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Kevin Cottam

Global Nomad Inspirational Speaker, Author, Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Executive Coach, Trainer and Consultant

Kevin Cottam

Kevin, is Canadian and a TEDx and Global Nomad Keynote Speaker, Executive Coach and author, who has recently journeyed the globe and specifically, Mongolia, Kenya and Morocco researching the ancient leadership wisdom of nomads to find what is ‘The Nomadic Mindset’. He combines the qualities of this mindset with executive conversations in his fresh new story driven and case study leadership book, ‘The Nomadic Mindset’ :  Never Settle…for Too Long. His image filled stories and concrete learning takes you on an inspirational and transformative journey.

From ice rinks of the world to boardrooms and training rooms of multi-national enterprises to stages at conferences, audiences and clients say, Kevin is a ‘passionate not business as usual speaker’ and ‘they want that peaceful elegant grace he has’. His quiet authority, powerful presence and unique global living ignites clients to seek him out, listen and work with him.

Formerly an elite figure skating choreographer of World and Olympic Champions, director and choreographer for the ’88 Olympic Closing Ceremonies, Holiday on Ice and Disney on Ice, he leverages this success combined with his current coaching and training work with leaders and managers to build, grow and encourage whole leaders who lead with an awareness of their dominant mindset.

Through his nomadic and executive research, he has discovered a fresh new behavioral/personality framework and assessment looking at an individuals and organization dominant mindset. It is called the NBS Mindsets Assessment – or the Nomadic Builder Settler Mindsets.

Using the nomadic mindset as the umbrella brand for his work, he speaks and coaches on leadership, which covers a variety of areas such as change, resilience, vision/purpose, team unity, engagement and the NBS Mindsets. He has worked with Club Med, UBS, Givaudan, Mediacorp, L’Oreal, Nestle, Thales, Prulia 13 years at the European Union (Commission, Council, Parliament).

He is a Certified Marshall Goldsmith Stakeholder Centered Coach / Success Unlimited Coach / and NLP Practitioner. He is an active member of the International Coaching Federation (PCC), Asia Pacific Singapore Speakers, Global Speaking Federation and Malaysian Association of Professional Speakers.

An avid sportsman, creator and global nomad who loves, swimming, kayaking, working out, yoga, meditation, traveling, great conversations and meeting new people of different cultures. His current research has led him to fulfill on a philanthropic dream to begin financially supporting the education of Maasai children in Kenya.

His first book, a self-help book ‘Aha, Mother’s Pearls’, is a precursor journey book to The Nomadic Mindset based on the lessons that Aha Moments can enrich your life and leadership. Kevin lives globally with outposts in Singapore, Vancouver and Lisbon.

  1. Change is the Nature of Things

    For nomads, change is a natural and normal occurrence in life. Change is survival and it is happening on macro and micro levels everywhere, all the time. FEAR is one of the biggest factors stopping change and this is linked to mindset. In Mongolia, nomads told me ‘they don’t do FEAR.’

    It was told to me by a Maasai young man in Kenya, one of the reasons westeners have a problem with change is because our minds are too congested – we think too much. Too many things complicate and clutters our mindset which narrows our vision of existence and inhibits seeing and experiencing new opportunities. In this keynote, Kevin helps you to debunk change, become more comfortable with it and see it from a nomadic mindset lens – that is seeing change from an expansive mindset as the nature of things – the Nomadic Mindset.

  2. The Nomadic Leadership Lens

    Mindset – the right mindset – is vital for a leader to survive and thrive in this fast-paced ever changing world.  After researching and spending time with nomads in Kenya, Morocco and Mongolia, it became apparent there are some valuable leadership lessons to be learned from ancient wisdom. This keynote, shares vibrant image-filled nomadic stories and executive conversations that help reveal what is, and the qualities that drive the nomadic mindset – the lens that all executives shared with me is needed today more than ever.  Kevin also shares, the qualities of three unique mindsets, nomadic – builder – settler, and how important all three are to manifesting a success lens in your organisational environment.

  3. Nomads are Entrepreneurs: The Moroccan Tea Ceremony

    Nomads are about business, especially if you are a Berber in the Sahara desert.  Business for them is survival as it is for all people today. The nomads and ancient wisdom can teach entrepreneurs a lot of skills, strategies and qualities necessary to thrive in Industry 4.0. It all starts with ‘three cups of tea’, the Moroccan tea ceremony. This keynote explores through vibrant image filled stories, the benefits and qualities of having a nomadic mindset, with the keen awareness of a builder and settler mindset to help entrepreneurs along the way to success.

At times an AGM can be a little dull however your presentation brought energy, laughter, and engagement. We have received some fantastic feedback from our members and I personally found your session very moving and inspiring. Your speaking style is full of warmth, humor, and wonderful stories of your life adventures. AHA click, click, click.
Sherry LeBlanc
MCC CEC VI Coaches Association, ICF Chapter President 2011-2012
Kevin has a very unique background from working as a coach to Olympic champions to creating large-scale productions. He is original in his thinking and helps his clients to develop their own new solutions by challenging their mind set.
Robin Lokerman
CEO - Institutional Division
It has been my experience that communication within a creative group of individuals can be a stressful, ego centered and emotionally draining event. Kevin has the ability to tame the frustrated ego and make every member of the team feel empowered to rise above personal limitations to a common goal.
Simone Alexander
Kevin is a skilled professional coach – the most creative I have ever met – who prepares people for tomorrow’s complex world of work of the global and digital era. He uses his qualifications experience and coaching methods in a subtle and respectful manner. Moreover, Kevin’s techniques are firmly based on the respect of fundamental principles and values. My personal experience of Kevin’s coaching techniques has been very positive. Kevin uses a holistic approach, which activates and stimulates all senses. He focuses on personal values using both intellectual and physical techniques that develop the mind and body. Overall, I would recommend Kevin as an excellent coach who takes a broad perspective and offers excellent training and coaching in a complete and well-rounded manner.
Klaus Loeffler
HoU DG for Communication, Visits and Seminars, EU Parliament
In an industry that is often crowded with ex-business executives offering business-oriented advice, Kevin Cottam brings a fresh perspective to the challenges one faces when trying to carve a new path in life. His highly creative and eclectic background allows him to provide his clients with a decidedly non-corporate view of the world, getting them to see the opportunities ahead of them in a whole new light. He has a wonderful, empowering way of getting you past yourself and the fear that often blocks you from realizing your full potential. I have enjoyed having him alongside me, and have benefited greatly from his guidance.
Bill Baker
Chief Strategic Officer, Envisioning + Storytelling
In the growing curve of a company there is the need to stop, reflect and answer to some basic questions like – what is your business all about, where are you going, what is the vision, how are you achieving your vision. Kevin is a great coach to help you on that process of redefining the basics and reshape the path for a solid growth of an institution.
We have been very successful integrating the team in redefining the essence of the company and Kevin brought that spirit to tlc. Definitely a must do to any organization.
Diogo Assis
Managing Director

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