think about ourselves, being grateful, being in the present, sleep, diet, exercise to name a few. All these methods can ultimately boost our mood, build resilience and add to our overall enjoyment of life.

Audiences leave this keynote with the feeling that knowledge is power and that we all play a role in our mental health.

Video clips

Kate Davis - Speaker Reel

Kate Davis - A Connection is Made

Kate Davis - Doing What You Love

Kate Davis - Most Authentic Way to be Mindful

Kate Davis - Creating Inclusivity

Speaker testimonials

Kate is the complete opposite of boring. Her endless energy and positivity allowed her to easily engage her audience virtually and keep everyone involved and interested during the whole presentation, which we recognize is not easy to do! Prior to this event, she took the time to learn about our team and our interests in this topic and created a presentation that perfectly met and surpassed our expectations. Her passion about this topic really shined through in her stories and explanations of the importance of finding a way to connect with those around us and reflect on who we are. Kate clearly loves what she does and her passion in her work as a comedian and a comic shined throughout the whole presentation. We would strongly recommend Kate Davis to anyone looking for a bright and energetic encounter about humour and connectivity in the workplace.

RBC Life Insurance Company

Kate was so fun and friendly to work with leading up to the session and put our minds at ease in knowing the event was going to go well. And we were not wrong; our virtual attendees all indicated that the laughs were very much needed during these stressful times! It’s not always easy to see the humour in our daily lives, particularly for leaders in our industry that has been so impacted by Covid. Thank you Kate for the reminder to find what gives us joy, make ourselves a priority, and lighten up!

Alberta Continuing Care Association

We absolutely loved Kate’s presentation at both of our sites. She was personable and easy-going in our chat prior to the formal keynote address. I appreciated her relaxed approach when we were unable to provide both types of microphones at each site!! She truly practices and demonstrates what she “preaches” in her talk – taking everything in stride and LAUGHING about life’s ups and downs.We received great feedback from both audiences and I was really quite pleased with the events from beginning to end. I would highly recommend Kate!!

William Olser Health System

On behalf of the Tillsonburg District Chamber of Commerce, I want to thank you for agreeing to speak at our Awards of Excellence event. The feedback from our guests has been overwhelming. They LOVED you! So many people took the time to grab me after the event was over to tell me how much they enjoyed having you there, and what a great addition you were to our program. On Friday, I received tons of emails saying the same.

Tillsonburg District Chamber of Commerce

I am the editor of The Mom & Caregiver Magazine, and recently sponsored Kate Davis to speak at the Total Woman Show (March 5, 2005). Kate’s lecture was Outstanding; her ability to relate to the audience was remarkable. The content of her material was articulate and informative, and very very funny!!! We loved her so much that we asked her if she would be interested in starting her own column within our Magazine called “Reasonably Sane”, which would bring out the humorous side of parenting.

Total Woman Show

It is a pleasure to provide you with feedback on Kate’s presentation. It was wonderful! She is a natural, very relatable, engaged the audience very well, light hearted but with serious messages about self care… plus had us up and laughing at some silly games. The audience loved it. Overall, she was a hit… and we’ve received nothing but positive comments about her from our staff… We would recommend her without reservation to others. Please pass along to her our thanks for helping to make our special event the success that it was.

Waterloo Wellington Community Care Access Centre

I wanted to follow up anyways to let you know that Kate was fantastic. Our group really enjoyed Kate’s session – Lots of laughs, and really enjoyed the message. Kate was a pleasure – friendly and professional. Kate’s presentation was very appropriate for a corporate fun function – just the right amount of cheeky humour without taking it too far. Kate’s presentation exceeded my expectations, and I would definitely book her again or recommend her to others looking for a fun keynote speaker.

Canadian Medical Association

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