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Kevin Vallely

Leadership, Teamwork and Resilience Expert, Adventurer and Author

Kevin Vallely

After spending nearly twenty years testing the limits of human endurance in the most inhospitable environments on the planet, Kevin Vallely inspires audiences with his core belief that it doesn’t take a hidden talent or a gift to achieve big goals, it’s something we’re all capable of doing.

As a keynote speaker, award-winning architect and internationally recognized adventurer, Kevin offers a unique perspective that no matter what the goal, the fundamentals to achieving success as a trusted leader is to walk the talk, create purposeful collaboration, and build psychological trust. Kevin has learned that these fundamentals allow any team to operate at their peak performance regardless of where they operate.

Kevin has proven that he can thrive in the most adverse conditions imaginable. He has overcome insurmountable setbacks by seeing them as opportunities for creative thinking and innovation rather than as impediments to success. Through his experiences he has garnered a powerful understanding of leadership, resilience and perspective in unpredictable and fast-changing environments and has translated this knowledge into a business acumen that activates and amplifies leadership instincts.

Connecting to WHY he does what he does – the purpose behind his goals – is key to what drives Kevin’s actions and the legacy he hopes to create.

Named one of Canada’ leading adventurers by the Globe and Mail, Kevin is a member of the esteemed Explorer’s Club and was an Explorer’s Club Flag recipient when attempting his first human-powered traverse of the Northwest Passage in 2013.

He has skied the length of Alaska’s 1180-mile Iditarod Trail in the dead of winter, has retraced the infamous Sandakan Death March through the jungles of Borneo for the first time since WWII and in 2009 broke the World Record for the fastest unsupported trek from the edge of the Antarctic continent to the Geographic South Pole.

A lead facilitator and expedition manager for the leadership development company The AIP Group (Adventures Inspiring Performance), Kevin uses exciting immersive learning adventure simulations with the latest in neuroscience and performance research to optimize leadership learning.

In February 2020 Kevin released his new book Wild Success : 7 Key Lessons Business Leaders can Learn from Extreme Adventurers.

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  1. Well Being, Happiness and Success

    Discover how to nurture wellbeing through the eyes of an individual who understands that you need to be mentally and emotionally at your peak to perform at your best.

    Kevin Vallely is a world-record breaking explorer who understands that a leader must exhibit robust personal wellbeing before they can credibly foster it in others. Maintaining both mental and emotional well-being is essential for leaders with a clear view to the future. Wellbeing drives happiness, fulfilment, and long-term success but wanes in times of uncertainty and stress.

    Kevin shares his three simple techniques of identifying and shifting mindset, changing language, and recognizing progress to keep personal wellbeing, and the wellbeing of your teams, robust and continually in check.

    Kevin will take your audience on his expedition to the Northwest Passage to share how essential mental and emotional wellbeing is for leading teams through any adversity or change.

  2. RESET: Purpose Driven Leadership and Teams

    How do you unlock purpose for your teams?

    It’s a question we rarely ask ourselves but one that couldn’t be more important in the pursuit of excellence as individuals, teams, and organizations.

    Purpose should be at the foundation of all critical decision making. As a leader, unlocking purpose for yourself and your teams will not only boost personal happiness and wellbeing, but it will ensure better strategic direction for your team and overall success for the organization.

    Learn the strategies world-record breaking explorer Kevin Vallely has used to unlock purpose and discover that extrinsic incentives like money and status pale in comparison to the intrinsic impulses driven by personal motivation. Discover what really motivates us to do what we do. Let’s go on an exciting journey and unlock our purpose together.

  3. Resilient Motivation

    On January 7th, 2009, Kevin and two teammates skied into the South Pole faster than anyone in history, breaking the world record by over 5 days. This interactive keynote on the 3 Key Elements of Resilience speaks to passion and perseverance and one’s capacity to move forward regardless of setback. The keynote builds around a question Kevin was asked by a young offender while skiing to the South Pole in 2009. “How do I keep going? Why don’t I quit?”


People were super engaged; Kevin is a great storyteller. The moments we had to talk or discussed an issue in groups were just perfect, not too long and not too short, just enough to keep everyone in action. A lot of people took the time to talk to Kevin afterwards, I am glad he took the time to stay and have discussion with them, even though he had no obligations to do so. I am very happy with the conference, so were my superiors.
VIRTUAL KEYNOTE: "Last comment on difference in quitting and stopping was very powerful. Great work in finding Kevin in these tough times." "Very well spoken, good speed" "It was a very riveting seminar. The perseverance of the crew is amazing." "That was an incredible story and very good example of teamwork and preparedness" "It provided you with a guide on how to respond to difficult situations."
Jonas Construction
VIRTUAL KEYNOTE: I wanted to let Kevin know that his presentation was absolutely AMAZING!!!!! I loved it and so did our staff. The feedback has been nothing but outstanding (we usually have some people who state they “weren’t impressed”… that has not happened this time.) He is an amazing presenter, he kept everybody’s attention and his message is so pertinent right now. I would love to hear him every month!!! He was amazing, engaging, the message came close to home..... loved it!
Executive Director, Windsor Essex Community Health Centre
Kevin's presentations are truly inspirational, engaging and gripping. His style is unique, upbeat and yet humble and unassuming. Kevin touches the inner adventurer in everybody and makes the audience want to go out and experience the real adventures of this world. Kevin is also our "back yard" hero from North Vancouver, proving that a regular person with a job and a family can still accomplish amazing things without being backed by hefty sponsorship dollars and media. Kevin is a true talent with a very present, open and immediate personality, and his genius continues to change the lives of many.
Director, Vancouver International Mountain Film Festival
Kevin Vallely presented at our Get Active Penticton Series and ‘Knocked it out the Park’. His enthusiasm to encourage your inner adventurer was infectious. Kevin has that unique ability to tell an incredible story but still appear like a ‘regular guy’ - this is what inspires others to take that first step to ‘be your own hero’. It was a pleasure to work with Kevin. Please do not hesitate to contact me for more feedback on this outstanding individual.
Active Living Recreation Coordinator : The Corporation of the City of Penticton
Kevin Vallely's presentations at The Great Outdoors Show were exceptional! Kevin connected with his audience immediately and entertained and inspired with creative multi-media presentations that were delivered complete with humorous stories, videos and anecdotes about his adventures that kept the audience glued to their seats!
President, Encore Exhibitions Inc.
Kevin was highly regarded and awe-inspiring for sure... They loved the wow - the overpowering sense of adventure - very outside their comfort zone - the close was awesome - great job.
Independent Accountants’ Investment Counsel
Your presentation really set the mood for the day. Everyone really enjoyed your stories and the three p's were actually referred to in sessions held throughout the day. Preliminary evaluation survey results are also showing your presentation as the most popular! So thank you very much for coming and enhancing our conference.
Alberta Construction Safety Association

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