Kelly Bron Johnson

Kelly Bron Johnson

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Autistic, Hard of Hearing Neurodiversity Expert

Kelly Bron Johnson is an Autistic and Hard of Hearing (HoH) self-advocate who founded Completely Inclusive in order to create the change she wanted to see in the world.

She aims to create more welcoming workplaces where people can use their full talents and energy devoted to their work, not having to worry about hiding their various identities or facing discrimination.  As a mixed heritage Black, non-binary person, she brings her lived experience and intersecting identities to all her work and presentations, and challenges people to see Disabled People, 2SLGBTQ+, BIPOC, and all oppressed or marginalized peoples in a more inclusive light.

Kelly Bron holds a degree in Linguistics, and enhanced her university education with courses in Adult Education. She worked as an English as a Second Language teacher for six years; experience that has her at ease in front of crowds, with a deep understanding of adult pedagogy.

Kelly also holds certificates in Unconscious Bias training, Web Accessibility (W3C), and AODA Workplace Well Being, which enhances her presentations and advising. She recently completed a Professional Certificate in Restorative Justice from Vermont Law & Graduate School, and is a Certified Psychological Health and Safety in the Workplace Advisor, and Certified Mental Health First Aider.  She is a team member of The Secure Child Centre (Dr. Tamara Soles), as a Neurodiversity Family Support Worker.

A monthly contributor on the NOW With Dave Brown Show on AMI, where she talks about workplace accessibility, Kelly is also the author of, “How to Parent Like an Autistic” (2020) and has contributed nonfiction pieces to many Disability publications.

Prior to founding Completely Inclusive, she worked in Digital Marketing for over 10 years, and previously served as a Board Director for Autism Canada, and as Marketing Chair and Board Director for Lions Clubs International, Montreal Autism Community Club.

She has been a keynote speaker at employment conferences across Canada, and consulted for academic institutions, IT companies, and the mining industry.

In 2024 Kelly released her new book ” Adapting to Change: Building a Flexible Business Strategy for Turbulent Times” which is a guide for CXOs, business owners, and entrepreneurs on how to navigate their business through difficult times.  Using the lessons of the COVID-19 pandemic, but acknowledging that many more challenging events continue in our world, this guide seeks to empower you with ideas and tools to proactively address change and come out the other side with resiliency.  It’s a motivating and thoughtful guide to help you feel a little more in control of what you can control, and how to best care for your business, your finances, yourself, and your employees.

She delivers presentations in English or French. 

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Speaking topics

The Value of a Neuro-Inclusive Workplace Culture

This presentation is focused on the value Neurodivergent (Autistic, ADHD, Dyslexic, Dyspraxic, Mental Health Challenges, Intellectual Disability and more) people specifically bring to a workplace and how to best accommodate and work with or serve Neurodivergent individuals.

How to Create a Completely Inclusive Workplace Culture

Is it truly possible to accommodate everyone’s needs and be Completely Inclusive? We believe the answer is YES!

This talk presents the value of inclusive workplace cultures and gives advice on how to best accommodate all disabilities, visible and invisible differences, and how that positively results in the productivity and happiness of all employees.

Inclusive Language: Using the Right Words

With so many acronyms and new terms being used, it’s hard to know which words are the best to be as inclusive as possible. This talk breaks down current terms in use, what to do when you make a mistake, and why the correct labels matter so much to people.

Anti-Black Racism

This presentation gives an overview of the history of Colonization and Enslavement that has led to many of the systemic issues we face today. Anti-Black racism harms not only Black people, but also holds back and harms people of all races and genders, including white people.

This interactive workshop helps everyone understand the part they play in working together to break down barriers to inclusion, and encourages participants to learn more about history from a Decolonized perspective.

Video clips

Kelly Bron Johnson, Keynote Speaker

Kelly Bron Johnson, CANIE 2021 Entrepreneur of the Year 2021 Nominee

Kelly Bron Johnson, Workplace Tip on Accepting Different Work Styles

Kelly Bron Johnson, Define Accessibility Interview

Speaker testimonials

I was just at an event (Neurodiversity @ Work) with Kelly Bron Johnson as one of the panelists and GOSH, let me tell you: That is one powerful voice! Always speaking with Straight Facts & from the Heart ???? With some people, you just know : Boosting their voice is important and it’s going somewhere.
I recommend the public speaking on all Complètement Inclusif / Completely Inclusive topics.
Bravo Kelly. I hope more people get to hear you speak.

Emily Dube

Excellent communication skills. One of the best and most useful presentations I’ve heard in a long time.

Nermina Harambasic

“Thank You for an excellent and informative virtual session.

Kyle Ventura

“It was well-organized, clear and informative. All the information you shared was relevant and very practical. Ready to take this and apply it!

Rosalie S.

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